Virgin Mobile goes live with HTC One S registration page, says it retails for $600


  • monsterduc1000

    If this phone had LTE, I would go as far to say it would be the best phone on the market, but alas it does not…

  • zzZZzz

    $600? Damn

    • Theywillbepissed

      $600? What the hell are they smoking?

  • Alex Perrier

    “The total retail value of the HTC One S is Cdn$600.00.” (Virgin T&C)
    $600 for the One S!? Are you kidding me!? What a ripoff!

    The X has a larger screen with better quality, plus LTE support. The X also has better reviews than the S, except that there is *slight* advantage for the One S battery life.

    It’s nice Virgin is giving some phones away, but they better not think each phone is worth $600. Otherwise, more people will buy the Rogers HTC One X and Virgin/Bell/etc. will be stuck with overstocks of the One S.

  • Emperuman V

    This is indeed a joke. The One X Rogers version is just $30 more. Rather invest in that then this. Come on Virgin, don’t be like this. Tsk tsk.

  • Jay Jay

    I’m getting excited 😉

  • AndroidFanboy

    If the on contract price is $50.00, then I am sure it will be a decent sell. To most consumers, they don’t buy based on the outright price, but look at the 3 year term price. It could also be a ploy to prevent individuals to buy out stock from virgin to go on another carrier. Those people wanting to do that might as well just buy out the One X and come to Bell/Virgin/Telus

  • R hart

    All these HTC one X/S/V phones suck since they do not have a microSD card slot at the bidding of Rogers & Bell. Instead they have small 16G internal storage and a Online storage account. Ya, pretty transparent way to charge, charge, charge for access to your data. I will not buy a new smartphone until it has HD display, LTE, NFC, 8Meg camera/1080p video and microSD slot. There is knothing in the near horizon. Sony Xperia ion is the only one and it is only at AT&T in US. Maybe LG 4X LTE if it is ever released.

  • metoo

    Don’t worry about the $600 pricetag. They just make that up. They know that hardly anyone will ever pay full price for an Android phone. The real price is what people pay and few people pay full price for these things. Give it a week and they’ll be free on contract. That’s the sweet spot for Android.

  • Sean

    So the price tag on this is $600 and the no contract on the X is $650… that seems a little off… This should be off contract of like 500 to make it more even

    • Eluder

      One X off contract is $625, so really, if you’re buying on of these devices full pop, you might as well buy the One X from Rogers.

  • Jay

    That’s brutal… You’re better off going with the Motorola Razr for $75 less, or the Galaxy Nexus for the same price. Then again, you’d have to be insane to go with a Bell affiliate anyway.

  • Matt

    That’s not the real price, it is just the posted value for the competition.

  • blackkey

    I thought the one s was the lower quality of the two one phones.

  • Zackery Miller

    600$ is only if you buy the phone out

  • Bray

    Don’t look into the retail too much. It’s probably just so not as many people buy it outright. I’m sure it’ll be w\50-100 top off the bat, and drop to 0 within a month or a bit.