Nokia confirms two million Lumia devices sold since November, lowers Q1 forecast


  • EvanKr

    a little funny, eh? Here in North America all we concern ourselves with are the three Lumia handsets, when in reality they make up less than 2% of their overall sales.

  • Maxime Tremblay

    The Lumia line are fantastics devices at a great price, but Nokia and Windows Phone got a lot to prove to consumers. Microsoft is not a marketing champ and Nokia has been out so many years… The road will be hard for them.

    That said, the Windows Phone plateform is a great alternative and the Lumia phones are well builds. I truly hope success for them. Everyone wins when there’s more competitors out there 🙂

  • ServicePack1

    Nokia made a BIG mistake by releasing first in NA and then into the markets that ACTUALLY like Nokia phones. This creates a “bad response” that can be contagiated into the markets that sell.
    If they had started the other way they could have got a “good response” that might have migrated to NA.
    They took their chances and unfortunately they failed. But kudos to them foe being so BOLD!

    Then comes the CEO and calls a spade a spade and actually says: “Our disappointing Devices..” so they ACCEPT a problem, DEVELOP a solution and IMPLEMENT it right away! not a sorry on sight! That’s the way to do it!!
    RIM has a lot to learn from them, I still think Nokia has an uphill battle in NA but they are working on it.

  • ServicePack1

    Re: “The Lumia 900 recently launched in Canada on Rogers, and the Lumia 710 and 800 are doing well on their respective carriers…”

    That’s total BS!
    Rogers phone is well priced at $255, but there are many Android competitors (Bell Samsung W at $250 with ICS for example) and the TELUS-Lumia 800 its dead in the water at $530
    At that price they will be lucky if they sell 50.

    Nokia should talk to TELUS and get them to make the Lumia 800 the official phone of TELUS sales associates, just for screwing so badly with that product!

  • SkyDome

    As much as I like(d) Nokia phone and used number of them (N9, E7, N8, E71 …) I really wish for this partnership with Microsoft to fail. Nokia always had superb hardware and now as result of this sell-out they a dumbin down and becoming just one of the many.

    Just take N9 and Lumia 900 and compare them … N9 blows 900 in every category by a mile.

    • andy c

      I would classify the N9 somewhere between a feature phone and a smartphone.

      very good funtionality out of the box but no ecosystem.

      If i was able to get a new N9 later this year for $300 I would switch to it

  • StBur

    I feel underwhelmed by both the Windows OS and these new Nokia devices. The bright colours make them look plasticy and cheap; like they’re just toys. I had a Nokia phone many moons ago and it would be nice to see them turn it around, but the 900 just doesn’t hit me as a “must have” handset.

  • dinmab

    well this is not a suprise. MS didnt answer the simple question from public “why should i choose WP7.5 over Android and iOS ? ” I dont think live tiles alone will help them. i lost hope with WP OS when steve ballmer said “smartphone industry is still in its infancy” and that WP OS is “early” to market. 3 yrs after ios . as for nokia, they should learn a lesson or two from players like samsung who support multiple platforms and will push the ones that ppl like the most. even if WP OS becomes a hit sammy will still make tons of profit. nokia went in bed with MS when it showed few bil $ and lost out all the market it built over years. 2 million devices after 500 million in marketing 😐 tats like 250$ in marketing for every device add to that billions of $ MS is giving nokia , they are losing ton of money. they shld sack elop and hire someone who is not obsessed with MS. and i almost forgot they are selling these devices for very less cost as well 😐

  • dinmab

    did they say 2 mil from nov :O . that means 2 mil devices including the holiday season :O if they sold 12 million last quarter then lumia’s share is less than 20% oh my god !! what is wrong with elop ? how long is he going to convince ppl that they are still in “Transition” ? clearly symbian is kicking WP 7.5’s a*s left and right. maybe elop knows what he is doing and MS is like “bribing” him to do this ? i cant believe that someone in such a position can be so lame.

    • VelJharig

      No, they said more than 2 million for Q1 2012. There was a separate sentence about sequential growth in Lumia sales since the devices were released in November. The specific quote from the press release is:

      “In the first quarter 2012, Nokia sold more than 2 million Lumia devices at an average selling price of approximately EUR 220 (reported within the Smart Devices business unit). Furthermore, Nokia has seen sequential growth in Lumia device activations every month since starting sales of Lumia devices in November 2011.”

      Looks like MobileSyrup combined those two references in their summary.

  • Keith

    Actually considering the limited availability and that the 900 wasn’t even out the 2 million figure is quite good. They will sell a ton of Lumias once they are widely available. The 900 in both colours has been rocking the Amazon charts since its release and already has more reviews than the Droids and almost all the reviews are 5 star. It is too early to know for sure but the Lumia 900 may be a game changer–but regardless it is setting up for Apollo rather nicely.

  • Keith

    It compleltey ignores the fact that the Lumias are going well and that is Nokia’s future.