textPlus Free Texts + Calls comes to Canadian Android users, iOS soon


  • Sananthananan

    Is it coming to Blackberry?

    I have a 9900

    • James

      Blackberry is dead, no one cares about it.

      Get a real phone.

    • Alex Perrier

      Dell Voice plans to launch a BlackBerry app soon. Doesn’t seem to be the case for Text+, which prefers Windows Phone instead. With Dell Voice, you can call Canadian numbers but not text them.

  • KM

    Wow, finally has NB numbers available. Really want to cancel my voice plan now and go just data.

    • andy c

      this is what has the carrier’s scare sh*tless.

      services like this along with other voip/msg clients are rapidly reducing the carriers to dumb pipes.

      my wife currently uses viber/whatsapp/imsg more then voice/txt

  • Non

    “(though many of them involve playing Zynga games, which makes me feel dirty).”

    Its good to know there are still people like you

  • Local

    FREE texts to anyone in North America, even if they don’t have the app. This is great for my tablet.

  • Sam

    Sounds interesting if I’m understanding correctly that I can text with my tablet.

  • EvanKr

    Finally, apps coming to Android before iOS!

  • Jordan Hill

    I just downloaded and tried it. works great!!!

    and it came to android first!! WOOT!!!!

  • Calgary

    There is a similar app called TextMe, which has been available for a long long time already for Android. It also has free texting to anyone in North America even if they don’t have the app. They give you a Canadian phone number so people can text you back, so it works great on tablets too! Only need wi-fi. Even if you don’t have wi-fi connection, you can receive texts and when you get a wi-fi connection, you can view the texts. Its great.

  • Jack

    This is exactly what I was waiting for, text and calling over WiFi/3G! With LTE networks coming along, data only lines are the future! (However I can see carriers are going to hate this.)

  • Maixis

    This apps been on the iOS for sometime now… Had it since December.

  • Jack

    This is what I’ve been waiting for, text and calling over WiFi/3G! With LTE networks, data-only lines are the future. As usual carriers are going to hate this.

  • Uzi

    Google Voice has always had unlimited Canada/USA text.

  • Milpool

    As great as services like this or Google Voice are, with WIND’s Holiday Miracle Plan, I already have all of this covered 🙂

    • andy c

      you forgot to add as long as your in your wind-zone

  • chloe

    hi hi hi

  • Eric

    I actually like Dell Voice better because when you phone a person that doesn’t have Dell Voice, you can still put through the call with no charge. You can also phone from anywhere in the world, for free, using WiFi.

  • cam

    bro get FriendCaller for ios its the best phoneing app because you just need to watch 30 second ttailers to get 5 free phoning minutes….. give it a try


    Android phones having these type of offer to make free calls globally for limited time to cover the customers…………..