RIM reveals the top 5 paid apps from the BlackBerry App World


  • uhhdoug

    RIM….. blah blah blah blah blah.. all I see.

    • Sananthananan

      Just when you think its the end of the road for RIM, they reveal the top 5 paid apps from the BlackBerry App World!!

      GO RIM GO!!!

      This goes to show that Blackberry developers are RICH and Apple and Android developers are POOR!

      BBs are for serious business professionals!

  • rmar

    no offence RIM, but I’d rather ‘freemium’ apps like angry birds then have to pay $5 for it..

    Also, root + adblock = ‘freemium’ without the ad-related garbage.

    Just sayin.

  • Sean

    So two of their top five relate to he notification lights…

  • JB

    Wow, that is one SAD list.

    RIM, why must you be so consistently pathetic?

    • Terry

      Would be say the same thing if Apple released their top 5 paid apps of all time and they were all just variations of Angry Birds and Cut the Rope?

  • ELNY

    RIM is so pathetic… paying for angry birds? It’s been free on Android since the beginning of time! Besides, who is going to play that on a 3″ screen?

    • ken silk

      This Angry Birds is the HD version which you have to pay for on IOS or Android. The free one is a standard definition version. Being that angry birds is on the playbook only it would have to be HD to get the best resolution.

  • Bukovian Smorzhee

    If developers are making Money then users must be getting screwed. Once again rim refuses to put users first. Rim does not listen to users. Rim is dead.

    • Sean

      “If developers are making Money then users must be getting screwed. Once again rim refuses to put users first. Rim does not listen to users. Rim is dead.”

      Based on your statement, am I to believe that developers should stop making money to “unscrew” the customer? It’s not RIM who sets the price of an app, it’s the developer. All RIM does is provide an avenue for the customer to purchase the app.

  • no1 u no

    Ugh who stil haz blacberis??????? They r sew old and they r crap!!!!!!!!!!! Any1 who haz blacberi shuld get ifone
    Fuking peiathityac

    • cb

      I’m really hoping your comment was intended to be ironic.

      Really hoping.

    • TJ

      sounds like words from a genius. you can barely spell words lol

    • no1 u no

      Lol wut?
      Wuts ironic?
      Siriusly I hav ifone and mi aps r so more betta then dis krap dey put oin the blakberis
      Gawd lern engluish

    • cb

      Again, really hoping for irony.

  • Andy Warhol

    Wow, each of the notification apps are $5.99…That’s pretty sad for a couple of apps that don’t do anything other than control a blinking light….

    • Mathieu Gosbee

      I didn’t realize you could control the LED’s of an iPhone?

  • Sam

    Clearly things are going to get worse at RIM before things get better. I doubt however that they will get better at all. Best thing that could happen is if they’re bought by whomever, get rid of the i****s and crapy hardware and keep the bbm and encryption that these “serious professional” like so much, when they’re not playing #1 “Angry Birds” of course. Yup, very serious professionals.

  • EvanKr

    Isn’t Angry Birds only for the PB? You have to play the terrible knock offs like “Angry Farm” if you’re on a phone.

  • MarketShare

    Syrup: How about an article about RIM’s market share in the US:
    For Smartphones in the US:
    Nov-2011 16.6%
    Feb-2012 13.4% That is a loss of 3.2% in 4months and that covers the highest sales period AND the OS7 devices were “newer”!

    For TOTAL sales of both phones and smartphones in the US:
    You have Samsung, LG, Apple,Motorola and HTC in number 5 with 6.3% RIM does’t even make it to the top 5 but its under 6.3%!!
    Souce: COMSCORE
    And that was FEBRUARY.. so now things are worse, and all they do is give free apps??
    Do you think that’s enough?

    • InfinitiGuy

      The US market is not the center of the world. There is plenty of growth outside the US.

    • badmojo

      The united states are full of fat gross people. Everyone knows fat people don’t count.

    • Mathieu Gosbee


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