RIM officially launches BlackBerry Fusion for BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices


  • Simian

    Interesting… Looks like I might be allowed to start allowing iOS devices on the company mail system.

    • TelusOverpriced

      Are those people in the picture the ones leaving the RIM Platform??

  • AndroidFanboy

    Does this include BBM as part of its services? I dont mind paying $4.00 a month for BBM as long as I can use it on a phone of my choice.

    • kad

      at this point they should open up BBM and have subscriptions for it…

      I love my bold9900 but i would love it more if i could BBM outside the confines or RIM

      and 4$ per month would be a absolute maxxxx

    • Dan J

      Why is this comment getting downvoted? It’s a valid question, even though I don’t give a s**t about BBM.

  • Omega

    This sounds like another offering for the pointy-haired folk. Not so much innovation as implementation.

    Even if it is useful or popular, it won’t contribute towards saving the company.

    • Huh???

      Pointy-haired folk?

    • Curtis

      @ Huh??

      It’s a Dilbert Reference to Management. Dilberts boss is known as PHB (Pointy Haired Boss) because.. well.. he has pointy hair.

  • zzZZzz

    I laughed at “pointy-haired”

  • Turnaround

    This is perfect timing for this. Genius. Best RIM news in weeks.

  • R.Dot

    Inevitable. There are over 70 other companies that have been offering the same services for years now. Instead of losing a chunk of their Enterprise market, this moves makes the most sense on RIM’s part. Rather make something, than nothing.

    Either way, no iOS or Android device will ever come close to the security of a BlackBerry; strictly speaking from an enterprise standpoint.

    • Hardened

      Unfortunately there are over 20 Gartner rated business in this field (and they ALL can manage RIM, Android, IOS, WM7, Pocket PC and Symbian – the latter two still used in not so wealthy countries that have political unrest).

      Unfortunately the pricing structure $99/user or $4/user per month is FAR too costly – many undercut with $2.50/3 per user per month are cloud based or hardware or both and STILL have no upfront fees (RIM’s implementation is an ADD on to BES not a replacement and thus costs a business further unrealistic costs; I know as we’ve been looking in depth at the competition.

      This offering by RIM was promised end of Sept last year and only NOW its being officially announced … pathetic.