Android 4.0.4 for Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S confirmed to be rolling out to some Canadians


  • Chris

    I got mine last night @ 9pm.

    I’m on yakju build.

    • MauiLove

      Ditto…around 8:45 pm for me…pressed the system updates and there it was. 🙂

      In addition to improved page rotation and rendering also improved speaker…did not need to use my equalizer this morning to listen to music on Slacker and Slacker closed only once verus my old norm of too many times to count in a 45-50 min period. Seriously, its almost like a new phone. Loving my GNex! Oh and my task manager app is finally working properly now…the one thing that i do not see a great improvement on is battery life…some say 40 to 60% longer life but for me maybe 10-20% max if that but i will be able to gage it better in the next few days…my phone has been on for approx. 3 hous and have really only used it less than an hour streaming music and reading twitter and i am at 65%. 🙂

  • Mafugga

    This story is actually wrong… many Galaxy Nexus devices are now updated by Samsung, rather than Google.. which is complete bullsh*t

    • Bryan

      You’re painfully incorrect.

  • David

    Just put mine manualy last week with the official recovery image of Google. My Telus don’t have yakju image to receive update from Google. With this image recovery now yakju and ready receive other OTA update from Google.

  • Sean

    Ugh nope still stuck on 4.0.1, I got a nexus for a reason, that reason being that I would get updates quickly, I shouldn’t have to flash anything to do that…

  • Slype

    somehow got mine this morning 🙂

  • 4u2nv

    Got 4.0.4 here on m Gnex!

  • Philippe Gaboury

    Still nothing on my Videotron Nexus S… Although, given Videotron’s technological track-record, expectations are not high.

  • Billy

    I have the Nexus S model I9020a and it received the update about 0630 this morning. I’m now on v4.0.4 build IMM76D and it’s great. Now I have to learn a bunch of the settings and icons again, but it’s noticeably faster and so far it’s easy enough to figure out. Many nice improvements…

  • hinds

    Got mine last night,snappier keyboard, improved camera, new gtalk icon, dock mode in settings.optimized apps during boot.

  • Lirodon

    Nothing on the SaskTel one yet. Looks like it might be a yakjux…

    It came with 4.0.1 though

  • Jules Winnfield

    I didn’t notice random reboots until updating to 4.0.4.

  • TB

    got mine by doing this:

    Manually set your date and time on your phone ahead by a couple weeks and search for updates again. I did Aug 2012

    Try |manage APPs -> ALL->Google services Framework: clear data| and do the check in code in the dialer,
    dial*#*#2432546#*#* If you did the code right the numbers will disappear and you will get a notification that says “check in complete” or something to that effect.”

    worked like a charm.

    • Mo

      what build do you have?

    • Pook

      The date trick worked! You rock so hard!!!!

    • Dave

      Did not work for me. 🙁

      I guess I’ll just be patient.

    • Jason

      Thanks for the attempt, but didn’t work on my Rogers 4.0.1 I did get the “Checkin Succeeded”, but nothing after. Check for updates… “Phone is up to date”.

      Funny, I never had this problem with my Nexus One.


    • Matt

      What happens when you clear your google service framework?

  • James

    Got mine OTA last night, not noticed much dofference but battery seems a little better so far and hoping I can leave my Wifi on all the time when not connected to Wifi without it draining the battery at 10% per hour.

  • Mike

    for those who got the official OTA, what booatloader/radio combo?

  • GT

    The ones who received the 4.0.4 update OTA are with which provider? Are there any Rogers clients who received the update OTA?

    • Mark

      The provide is irrelevant. What carrier you are on has absolutely no impact on the rollout of Nexus updates. All GN phones sold in Canada are the same build – yakjuux. When updates come to yakjuux devices they roll out irrespective of what network you are on or where the device was purchased

    • GT

      Looks like I should remove the Samsung firmware and flash yakju to be able to get updates from Google. The phones should be pure Google. Not happy that Samsung controls the updates in Canada. I have version 4.0.2 and the VPN does not work. it should be fixed in 4.0.4 so I really NEED the update ASAP.

    • Mark

      You have been listening to misinformation. There is no such thing as Samsung firmware on a Nexus – the yakjuux Canadian phone is pure Google. The phones are all identical except for specific basebands and other regional customizations. Samsung provides the builds based on Google’s template and Google releases them according to their own schedule.

    • GT

      If it was Pure Google I would receive updates as soon as Google releases them. Since 4.0.4 was released by Google last week and I have not yet received the update, that means that it’s not 100% PURE Google. There is no argument… It can’t be pure Google if I do not get updates as they happen…

    • Mark

      You don’t understand what the term means. It means pure vanilla Android based on AOSP with out UI changes by manufacturers and carriers. That’s what the regional builds are – each it own pure Android OS. The builds change radios and languages only.

      Updates are not released instantly to everyone at once. That would crash Google’s servers. Not every all yakju phones have received the update yet. It takes weeks for a rollout to come to all regions and days within each region, just like it did with the Nexus S last year and the Nexus one the year before.

      But you’re right, it is impossible to have an argument with those who are misinformed. Read and educate yourself with how the process really works.

    • GT

      The reason why I’m arguing is because I have informed myself. I spoke to Rogers and Samsung techsupport. Rogers told me that I will never get updates as they happen. Samsung has their own version… Mark, you seam to be sure of your comments, do you work for Google?

    • Mark

      If you talked to Rogers and Samsung’s call center support then you have done nothing to inform yourself. Carriers have nothing to do with the Nexus. They have no knowledge beyond Google’s press releases or common rumours on the internet. Samsung call centers are no differnet – kids in call centers with tech support manuals can’t tell you Google’s highly guarded release schedule. If you didn’t get your info from Google or Samsung developers then it is hearsay.

      But go ahead, flash yakju and tell us what’s different. Let us know when you find some difference more than radios and regional changes that no one else and found in 4 months with this phone.

    • GT

      lol… My goal is to get the latest version ASAP. Like I said, the VPN does not work with 4.0.2 and since I use my phone for work, I need the VPN to be fixed. No VPN means my phone is useless for my job. To answer your question, the difference will be that I will receive updates as soon as Google releases them (My VPN issue would have fixed last week).

  • Sam

    Seems like those of us with the yaysux will have to wait

  • HaLo

    Just got my update too! I’m on 4.04 on the yakju image.

  • ken

    For nexus s users just go to xda and get img file to update yourself. No need to root just use the stock recovery. Took less than 5 min and is working flawlessly

  • rich

    I’m on a stock yakju galaxy nexus and haven’t recieved it yet.

  • Mystic09

    I’m still on 4.0.1 with Telus. Checking for updates every day =/

    • Dion

      Same here. What is the difference between yakju and yakjuux and how would I find out which one I have?

  • Dalex

    I’ve had the 4.0.4. build on my Galaxy S2 running CM9 last week ;). So much better than waiting for carriers/OEMs to push updates.

  • Chris

    Got my update last night around 8:30. On yakju

  • koodoguy

    i got I9020AUCKJ1, got my 4.0.4 update on saturday. I’m with koodo

  • rich

    User TB’s instructions worked beautifully. Updated to 4.0.4 now.

    • Air

      Same here, done TB trick and 2 hours after i’ve received the update notification . Koodo phone with Fido sim card. Everithing on 3G network.

  • deltatux

    I got impatient so I just flashed Android 4.0.4 on to my Nexus S I9020T when the factory images were pushed out. It’s a lot faster than the Android 4.0.3 OTA that Google initially pushed out in December, phone doesn’t lurch when I do some intensive stuff no more.

  • Matt

    Anyone on WIND receive the update yet? I have a Galaxy Nexus and my gf has a Nexus S both on WIND, no updates so far.

    • Pedro

      YES! I got my update last night…about 8:00 p.m.
      I talked to my other friends using the Nexus S and no ICS love for them yet though.

  • jaylen

    AHhhhhhhhh!! i want this update bad.

  • SamWise

    I did everything TB did but didnt get the update… also, Is it supposed to be in the System update under Settings? or do i have to connect to a computer?

  • pr0cs

    Wife got her Telus Nexus S updated 2 days ago to 4.04.
    Sadly she doesn’t like ICS though, seems like the DPI settings for the device changed with ICS so she’s having trouble reading the status bar, etc.
    Personally I think it’s a great update and she’s probably complaining related to having something new (some people don’t like change). So far no issues AFAIK regarding battery life.

  • Rahul

    On fido and nothing at all still at 4.0.1 :(:(

  • Varroa

    Nothing as of today on G.Nexus on bell.

  • Adriel

    Meh, I installed the factory Google Yakju build of 4.0.4 over the weekend.

  • Beso

    nothing yet and I have the 4.0.2 yakju build

  • weaktooneeder

    Just got mine now on nexus s east cost!!

  • Brett

    I just got updates this morning. Love the galaxy nexus

  • Slype

    @Slype (fake one),

    Yes, my alternate ego did get his.
    Hopefully my other self will get it too

  • Spot The Loon

    Hopefully, the Galaxy S II X follows soon.

  • zaheedonism

    Tried the manual future-date trick as well as the checkin. Checkin completed successfully but still shows “Your software is up to date” Android 2.3.6 – Telus in Saskatoon. Boourns!

  • gogakhan

    I have had the software update icon on my notification bar for a couple of days now. Can’t flash it because I am running AOKP ROM and the image wouldn’t verify. So I’m stuck with 4.0.3 until AOKP actually releases Milestone 5 with 4.0.4. 🙁

    • TyroneLT

      You should try aokp b29. Other than the lock screen wallpaper bug (isn’t a problem if you avoid it) its great!!! Even better with the latest Franco kernel nightly which is designed specifically for 4.04!!!

  • TyroneLT

    @Goghakhan you should aokp b29. Other than the lock screen wallpaper bug its great!!! Even better with the latest Franco kernel nightly!!!

  • TyroneLT

    For anyone wanting significantly better battery life I highly suggest rooting your phones and flashing the Franco kernel. Its not as hard as it may seem (this coming from a rooting noob). Check for step by step video tutorials. You won’t regret it.

  • Qorp

    just got 4.0.4 on my Telus Nexus S (9020A), its great!

  • Nitin

    4.0.4 on Yakju last night around 7:30.

  • Koodo

    Anyone with Koodo’s Nexus S updated so far ?

  • T.I.M.

    Two “surprises” in one day? First Instagram for Android and now 4.0.4? Just waiting for the 4.0.4 update. (Nexus S, Telus)

  • Agilles

    Can you get the updates through wifi/wireless or is it only through your data plan?

  • Agilles

    Can you get this update over wifi/wireless or is it only through your data plan? (sorry if this is posted twice)

    • dubs

      You can get it over wifi.

  • doug

    sorry for the dumb question, but i download the update file from the link above, how do i get my phone to use it?

  • jowijojo

    Got mine on my motorola xoom yesterday afternoon with the legit version. Nothing important for the tablet.

  • Art Boyle

    For T-Mobile Nexus S Phones in Canada

    yakju phones get their updates a little earlier from Google than a yakjux device which are updated by Samsung. If you have a yakju device (like I do, a USA Tmobile Nexus S bought in Buffalo but used in Toronto on Wind) and want to get your phone updated on the faster schedule here is what you need to do ( I got my update last week):
    1- Make sure you are on WiFi
    2 Pull your Wind (or other) sim and insert the original T-Mobile sim
    3 Clear Google Services Framework: APPs -> ALL->Google services Framework: clear data (and cache if option is available
    4 Run System Update from the Systems Settings ->Update ->and your update will pop up instantly.

    This worked on 5 Tmobile Nexus S phones here in Toronto on the Wind network last week.

  • Moe

    Guys I am with fido nexus s and my phone was rooted to ics 4.0.4 but I restored my gb image and tried the tricks but nothing worked and idea?

  • dubs

    Nothing yet on my Telus Galaxy Nexus!

  • Zoomus

    How did you flash the yakju ROM ?

  • Jesse

    I probably will never get an update due to having my phone encrypted.

  • Marc

    I installed 4.04 manualy last week on my GFs phone and installed CM9 4.04 Nightly the other day and I must say that it is running great. Battery life is so much better in 4.04.

    • TyroneLT

      How are the CM9 Nightlies? I’ve been thinking of trying them out. Are they stable?

  • Senk

    Still waiting for the update on my Nexus S I9020A. I’m with MTS.

  • Thas

    I personally didn’t wait for this with my Galaxy Nexus. Learned how to manually update & it was pretty easy.

    Also know someone who owns a nexus s & I manually updated their device. I can see why you wouldn’t want to manually update a Galaxy Nexus, but the Nexus S doesn’t even need root or an unlocked bootloader to update manually.

    At the very least if you haven’t got the notification yet, try this method from xda(credit to karlbbbb):

    Manage APPs -> ALL->Google services Framwork: clear data ->dial *#*#2432546#*#*

  • Ken Walker

    My Nexus S with Rogers here in BC has no update. Still at 2.3.6.

  • Harrison

    where is the Manage APPs in “ALL->Google services Framwork”

    • Thas

      Go to setting->apps->all(the tab at the top)->Google Services Framework & click clear data.

  • David

    I performed TB’s instructions, received the checkin message at the top of my nexus s screen.

    I then tried to check for an update and I curently have the latest update.

    Rogers Nexus S

  • newuser1

    Yakjuux here still on 4.0.1 🙁

  • kevotwo

    still nothing on moblicity, nexus s 4.0.3

  • Dutchman

    Hey TD, I tried the method you described and unfortunately it didn’t work. This won’t affect my ability to get over the air updates right?

  • Anonymous

    Got mine a day or two ago (honestly can’t remember, lol).

    Virgin Gnex unlocked waiting for “pro-ration” period to be up to transfer to Telus. St. John’s NL

  • Andre

    i have been waiting for weeks now and still nothing. I have the nexus and still stuck on 4.0.1.. Hopefully the push it out for mine soon…

    • Simon P

      I was stuck on 4.0.1 with Wind, yakjuux. I bit the bullet and manually upgraded to the factory images provided by google. The biggest improvement I noticed so far was battery life. With wifi enabled about 4% usage in 8 hours, was about 20% usage before.

      Although it was a hassle to do the upgrade manually and took a couple of hour (making sure things I wanted to keep were backed up, reading over the procedure a few times before starting, setting up the environment, and then actually doing it), I believe it was well worth it.

  • TomeOne

    I downloaded the files off of Google’s site, popped the zip folder into the sdcard and ran the bootloader and the upgrade there.

    My Nexus S on Fido is happily running on ICS 4.0.4. Had a few initial hiccups but seems to be smooth sailing now.

  • Jude Brown

    Nexus S on Koodo and nada.

    Any of you ROM geniuses know if these updates (as pointed out my TomeOne and others work with the Koodo version. Is there a difference with radio’s or anything like that?

    • Thas

      It says a few odd things in there like “we’re both on Fido” since I made this guide for someone else. But it will work if you have the requirements I stated. No need to have an unlocked bootloader or anything.

  • jojo

    did anyone form WIND receive the update?
    Im still on 2.3.6 on my Nexus S

  • Nik

    Anyone have a problem with their People app crashing when they scroll through their contact list or search certain names?

  • All I do is Wind

    I think it rolls out by regions, probably West to East and that could be why some have received the OTA update and some haven’t…

  • Gboots

    Nothing yet for me. Yakjuux build. Telus, still 4.0.1

  • swiftk1

    would my mobi phone be updated proper if i stuck my fido sim in it and was able to ota update since a few fido users have been getting through?


  • jaylen

    Yo, for those of you who haven’t gotten it. Search “i9020a got it” under nexus s on xda – It tells you what to do. Just got mine like an hour ago. Sooo sick!!!!

  • john

    Guys do not try this procedure : |manage APPs -> ALL->Google services Framework: clear data|#*#…….
    They are trying to hack your phones!

  • Domingo

    LOL, how prey tell are they trying to hack phones by having you do that?

  • puggz

    i am with koodo, and still didn’t receive any update. Any1 know when koodo will be receiving updates???

  • anon

    for the MILLIONTH time. It has NOTHING to do with your CARRIER.

  • GNexUser

    Galaxy Nexus here on yakjuux, still running 4.0.1.

    Has anyone with a yakjuux build been able to get it yet?

    • Mark

      No, the 4.0.4 update for the yakjuux build has not been released yet. Anyone in Canada that has it is running yakju.

  • Jenna

    I’m still waiting for the update for my Galaxy Nexus. Has Saskatchewan been skipped over?

  • kboland

    if you have yet to recieve the update yet, follow these instructions (I had to try about 10 times and it finally went through):
    1. Settings->Apps->all.
    2. Go to google service framework.
    3. Hit the clear button.
    4. Check for update in Settings->About Phone->System Updates.
    5. If it doesn’t find an update, just do again and again untill it goes through.

    Cheers and good luck

  • TripleSaran

    Just did the Check-In method that was posted in the comments on XDA and it worked for my Telus Nexus S! It took me around 8-10 tries so just keep on trying and it may work!

  • MrGreen

    All you people saying that the carriers don’t control the rollouts of OTA updates can’t be correct.

    From all the evidence I’ve seen the carriers DO block the OTA updates because I still have not received my update on BOTH my Galaxy Nexus and my Nexus S.

    If these phones were updated directly from Google then my phone wouldn’t keep saying “Your system is currently up to date.” Plain. And. Simple. And. Done.

    • Mark

      There is nothing to even block yet. Google has not even dropped the update for the Canadian variant yet. Furthermore, it is not like a Galaxy SII where each carrier has its on contract with Samsung to customize the device. The Galaxy Nexus you buy at Rogers is identical to the one sold at Telus, Bell and every other Canadian Carrier. They’re all factory unlocked, unbranded, and beyond influence fo the carriers.

      All updates do come directly from Google’s servers. Go to XDA and check the update url’s for yourself.

  • Rickie Chan

    Anyone in toronto got the update? i’ve tried the check method but does not work 🙁

    • Fabio

      I’m in Toronto. Just got the update using that method.

  • Fabio

    Been trying the Service Framework/Checkin trick all day and it finally worked on my Nexus S i9020A for Rogers.

  • Altimatic

    Haven’t received the update yet for my Galaxy Nexus but I just got the update on my Moto Xoom Wifi. So far so good. 🙂

  • Rickie Chan

    i’ve been trying no luck

  • A.S.

    I just used the ‘date change and dial checkin’ method given earlier in the comments. Had to do it 10 times, but it worked.

  • Phil

    still on 2.3.6 on my Nexus S on Telus in Montreal

  • Raymond

    Nexus S on Telus network in Vancouver. Just got my update by doing the check in……the phone seems so much faster!

  • Akram

    I just did this on my nexus in the UK. On Three UK.

    It worked on the 3rd attempt. Just installing now 🙂

  • Akram

    Worked on my third attempt.. now fully updated to 4.0.4.

    No issues whatsoever 🙂

  • Rickie Chan

    is everyone using samsung or google yak? i think alot of people are getting confused whether you guys have the flashed google img or using the samsunge img

  • Rickie Chan

    i am also on fido on 4.0.1 but my phone came from virgin mobile. Hopefully they can release the update fast for us Canadians

  • Sean

    Got mine on my Galaxy Nexus yakju build and on my wife’s Nexus S with Rogers. On both I changed the date to April 29, 2012 then went to Apps – All (manage running services on Nexus S)- Under Google Services Framework clear the data. I then rebooted and did the *#*#checkin#*#* (type that in on your dial pad). If the update does not come change the date again but to April 30, 2012 and clear the data in the Framework etc…. then do the *#*#checkin#*#* and you should get notified of the update. Hope this helps?

  • Sean

    @Rickie Chan my Galaxy Nexus is a yakju build which I changed to when I got it. My wife’s Nexus S is stock from Rogers, never changed a thing and both got the update this morning by doing the method provided in the comments. Good luck

  • Tony

    Any1 in Edmonton get the update yet?

  • ns

    Anyone on wind in Vancouver updated yet?

  • scott

    I was getting frustrated, all the tips and tricks to fool the system were not working. Kept messing about with them though, and then the update available message appeared. Downloading and about to update. Excited.

    Nexus S in Victoria (Koodo, not that it matters)

  • Aziz

    I got mine at noon today (like 40 mintues ago) over the air. I have nexus s with mobilicity (if it matters). I haven’t updated yet. just reading some reviews for now

  • Jeff

    The whole Google experience is starting to sour with me. I have a Google Nexus, never flashed it to any other build than the default I got through Rogers. Not knowing when we’re supposed to see an update or if one is coming or when is very frustrating.

  • MykeC

    Koodo Samsung Nexus S
    Baseband version I9020AUCKF1

    No update yet. Even tried TB’s suggestion about 10 minutes ago and nothing yet. Will just have to keep patiently waiting.

  • Aman

    Just received mine and I’m on Wind. Updating at the moment, I really hope it fixes the bugs it’s supposed to fix.

  • Gru

    Went from stock 2.3.6 to 4.0.4. I used TB steps, and they worked right away. I was trying without changing the date, and it wouldn’t budge.

    Played with the phone for an hour, maybe 2.. just changed different settings and tried to figure out the changes with ICS. Battery dropped from 62% to 36% 🙂 ….. Everything seems to be faster and smoother, HUGE change compared to gingerbread. Some bugs that were very annoying to me, ie email app freezing, have been fixed.. this is an ultimate value Android phone right now. Can’t beat it on Mobilicty, getting one for wife too.

  • Daphray

    Forgot to mention that I went from 2.3.6->4.0.4.

  • Ricardo

    Nexus S on Wind (phone purchased from Wind as well). I tried the checkin trick either today but no luck, I tried it again a few times just right now and it finally downloaded the upgrade. The phone is currently too low on battery to perform the upgrade so now I have to wait even more :p

  • jaimz

    The checkin function and clearing Google services framework does work. I did it 10 times and it finally worked. I’m on Koodo i9020auckf grkf39. Btw its delicious.

  • Erik Wilson

    I’ve tried the “clear Google Services Framework/checkin” probably 30 times and no luck. I’ve tried many times with today’s date, I’ve tried many times with a date in July – nothing.

    FWIW, I’m a Telus customer in Winnipeg, totally stock, running 2.3.6, UCKF1.

  • john

    Guys do not try this procedure : |manage APPs -> ALL->Google services Framework: clear data|#*#…….
    They are trying to hack your phones!

    • Erik Wilson

      Explain how, please. The checkin procedure is documented elsewhere and appears harmless. What special information do you have?

  • Eyal


    Did anyone on FIDO or ROGERS using the Nexus S get the 4.04 update yet? Does anyone know when to expect this?

    Also, if my phone is rooted (no ROM changes, still using stock ROM) will I get the update notification if available?


  • Mullwell

    Got it last night in Kelowna. I have a koodo nexus s on rogers. Did the framework wipe and checkin trick. Download was 128meg, took about 15 minutes. Now I have to relearn my phone :p

  • juned

    i m in toronto, just got mine on wind.

  • Marc

    Got it last night in Montreal. I have a Nexus S and I’m with Videotron. I did the framework wipe and the checkin trick all day, but I’m not sure it really help since I got the update a couple of hour after I stop trying…

  • Ben

    Got mine yesterday. Seems very stable after a day of use. Can someone explain to me why there is no face unlock?

  • Rickie Chan

    is the update by carrier or just samsung? i’ve tried the framwork wipe on my galaxy nexus but no luck.

    • Mark

      There is no carrier updates for the Nexus. What network you are on has no impact on when you get Nexus updates. All of the Galaxy Nexus phones sold in Canada are unbranded yakjuux builds. The yakjuux update is not live yet. Samsung appears to customize these after yakju finishes rolling out.

      Anyone in Canada that has gotten the update has switched to yakju since that rollout is still in progress.

  • Colin

    Sill waiting for the update in St Jonhs NFL, running stock android 2.3.6 Version I9020A with koodo. Tried using the clearing the Google framework with no luck so far.

  • GNexUser

    Samsung’s facebook page said early Q2 for the Yakjuux update. So hopefully that means sooner than later in April?

    • Mark

      Well that’s great that Samsung is so sure however:

      1. That’s exactly what they told us back in December about the 4.0.2 update. Bugs ended up delaying that one so long most Canadians never got it. and;

      2. Now there’s a signal loss bug identified in 4.0.4 which basically causes users to miss calls, notifications, etc once the phone goes to sleep. I can see them halting OTA’s for anoter 3 or 4 weeks like the did before Christmas.

      This is why I don’t root and manually install the updates on release day – you just don’t know what bugs will creep up. Let yakju miss calls and suffer the soak test bugs.

  • aimalkay

    I tried TB’s trick with my I9020A Koodo Nexus S (Ontario, Canada) by setting the date forward, clearing my Google Services Data, and then trying *#*#checkin#*#* at the Dialer. Worked beautifully! 🙂 Thank you! 2.3.6 –> 4.0.4

  • Zak

    What radio/baseband is everyone getting? I used the manual update method and I ended up with I9020AUCKJ1. Are OTA peeps getting the same one or staying at UCKF1?

  • Bilze

    Had been really frustrated trying the clear Gservices data/ *#*#checkin#*#* a couple of times a day method BUT

    Went back and forth between dialer/gservices using multitasking button (hold down home button) oh, 8 times rapidly, and finally the update appeared

    Some people on XDA site say its kinda like overloading a phone maze by hitting “0” to get a human person… andhow it worked (Ontario Koodo Nexus S 2.3.6)

    • Colin

      Thanks so much worked perfectly for me!!!!!! Im with koodo in St Johns

  • Tony

    Got my update last night, I have a Nexus S with Rogers and I’m at Alberta. But oddly I don’t have Face Unlock in my settings, anyone else have the same problem?

  • Jake

    No problem Telus 4.0.4. Manually updated from 4.0.1->4.0.2->4.0.4 using Wugfresh Galaxy Nexus Toolkit 1.3. Which was really easy to use, would have been easier if my comp wasn’t a piece lol. Im pissed that I had to go that route tho, I’ve been with Android since my N1 then got a O3D now my GNex why are we waiting so long for updates. You here that oh it rolls out regionally thru Samsung in some cases or if on yakju thru Google. Why don’t they all just come thru Google? Don’t say they’re servers cant handle it THEY’RE A FREAKING INTERNET COMPANY. Plus what is there maybe 2 million Gnex’s out there. Im not a fan of Iphones at all but how does Apple manage to do that with a lot more phones? People say that you should root or whatever to get your updates which I did but is still ridiculous for a straight Google phone. There is no reason that a Galaxy Nexus should still be on 4.0.1 almost 4 months behind the current version. Ill stick with it but still this is getting ridiculous

  • puggz

    finally got the update..did the system check in without changing the date, don’t know if that helped or not but for those who are not getting it should give it a try.

  • someGuy

    Just got mine. I’m on the Wind Mobile network.

  • SOR

    Hey, for those who completed the update successfully on their Nexus S i9020A. Are you finding a drop in battery performance? If not any idea’s on what I can do to keep my battery lasting? Thanks

  • curt

    Thanks out to Thas for the instructions, worked great! Love ICS!

  • arthur tannenbaum

    trick works if you’re persistent. Some combination of google framework flush data cache, set date ahead, and check in worked in the end for me.

  • Ryan

    I’m with Fido, GN on yakjuux. Still on 4.0.1. Extremely irritated I don’t have the latest build…

  • NetSum

    Running Bell – Got an early Galaxy Nexus in the Bell Twitter Lineup, but still stuck on 4.0.1. I know I can switch to yakju, but I shouldn’t have to … very frustrated with the lack of updates on the Galaxy Nexus, not to mention the absence of Google Wallet one of the early “killer” features, but not available outside of the US 🙁

  • GNexUser

    I hear you on Google Wallet, I was hoping to try that too.

  • jason bright

    My brother and I have the Nexus S on Rogers (on the same contract even) and he got the 4.0.4 upgrade but I haven’t. Anyone know why? I want it too!

  • John Moore

    On Fido in Vancouver BC. Got 4.0.4 on 4/19/12 and have been enjoying it very much. Was hoping for Face Unlock but that is minor disappointment. Thank you.

  • AD

    I have Nexus S which I rooted and unlocked. I got the update reminder I said ok, it started updating and then I got the triangle with exclamation mark warning sign and the phone froze. The notice keeps coming up and everytime I try to update it fails.

    Has anyone with rooted Nexus been able to install the update to G4 ?

  • Ryan R

    It is now May 10th and I still have not gotten an update. My phone is a Yakjuux build, and I am not very happy about it. My phone reboots itself twice a week, my battery life is about 7 hours on a medium-low usage, I have had problems with cell reception and if I have more than 3 apps running (eg. Facebook, sports app, and a small running live wallpaper) it usually slows my phone down to about half. Really need that update so I can enjoy my phone to its fullest.

  • Dana M

    May 27th and my Galaxy Nexus on Wind is still running 4.0.2
    Hopefully they get on it soon I want that new ish

  • Tim

    May 29th and my Galaxy Nexus from Virgin Mobile Canada is stuck on 4.0.1… still! It’s been 6 months since we heard that 4.0.2 was coming and now 4.0.4 is the current version. My phone sometimes freezes or reboots itself for no apparent reason and my friends who have iPhones all think I made a huge mistake in getting an Android device, not that I care.
    Come on, Samsung! Please keep your products up to date!