MTS upgrade to OS 7.1 now available for the Bold 9900, Torch 9810 and Curve 9360/9350


  • Drowsy

    Nope, Mobilicity’s 9900 is still running 7.0.0

    Please change this. It gave me false hope…

  • havok

    agreed, i have the 9900 from mobilicity and still no upgrade.

  • Ted

    Just upgraded on wind. Thanks!

  • Raid

    Where’s the Rogers upgrade?

  • Ian Hardy

    You’re correct, post updated.

  • Q4RIMreport

    3 days to fiscal report: expect tons of pre-emptive RIM stories trying to mitigate the losses.

    The only thing is thaa Noki/Windows is starting to make noise too in the media on top android and Apple.
    Rimm @ $14

  • Dave

    Rogers? Hello, Rogers? Anyone home?

  • Paul

    Seriously Rogers? I don’t even see the UMA update for 9900. You’re terrible.