Attendees of the BlackBerry 10 Jam conference will get a “developer prototype device” running BlackBerry 10 OS


  • Sean

    Really good for rim get some devices to the devs so when it launches there will be some good apps for it

    • 2iposdnoBB10

      That picture says it all:
      -One employee trying to define “latter part of the year” to the press guy (in suit)
      -The other one updating his profile on LinkedIn
      -The other two talking about Angry Birds -Space
      And the rest of the JAM……EMPTY!!!

      RIM: reduce all your OS 5,6,and 7 by $100-250 and SELL THEM.
      Stop spending (wasting)money in commercials
      GET everybody you can command on to develop BB10 and start selling it before the Back to school season- otherwise you wont make it!

  • WP74Life

    U said WP7 ?

  • Terry

    Man if BB10 is anything like the Playbook OS, I’ll totally drop money for a BB10 Smartphone.

  • David Jackson

    I’m so looking forward to BB 10!! wish it was still called BBX though, that was a better name

  • chall2k5

    if only I could drive to Orlando!

  • G -man

    B.B. 10 is gonna ROCK!
    But, yeah, it should be BBX. Gotta hate THAT company!

  • s2556

    man if rim droped bbx at the end of 2010 instead of the end of 2012 I bet they wouldnt be in the s**t show they are now.
    I would still buy an android but its nice to see canadian companies doing well.

  • cave johnson

    Best thing RIM has done in a while

  • Paul

    Great move on RIM’s part!!

  • Obstacle-Man

    Road trip!

  • R.Dot

    Cant wait for BB10 devices to get released!

  • Matt Polkiewicz

    I really hope this entices developers to put out some quality apps for BB 10.

  • Rich

    While I’ll probably never buy one, I still hope RIM succeeds.

  • Darren

    If there is a BB10 device coming that looks anything like the mockup of the Blackberry Blade in the works, I’ll be first in line. If they’re timely enough, we could see a RIM rebound this year.

  • Ronll

    I think this is an industry first, correct me if I’m wrong. Handing out beta hardware to help accelerate app development. I’m getting rich on RIM stocks. Can’t wait for the launch 3 years from now guaranteed to pull in at least 3 times what I’m putting in

    • chall2k5

      they did it to a limited extent with the playbook at launch last year

      but only after developers submitted their first app

  • Gus83

    So a Playbook with BB10 loaded and stamped on the back of it? I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • Greg Baker

    This is good. What happened to blackberry over the last couple years has been a necessary evil for them to wake up. I am really excited for BB10 and its good that they did not quickly release it as a half baked idea. It needs to be a polished RELIABLE product.

  • Mark F

    >I think this is an industry first, correct me if I’m wrong. Handing out beta hardware to help accelerate app developmen

    When MS introduced Windows Phone 7 the first devices they gave out were never sold to customers as they were hacked Windows Mobile 6.5 devices.

  • Phil

    No one cares about Rim anymore, they are boring and useless and their phones are depressing to look at with the plastic keyboards and laggy os