Images of the new BlackBerry 10 OS surface online!

An image of the BlackBerry London, RIM’s first BlackBerry 10-powered device, surfaced online a few weeks ago. It gave a glimpse of hope to resurrect the BlackBerry lineup and also rejuvenate the brand.

Now, a few slides from a “partner” document showcases the upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS in great detail. Overall, solid. So, until RIM officially release the OS and devices in “the later part of 2012”, here’s some good info on what we could expect. It’s known that the BlackBerry 10 OS will have a similar layout to how the PlayBook currently looks/operates, just simply scaled down to work on a smartphone. According to these images it seems that there’ll be a full set of newly re-designed icons, plus the introduction of “widgets” to the homescreen – just like Android, Windows Phone and other OS’ have. Other notable takeaways from the selection of screenshots shows RIM taking the Universal Inbox to BB 10, a beautiful – very Windows Phone like – dialer and contact info, along with a video chat icon.

All-in-all, very impressive, fresh and stunning. Hopefully it’s true and it turns out like this… thoughts?
Source: CrackBerry