Images of the new BlackBerry 10 OS surface online!


  • Sean

    This actually looks pretty nice. Everyone has been knocking RIM but this is where everything is going. Everything is going into BB10


      Will it have native email?

      Also is it coming out in early 2013 or late 2013?


      Bad photoshop job, look at the bottom left of the 2nd picture LMAO

      Hey, does the playbook have native email yet? iPad 3 is coming like next week…


      Question: Why does the clock show 1:50 when it says 7:00PM then at the top it says 12:00PM?

    • Insight Nomad

      Answer: Because it is a fake, photoshopped image – released in hopes of keeping the stock > $10

    • Question Asker

      Why in the top bar is the battery on the left and signal on the right, then on the last picture battery is on the right and signal is on the left?





    • Insight Nomad

      Answer 2: See previous answer.

  • Kid.Canada

    OMFG!!!! I seriously cannot wait till it comes out!!!! 😯

  • Al

    Wow, I really like it. A mixture of all the current smartphone OS’s combined. Which is a good thing.

  • cameron


  • Tom

    Um, YES!

  • Vishhal Bhatt

    To me it looks like a bit of a mix of Android 2.3 and a hint of Windows Phone 7. Don’t get me wrong, it looks good………… but iunno if it’s good enough to put it back on top.

  • Justin

    Yea, this looks pretty decent, nothing you can knock them about.

  • Nobel

    I am sold. RIM, please make it quick.

  • Rich

    As much as we bash RIM, I can’t imagine too many Canadians -actually- want this company to fail.

    I’ve been thinking as of late that if they can get the android marketplace on BB10 phones then I don’t mind using a newer OS + likely slightly inferior hardware, just to support a Canadian company.

    Without that app support though, I just can’t make that switch.

  • Ravi Shanghavi

    Looks pretty slick.. just maybe RIM just maybe.. -Ottawa, Ravi Shanghavi

  • Sdv

    Why are there buttons and a trackpad….. Rim needs to let go of the past

    • chall2k5

      its the 9810 and 9860 with the BB10 software running (maybe we can expect some features to make it into the current bb7 device lineup)

    • Brent M

      The reason RIM still uses a trackpad is because it is 100x more effective for text selection. When trying to select text or place a cursor in between specific letters, using a touch screen is a pain in the a*s,

      Also these pictures are fake, this is the new torch with a fake OS photoshopped onto the screen.

      Considering that RIM wants this OS to also be on the future playbooks, its most likely NOT going to have any buttons, and use the screen bezel for navigation.

  • Tharan

    Looks allright, it’d be nice to see the OS in action though…see how it flows and all. Personally, not a fan of the icons though…too much resemblance to iOS, I hope they’re removable from the screen.

  • natasha

    Damn I have a samsung galaxy S2 and I want to switch back to blackberry so badly right now but this one looks super sweet… now I don’t know if I can wait another half year or not.

  • Bob C

    OMG have to clean up my keyboard now thks RIM

  • siv

    but where are the apps? i <3 RIM. i hope they sell millions of these devices that app developers see opportunity in the platform.

  • Mattprime86

    Too little too late.

    • David

      I beg to differ. It ain’t over until the fat lady sings.

  • Mathieu

    Not bad.

    I wonder how much native apps will be available since most Android app will work on it, most developers won’t do a native BB10 apps… or not?

    • Han

      Why would anyone bother developing native BB apps? It’s another platform to learn, for a product with dwindling marketshare. BB beter nail the Android emulation.

  • funkmaster

    It doesn’t do much to differentiate itself from Android and or iOS. I can’t see many people switcing from their current OS to this unless they still have an older Rim device and want to stick with Rim for their handheld when the newer devices are released.

    ‘Me too, won’t get you too far.’

    Looks nice though if you are a die hard Rim supporter as this will bring the devices up to current market competitive speed. Things are going to get interesting.

  • trolling187

    welcome to 2011

  • Felipe

    I just recently got a Playbook and being an iphone user I am very impressed by the OS I am read to go BB as long as the app selection improves, it’s a fantastic OS

  • Mitch

    I dont know about all of you but that looks alot like a torch 9850 with some QNX screen grabs thrown on it…notice the round hardware buttons on the bottom and the trackpad? QNX runs on gestures from outside the bezel. Im calling fake on the hardware, not on the screen grabs though

  • Mitch

    also, take a look at the notch in the bezel above the talk button on the left.. hmmmm

  • gjac0m

    Anyone else noticed 2 Facebook apps? One in a folder and the second one on the homescreen.

    • anona

      If you noticed the 2 facebook apps, why didn’t you notice the 2 recorder apps, the 2 map apps and the 2 Videos apps?

      Obviously just place holders to show the folder capability.

    • gjac0m

      Yes, you are right but it’s looking kinda weird to see the same app icon twice on a homescreen.

  • koko

    I think Android and iOS has some serious competition….

    This looks refreshingly nice, of course until you play with it, you never know how smooth it is, will have to wait and see… however, it does look much better than the Wincrap Sh*t tiles.


    If blackberry can produce reliable hardware and software,
    With the android market on the new OS, what is there to not like about the phone, personally bbm is my favourite IM.
    Lets just see blackberry can pull it off.

  • anona

    For a second I thought I saw a new OS.

    Then I realized it was Android with a skinned dock bar and dialer.

  • Blah blah blah

    Starting to think Rim may have invested in this blog somehow. Nothing but positive bs.

  • Johnny

    Im excited about this launch, with RIM till the enddd

  • chall2k5

    now just to wait 4 more days till OS2 for my playbook, and I will be set 🙂

  • InfinitiGuy

    Looks Photoshope’d . It’s a Torch 9860 with different images on the screen.

  • kevin

    that’s what i was going to say man.. it’s a Torch 9860 with BB10 on it?? @RIM why can’t u make new phone design since everything will be new with BB10?! from a long looong blackberry user i’m fed up with this bullshit!! And am i the only one who saw this or the handset shown here is smaller than a me it looks waaaay zoomed in??! is that a 3.0 screen size??

  • deltatux

    Well if this is indeed true then I have high hopes in RIM. Seems like they finally got it together.

  • waiting for razr maxx

    I see tiles and a lawsuit from Microsoft.

  • waiting for razr maxx

    does Martina come with it? If so, I’ll trade in my atrix.

  • Steelepunk

    Will it come with an email app?

  • Jed

    Looks like a standard generic OS. Will be more interested to see how it works and if it’s not just another grid OS.

    Also not a fan of software buttons above hardware buttons, seems ridiculous and a waste of space to me, but like I said I’d like to see it in action.

    As a Canadian I’d like to see RIM succeed, so I hope BB10 offers something new. If it’s just an Android/iOS clone or hybrid I hope it dies a quick and painless death, and we can start seeing some RIM tech in other mobile OSes.

  • Steve Dion

    Give me the 9900 with autofocus camera, BB10 and i am switching to BB from my iphone 4s.

  • bob

    please remove the carrier’s name from the status bar

  • JDX

    I hope they have all patents sorted out.

  • Jayson F

    I dunno, I think I smell a lawsuit. (Apple, I’m looking at you)

  • swizzlerz

    i love my active tiles no need for widgets…

  • blackprince

    Hey look a new Android phone by Blackberry???!!!


  • saffant

    Even if it was real, ICS still looks tons better 😀

  • Tony

    If the next BlackBerry Phone doesn’t come with LTE capability, then I am done with BlackBerry.

  • Hef9901

    I just want to point out that for everyone who is making a big deal about the handset that is shown in these photos looks like a Torch 9860, it looks like a 9860 because it is a 9860, and did any of you bother to think that RIM would test its new OS on full touch screen device before rolling out a fully functional brand new london, they’ll test it out, then build a london to test it further before rolling it out for sale. So relax, take a deep breath and don’t freak out.