New iPhone with LTE and micro dock connector coming in October?


  • Me Ted

    Another proprietary connection? You finally have a chance to do the right thing Apple and what do you do? The exact same thing. F**k off. Seriously.

    • Ron Mexico

      I agree although I could care less what Apple does with their products. I won’t buy their s**t anymore.

    • Ron Mexico

      I don’t get it, didn’t the EU put a restriction in place forcing manufacturers to go with one universal connector (micro USB)???? How does Apple get exempt??

    • 2iposdnoBB10

      The craziest thing is that this phone will arrive BEFORE the BB10 first phone, worse case scenario for apple it will arrive two weeks afer the BB10 wich will have people waiting and not buying the BB10 phone and wait for the iphone5, either way the ipgone will sell; either way this is worse case scenario for RIM, unless they release BB10 in August, they won’t be having any sales.

    • Z

      @Ron Mexico
      They’re not exempt, they supply a USB/dumbassconnector with the phone, which makes it okay.

  • Me Ted

    Another proprietary connection? You finally have a chance to do the right thing Apple and what do you do? The exact same thing. Thanks for nothing.

  • EvanKr

    Yet another Apple plot to get people to rebuy their accessories.

  • Greg

    I really wouldn’t mind getting an iPhone if the screen weren’t so small. If they move to a 4″ screen I might finally get rid of my Samsung U410. If not I don’t mind waiting for a Nokia WP8 or maybe a GSIII.

  • Hallomynameis_

    I’m just waiting for “just saying” to troll in the comment section



      here is my reply



      sorry I was busy laughing on a friend who just bough an iPhone 4s, its toooooooooooooooooooooo small

    • PkaTka

      hahaha love you guys <3

      the only reason why i keep coming back to mobilesyrup is a trolls and the drama 😛

  • burning retina

    What will this one be called?
    If they name it the “iPhone 4GS” it will cause great disappointment, being such a minor upgrade (regardless of hardware).
    If they call it “iPhone 5”, it will sound like yesterday’s news.
    Maybe “the new iPhone” – but that gets confusing adding “x generation”, since it isn’t clear which generation we are currently at.

  • watsan

    I’m not just saying… But i’m just saying 😉

  • Ray

    I really hope they up the screen size to 4″. 3.5″ is seeming smaller and smaller by the day. For me 4″ would be perfect

  • tweak_four17

    Drastic change from 3gs to 4? Hasn’t the iPhone been a 3.5inch square with rounded corners and a circle home button that has its apps arranged in a grid with square icons since iPhone 1?

  • Derek

    They will stick with 3.5″ they want to stick with the average size of an erect isheep dong.

    • Ron Mexico

      No they will stick 3.5 retina becasue it is cheap after being mass produced for 3 generations and they still charge a premium price for it. Classic Apple. And millions of sheep will buy it.

  • Brandon

    Who cares? Really. It doesn’t matter what the specs are. It’s made by Apple. Just no.

  • just saying

    who cares iphone is the best you don’t need a large screen you don’t need a quad core and you don’t need lte just leave it as is, ITS made in China its amazing its. …….its……itssss suck

    Sent from Samsung Galaxy NOTE

  • aviking

    3.5″ of FAIL errr wait this is apple nope check that best selling phone of its time because the itards will NEED to have it.

    I can understand Apple not wanting to go to 4.3 and larger but the 3.5 is too small. You can have any resolution you want on a 3.5″ it doesn’t matter because its too small to make a difference.

  • just saying

    If you want to play a game on the iphone as soon as you put your fingers on the screen that’s it you can’t see any thing

    • PkaTka

      @just saying thanks God you carry around your plasma TV (aka note), so you can see everything.


      if you carry your iPhone you may make calls on it but if I see you browsing the net or text or watching youtube or playing games , I will start to laugh on ya

  • stylinred

    are they going to change the naming scheme like they did with the Ipad?

    I think that would make sense because people would just start getting disappointed as they expect major advancements with every new whole #

    • Tomatoes

      A name reset like the iPad doesn’t make sense because they already used a number for the ipad2. The only way a name reset would make sense is if it was like for the Friday the 13th movies where there are so many that you know it is the new one.

      A name reset at 2 though? Really? Apple is the only one that can get away with it though, if the PS3 was called the new Playstation people would rip Sony to shreds. Same if the Xbox 720 was called the new Xbox.

      I think the iPhone should just be called the iPhone 5 and then they can reset at say 9 or 10.

  • T1MB1T

    Do not forget the NEW iphone will come with AWS!!!! Wind has just inked the deal! We will have the exclusive rights to it! Eat that big 3! Oh you are all going to have to deal with us now!!!! Just like how happy everyone is on the wind forums so will you be! Say hello to the new Apple WIND phone!!!

    • shoo


  • WhoCares

    At least it doesnt have a 5 inch jumbo screen! LOL Android sucks.

  • Susan Wong

    the new iPhone will have a 4” screen with 4G LTE and a 12MP camera

  • Mr. Reliable

    Personnaly, I think it’ll be called the iPhone LTE, or maybe the 4G if all they do is add lte and keep the screen size.

    And while I can’t wait to upgrade from my iphone 4 to that next generation models, I’ll be very happy with my Lumia 900 as well.

  • Jesse

    I just love how people complain about the screen size.

    It’s like saying someone who bought a 32” TV over a 60” one is a fool. It’s all in different tastes, people.

    I personally can’t use anything under 3.7” or anything over 4”, but please people, stop doing the whole p***s size thing with phones. Soon enough screen size will be like the size of your truck tires, if it’s so big, people will think you’re overcompensating.

  • expat

    It’s funny the same people who say the 3.5 inch is OK, buy a 60 inch plasme TV.
    A 5.3 inch Note is the best combination possible. You can make calls with it, without looking stupid, like the guy using his iPad…
    With the Note, I ditched the small phone, and the iPad. Good riddance both. My music is plain MP3, my Office 2010 works perfect!
    My point is that Apple is realizing the they are being ditched all over the world, and will follow Sammy with a big screen!

  • Temp_Apple_Fan_boy_Now_Android

    This is the first time I heard about sticking with the existing screen size. I hope they do stick with the same size. I think that would be a major marketing blunder. I used a 4 for the last year and was OK with it. It was given to me from work. I personally bought a Samsung with a 4.5″ screen and am enjoying the freedom and options that come with it.

  • coop3422

    I didn’t buy a 4s because it was a minor spec bump with the same small 3.5′ screen. 4′ screen is perfect, which is why I have a Motorola Atrix. It’s not the best droid out there, but it’s the only one with a dual core, 1GB RAM and 4′ screen. I’ve had an SG2 and HTC Sensation 4G and found both a tad too big. I do have an i4 as well, and switch between the two often.

    The phones have the same footprint, but the Atrix has a bigger screen. If the next iphone stays at 3.5′, I’ll pass like I did on the 4s. I find iOS more polished than android, but not much has changed in the hardware department.