RIM puts 3 more commercials online, keeps encouraging us to Be Bold and love the Berry

RIM has posted 3 new commercials, all two minutes in length and a continuation of their “Be Bold” campaign. They basically show how three people cannot live/work without their BlackBerry smartphones. The first, Hailey, is a cupcake store owner who highlights the ease of “connecting with my customers through social media” and taking pictures. She noted that she would not be able to run her store if she didn’t have a BlackBerry. Next is Yvonne, medical doctor, a research scientist and a mother who says her BlackBerry is her “other brain” and keeps her life organized. Finally, Meridith, a music industry promoter, says that she’s “always on the move, on the road. I get somewhere around 1,000 emails a day and the only way I can answer them is with my BlackBerry… try writing a 1,000 emails on a touchscreen”.

The commercials are all below for your viewing pleasure. Not really sure what to make of them, but understand that everyone has a preference of what manufacturer and OS suits them. All the highlighted qualities in the ads – keeping in touch with social networks, taking pictures, organization, typing emails – are not just unique to BlackBerry devices. It would be really interesting to see another company find these people, give them say an Android, iPhone or Windows Phone for a few weeks and see if there would be a different perspective.

RIM is expected to unveil their BlackBerry 10 powered smartphones later this year, we’ll most likely see them pop up at BlackBerry World in May. Rumoured to be first on deck is the all-touchscreen “London” with a 1.5GHz dual-core processor. A few weeks ago some alleged images of what the OS might look like appeared online – looking very sharp, organized and full of homescreen “widgets”.

Source: YouTube
Via: BerryReview


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