Dolphin Browser HD now officially available for BlackBerry Playbook


  • BBMan

    Blackberry is slow getting apps.

    • Gronk

      Is RIM die?

      Time to eat some cupcakes…

    • Dimitri.k

      Its not RIM. Its the companies that are doing this. Try being a developer & then talk. Once the developer is done & all they send it to RIM in which they will test it & see if everything works. Once its approved from RIM shortly after it gets to go on the App world.

  • .

    At least officialy.

  • TheTigerTek

    I’ve had Dolphin since OS 2.0 launch.. its alright. The native web browser is miles ahead and better. Only time I use is to multi task listen watch a movie using the native browser… open up Dolphin to quickly check something.

  • Apple4Life

    Why is mobile syrup even posting this? Playbook browser is pretty unusable in my opinion. Plabook only has a single processor at 800mhz, even windows phones are miles ahead.


    • Darryl

      @Apple4Life It really hurts the discussion when someone states something as fact and has absolutely no idea what they are talking about. Apple4Life, please refrain from posting until you’ve had a chance to research your opinion.

    • InfinitiGuy

      @Apple4Life, it’s obvious you’ve never used a Playbook for more than 2 minutes and you know nothing of it’s specs.

    • tallen

      Apple4Life: Maybe you should do your research. The Playbook has a dual-core 1GHz CPU. As a side-note, the Playbook is actually the highest scoring HTML5 tablet available today. and is a very fast and pleasing browsing experience.

      It really bugs me when haters spread false information.

    • Ken

      Not sure where you’re getting your information… but the PlayBook has a Dual-core 1 GHz Cortex-A9. Which, is the same chip that’s found inside the iPad2 (I bring this up, because I assume you’re a Apple fanboy judging by your name). PlayBook browser also has the best HTML5 implementation as of today, (not sure how the iPad3 will compare with their new iOS 5.1).

    • Faisal Ali

      The PlayBook has a 1 GHz Dual Core TI OMAP 4430 Processor

    • sp

      playbook browser unusable? what? did i just read that?

      i think you really need to get your facts straight there bud. playbooks native browser is freaking amazing. best i’ve used.

      and single core? please go and re read the specs of the playbook before posting such non sense.

      thank you mr iTroll.

    • Dave


      Your using the specs of a 3 year old BlackBerry phone – the original 9800 Torch. But hey, thanks for playing loser!

    • Dimitri.k

      Why even bother with this troll?.. I wonder if these trolls actually have a real life..

    • Theywillbepissed

      Hey all you communists! Stop attacking my best friend Apple4Life! He’s having trouble getting laid and is releasing his anger out on you helpless fools. Give the wanker a chance! Down with Rim! Up with club penguin!

    • bob

      @tallen and Ken

      The playbook only scores well in HTML5 if you select a RIM-approved benchmark.
      In real benchmarks it gets destroyed by the Transformer Prime.

      Also the CPU in the Playbook is the same as in the iPad (2 and 3) but it’s the GPU which is much slower, for what it is worth.

  • Darren

    I agree, Tiger Tek – I was a little disappointed overall in the performance, lots of hiccups. As good as the stock browser is, I think Opera Mobile would kill on this device.

  • Mack

    Hey Apple4Life,

    Why are you even posting on MobileSyrup? Lay off the Apple Kool-Aid. PlayBook has a 1 GHz dual-core processor.

  • Marcello

    It is great having two browsers! Now I can listen to my music on a youtube playlist and be doing something else on the web. Dolphin will not be my main browser but it will be there when I need it.

  • bob

    Anyone that calls a browser “HD” do not deserve any advertisement for his app.

    • warhead

      Ahem,,,,, Ok, now the playbook’s browser is good for with good functionality, though it is not very fluid in changing tabs and what not ( You do know the playbooks browser is tabbed right , those people that download dolphin to multi task between youtube and something else). but because of the power of the playbook, QNX baby :+) |-), the playbook browser should be able to do things lik firefox and chrome like save pages(ctrl+s) and perform a string search(ctrl+f), etc… BTW can the playbook download and become infected by viruses like mw pc while browsing? late…..

  • lanlanb

    Seriously, using “troll” is so 2010. You probably also still overuse “epic”.

    Back to the real topic, sorry, but a bit too late on this 2.0. And even then, “actual” Android devices are already having their own challenged with availabilty of applications and OS updates–not expecting much here. All in all, I can see why RIM users are excited extending to any Android availbility compared to what has been available

    Either pick up a fully committed green machine or take a bite out of that “forbidden” fruit.

  • Kastortroy

    With comments posted by people like assple4life no one can be that ignorant. Talk about trying to spread misinformation. Dolphin is a good second browser, can’t replace native playbook.

  • Steve

    All you idiotic PlayBook defenders treat RIMM like they are your retarded cousin who’s “trying really hard so don’t knock him.” There can’t be a SINGLE thing wrong on a PlayBook to a fanboy loser. Messages has no portrait view: “turn your head sideways. It has 2 cores.” Camera app doesn’t autofocus: “better that you can’t see your ugly face clearly.” And on and on.

  • Steve

    In fact if RIMM wasn’t so pathetic in losing 3/4s the value of the company there would be governmental investigations about selling devices for less than what they cost to make, to the detriment of anyone else who isn’t Apple making a tablet. Because they can’t sell out even at a loss there is no investigation. Poor 7 billion dollar company retarded cousin they don’t need dumping charges levied on them on top of everything else. Galaxy Tabs and Acer Iconias and Motorola Xooms and anything else non-Apple weren’t going to sell out anyway but it doesn’t help having another product down the shelf artificially at half the price when it costs the same (or more) to manufacture. A strong company would certainly get charged with dumping for doing the same thing.

    Plus if there was any real market for the unauthorized signing and distribution of these Android apps like Dolphin Browser the FBI would be making some charges. RIM should be revoking the dev keys of anyone signing and distributing other people’s work but if they are actively doing so nobody is interested in reporting it.