Norton Mobile Security for Samsung Galaxy devices to be free for 90 days


  • chris


    • l forgot my meds

      Makes perfect sense as the sumdungs need all the help they can get.

    • Nick

      I stopped using Norton on my computer in the middle of a paid subscription because it slowed everything down and couldn’t remove a bunch of viruses that it had found. I can only imagine how much it sucks the life out of a phone.

  • Ray

    Android is looking more like windows by the day. Complete with bloat ware, virus’, and free trials.

  • Chuck

    Who is insane enough to deliberately install Norton on his phone?

  • Norton Sucks

    Norton Sucks, just download AVG or Lookout.

  • MaX

    Will Norton Mobile be as ineffective as regular Norton?

  • Dono

    Ok, this must be a joke right?

    Seriously, norton is already a depressing sight on a computer. Can’t even imagine having it on a phone.

  • jan

    There is no need for mobile security lol. Norton and all these scams just suck.

    • jan

      or just buy a blackberry for a secure mobile environment

  • bummy

    Its funny how Norton has such a bad name in the tech community, YET they’re so damn successful and putting themselves in everything…

  • Shawn B

    The average user doesn’t even need a antivirus program on their phone. Mobile antivirus programs are mainly for people that frequent third-party app markets or people that cannot tell the difference between a official app and a fake app on the market.

    • Rio

      The average user is the user that cannot tell the difference between a official app and a fake app on the market.

      We are not average users….

  • Djadja

    My first reaction upon seeing the word “Norton” – absolute panic at the idea of loading up my device with hideous bloatware.

    Maybe it’s far better than its Windows equivalent, but I don’t think I want to risk installing it…

  • Manbo

    ummmm…. yeahhhh… anti-virus for Android is a waste of space.

  • IAK

    The small number of people who recognize this as crazy won’t buy, the majority of people who made Norton a pile of money will be super stocked to purchase this for their phones so they can sleep better at night knowing that their battery life is now effectively %30 less per day.

  • bob

    Even for free I wouldn’t touch that crap with a pole.

  • TheCyberKnight

    Can you believe this? Malware protection on a phone. Can it get more ridiculous?

    It says a lot about the OS design. Android is a geek toy obviously not designed for normal consumers.

    • Manbo

      Or instead of being a troll, you could state the obvious? Norton is trying to cash in on all the bad publicity surrounding apps people download from hacked sites? Anti-virus does not compensate for stupidity, it meerly acts as a false sense of security.

      The people that would purchase anti-virus for a phone are the same that buy extended warranties on fireworks.


  • Mr. Bill

    Norton, Please hold off until the Quad cores are main stream, unless you are trying to knock many phones out of service..?

    Norton = Steaming pile of crap.

    Except Ghost, that is your crown jewel Norton.
    Sadly it rests upon the rest of your efforts.

  • vn33

    Are there still people who pay for anti-virus software ?

  • light

    Run, Samsung users, RUN! Norton do have the ability to turn your SMARTPHONE to be SLOWPHONE!!!! (yes, slow means both slow and stupid).

  • Hansy

    Also try comodo mobile security especially for smartphones.

  • wp74life

    Haha, typical android garbage.
    Soon to come : firewall, file encryption, anti-malware.
    Ohhh wait, it’s already here HAHAHAAHAHAH

  • joe

    phones can now get viruses…

    • WP74Life


  • Tbone

    Android needs Norton as the code is so poorly written. Crap is what Crap does.

    • Manbo

      You are obviously a coder then. Post your debug and show us where the issues are?

      I am sick of people speaking about things they know little to nothing about. ALL operating systems have issues! I use the vast majority and find issues everywhere.

      Nothing is perfect, and if your best discriptive word is ‘crap’, then it is an opinion and you are a dullard.

      Peace, tool.