Norton Mobile Security for Samsung Galaxy devices to be free for 90 days

Symantec and Samsung are teaming to up release a fully-featured copy of Norton Mobile Security for Galaxy devices, free for 90 days through the Samsung Apps portal. While there a version of Mobile Security exists for free in the Android Market, it is a ‘lite’ version that doesn’t provide a full feature set.

Galaxy devices such as the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be able to use Mobile Security’s full suite of features, free for 90 days. These include Remote Locate, Remote Lock, Remote Wipe, Anti-Malware, SD Card scanning, and Automated Live Update. While SMS-based Remote Locate is available in the ‘lite’ version, a much more useful Web Anti-Theft feature is available for paid users, which will not only allow you to track your device from Norton’s web site but take a photo of the person holding your device with the front-facing camera.

Other features in the paid version include Call & SMS Blocking and Web Protection which protects against phishing sites. After the 90-day trial is complete, Samsung Galaxy users can pay $29.99 for a one-year subscription, or continue using the ‘lite’ version indefinitely.

This is a very busy, and growing, space in the Android Market as malware and smartphone theft become more prevalent. Competitors include Lookout Mobile Security, Kaspersky Security, AVG Security Pro, and AVAST Mobile Security

Source: Symantec