Virgin and Bell BlackBerry Curve 9360 getting OS 7.1 upgrade tomorrow


  • Chuck

    next. Whoopdie doo. A curve with WiFi hotspot

    • Dimitri.k

      If you read a bit more its more then just that. Here just in case you can not read the picture… “Wi-Fi hotspot (up to 5 devices), NFC features, FM Radio, BBM Music & others.).

    • sjklfd

      RIM is saved!

  • Dimitri.k

    Amazing. At least they are being updated to 7.1 on the curve. Here on Rogers none of the blackberries are being upgraded to 7.1. RIM Already said they have sent out the update to the carriers & yet Rogers is taking their sweet a*s time. I know they have to add the bloatware but c’mon. For now i have have 7.1 leaked version on my Torch 9860.

  • Alibaba

    Rogers is getting last week of feb

  • Jim Shorts

    Blackberry would make the best wifi hotspot due to the fact they compress the internet data so you consume less out of your monthly quota.

    Not to Robellus’s liking…

  • Alex Perrier

    They’re welcome changes, even if they arrive only for certain devices, and the software upgrade arrives much later compared to Android 2.2 or later. Press release is also fun to read. 🙂

  • Jenn

    What about Telus and Koodo?

  • andres

    now where is it?

  • speedvision3

    plug your blackberry into your computer and open blackberry desktop manager and click update on the main homescreen on your pc make sure you make a backup of your phone using the desktop manager this will save all your bbm and contacts because the update may wipe you phone and if it does all you do is restore it using the desktop software

  • Naeem

    I pluged my blackberry curve 9360 into my blackberry desktop manager, but it didn’t prompt for any update. I clicked on update my device, but it doesn’t say that we have new version to update. Please verify.

  • Ayvie

    I’m waiting for this update on my Bold 9900!

  • Richard Mark Nicholls

    I have been given it Just will take time to find out how good this is,before doing the update South Africa