Inventory system shows Rogers Nokia Lumia 900 priced at $499.99

Rogers officially announced that the Windows Phone LTE-enabled Nokia Lumia 900 will be available “this Spring”. More details of a launch date were revealed when Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said it’ll be coming in April. No word on prices or a firm date, but according to a leaked screenshot that shows the 900 priced at a ridiculously low $499.99.

This is probably a placeholder until the real price plans get revealed, but it just might come close to that as TELUS released the 800 for $529.99 outright. The no-term price will most likely be higher though, during Mobile World Congress a Nokia product manager stated that it’ll cost 480 Euros, which is about $629 CDN.

Source: WPCentral
Via: YouTube
(Thanks Keegan!)