Unofficial VLC app for Android plays every video format you throw at it


  • 4

    VLC <3 best app ever. I can't believe that there was a time when I used windows player 😛

    I guess you get smarter as you grow up… at least some of us 😀

    • Mike Laz

      Why are they making this for blackberry?

      It’s not fair.

  • barry

    bs player lite for android plays everything with hw accel, and also can play from LAN shares.

    • emc

      @barry Thanks for the tip. I’ve just installed BSPlayer lite on my HTC Desire Z and it works great. Going to add it to both my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and wife’s Sony Tablet S.

      @jon_d0e. I’ve been comtemplating getting the Galaxy Note. What carrier are you on, and how’s the LTE speed (assuming yours is LTE, and not the international)

  • Boojay

    Lol, first two vids I threw at it didn’t work

    • Red Dragon

      The final version won’t be out for a couple of months yet. You are playing around with “beta” and hoping it works 100%? Ok then…

    • boojay

      I guess you don’t know how to read the title, huh?

  • jon_d0e

    its amazing. i sold my 55″ led tv in favor of my 5.3″ galaxy note, and now use this phone as my main tv.

    • Dimitri.k

      You must be joking right?… Man this person is either a no lifer in which lives on his phone or a huge troll…

  • GPrime

    Been using MX video player with pretty good results in ICS. Will try this, but will use the official vlc app when it’s released

  • EmperumanV

    Not bad, however will try it out. Currently using Mobo Player on my most of my devices. Shall try out BSPlayer as well.

  • MARS

    Been using Mobo player on my ICS rom and I noticed recently that it’s starting crash! Will try BS and VLC which is the only thing I use on my pc’s.

  • darel44

    I am currently using MX video player and find it plays all my video files real smooth,but VLC is the only one I use on
    a pc.

  • Anonymous

    Glad to see this happening (surprised it’s only just now happening).

    I use VLC on my PC and any PC I own. It’s truly the best multi-media program.

    On my phone (Gnexus) I’ve been using MX Video player but it won’t play most/all files for me. Won’t play AVI but plays mp4’s and mkv’s :S so this is a much welcome bit of news.

  • blobby

    Will try it on my apad generic’s tonight – will have to be good to top the diceplayer/sharkmote combo.