Samsung GT-P5100 tablet appears alongside two unannounced smartphones


  • Joseph

    It looks like the Galaxy Tab variant for the German market.

    • EvanK

      Thank you, Mr. I didn’t read the entire article.

  • Jay

    Looks like its going to be a boring MWC showing from Samhung 🙁

  • deltatux

    Ummm, chances of the Exynos 5250 in that thing is really low as Cortex A15 SoCs aren’t expected until maybe Q4 the earliest… unless that is exactly when that device is actually going to be released…

  • shiftastic

    To me it looks like the yellow phone (bottom) has a projector on the top. The light kinda reflects off it so it should be a piece of glass.

  • Andy

    Yes I agree. That samsung phone looks like it has a pico projector built in the phone. I find it strange that no one beside you and I noticed that.

    • deltatux

      SamsungMobile just posted shots of the phone with a mini projector on their Facebook profile…

  • whocares

    I wish they work on Wind!?!?!?