Sony Ericsson Xperia arc S coming to Rogers next week


  • Alex Perrier

    Great, but there will be more incentives to buy this when it gets bumped up to Android 4 operating system.

  • Dalex

    Sweet! Gonna get my friend to upgrade from her Xperia Arc. Hopefully this time it will have a better battery life.

  • Jay

    Uhh xperiA s plz. Arc is last year!

  • captain

    @Dalex the S variant has worse battery life.. lol

    • Dalex

      Yeah, my bad I completely misread the story. I thought it was the xperia s being released… This is complete crap.

  • wtv

    This phone is terrible.

  • Doug Page

    Forget the Arc S just bring on the S

  • swb1983

    Are you dumb MobileSyrup. Rogers is not getting the the xperia arc s. They are getting the xperia s (arc HD).

    • Dimitri.k

      You must be the dumb one here. Call Rogers & ask for your self. They are actually releasing the Arc S & the Xperia S but the Xperia S will be released around May. I suggest mods delete this fools post.

  • JPTN

    It’s a little late but still a decent device.
    The beta of ICS was released yesterday & I flashed my imported LT18a without issue. Video up shortly.

  • somebody

    Rogers plz i and everyone else desperately waiting for Xperia S and not the Arc,
    I hope Rogers wont dissappoint by delaying like they did for Samsung Galaxy S2,
    I am counting on you Rogers for my contract update in March, but only if you get SonyXperia S

  • Tomatoes

    Brutal. I guess the global march release date for the Xperia S does not include Canada. What a load of crap Rogers! The Xperia Arc released on time globally. Why not the Xperia S? Boo!

    I guess I will get the S2 or S3 then.

    • Dimitri.k

      Sony has send emails to me & others that the Sony S will be in Canada this spring. They said to also wait & see which carrier will have it. Also speaking to a few Sony Style Reps ( sony store) They said the Sony S will arrive here in Toronto around April / May. They did not know tho anymore info. Rogers most likely is doing this to get more Sony phones to show its interested in Sony

  • whocares



  • waiting for 3300 mAh battery

    Awesome, Rogers is getting all the best devices. Bell is falling behind. Rogers network is much more extensive than bell. Now if only Rogers would get the razr maxx, then they would totally pwn bell.

  • roger

    Are you sure that the phone is coming with 1G?
    1 GB (320 MB user-available), 512 MB RAM
    Single core processor. Obsolete but nice phone.
    Price as usual is high buy that is me Roger!

  • T1MB1T

    This phone really needs to be on the network with the most megga hurts! WIND!!!

  • Nic

    If it were on any other network other than Bell I may have interest – but Rogers – who cares.

    • Dimitri.k

      You do realize that if YOU have the money, you can buy it outright? OR wait for a month or so & buy it from someone on Kijiji. Just because it might be on Rogers does not mean anything. Its still a great phone none the less.

  • rchristy

    Why Arc S? It is so old phone now. We need the S…….