comScore: Apple is poised to take the lead in Canada’s smartphone market share


  • zzZZzz

    This article is very confusing IMO. At some point they talk about marketshare for different brands, then it they talk about market share per OS.

    Which one is it?!

    As for my 2c, Apple will gain a little some more market share by brand, RIM will lose a little more, and Sammy will gain most next year.

    OS side, RIM will lose, Windows will gain from RIM, Android will still gain from RIM and iOS, but iOS will also rise a little due to a sharp fall for RIM.

    There, and you didn’t have to pay me for this info.

    • Rio

      Now throw some more bs in there so it looks like a page long report and your set to get published!

    • bummy

      Also, he talks about Apple’s market share growing. Grown FROM WHAT?

      We don’t care how many subscribers Rogers have, that has no relevance to how much MARKET % Apple have compared to other OS.

  • RayRay

    IPhone is a “safe” purchase for those who know little about cellphones, or technology in general, and for those who are easily mislead by advertisements. It is also a “fashion statement”, which may very well be starting a slow decline, at least in North America.

    Anyone who is even a little bit familiar with phones in the market would think long and hard before overpaying for an IPhone.

    My 2 cents.

    • bummy

      Kinda like Crocs…

      Everybody started buying them because its comfortable. And now everyone’s up in arms staying away from them haha…

  • SAM


  • Marco

    Apple’s growth will fade pretty soon. When I went to CNET, Gizmodo or Engadget a year ago, all they were talking about was how Apple was a great company with the best products and no competitors. Now they still talk about Apple, but leave plenty of space for Android phones and tablets, making them sometimes “kings of the category” (whereas a year ago Apple was king everywhere in their opinion). This kind of turnover has been the forecast for RIMs decline, and I think it will also forecast Apple decline of growth.

  • Someguy

    The phone really is easy to use. Less complicated file management. No real crashes or bugs either. But lacks customization and piriate files like the movies and music is harder to put on apple than other phones. No wrong choice only taste really. One thing apple has hands down is resale value.

  • Jeff

    Its true that Apple is about to take over top spot in Canada for smartphones. But it undoubtedly more because of how fast RIM is falling than how fast Apple is growing.

  • bob

    Canada has less choice than most countries because we are stuck with poor carriers. That creates a distortion in the market which seems to favor Apple, and even RIM which hasn’t fallen that much here yet.

  • jason4

    Ya that is right…. iPHONE5 just DOMINATING THE SMART PHONE LANDSCAPE in such a short time.. INNOVATE BABY INNOVATE… these are the results you get when you CREATE AND NOT COPY like all the other ANDROID mega trash out there. Results baby pure results……………………………..

    • Dimitri.k

      How much does Apple pay you to comment like this?.. iPhone 5? Bud so many phones will come out with higher end specs before they release that one. If you think about it Apple will release the iPhone in Oct why you may ask? Its the new pattern. So thus Samsung / RIM / Nokia / Sony & the rest will release all the high end phones they have before Apple does. Also remember your lovely iPhone is still playing catch up to the other companies. A retina display is nothing compare to what the others have as hardware. Also just a quick reminder that Apple never invented anything at all. They took the Notification bar from Android. They took the imessager from RIM & the looks from LG Prada. Prove me wrong.

    • HO

      ….shows the reply from a pure Apple fanboy….iphone 5…lol

  • jon_d0e

    apple is for stupid ppl
    android is for super smart ppl.

  • HO

    ….not really news in Canada, here ppl buy Macs cause “they have no viruses and work”….ask ppl here what will they buy between a Mac an any Windows pc, funny part is they believe that Macs come with everything ready…same for the phones….i****s….

  • 4u2nv

    I’m smashing my iPhone 3g as I type and am calling around for a Galaxy Note! I already have 2 other Android phones (SGS Vibrant, Gnex)and really really perfer it over iOS.

    -let the people speak

  • Stupid Engineer

    I’m an electrical engineer and consult for Bombardier and I think the iPhone’s a much better product – software and hardware combined. I guess that makes me stupid.