comScore: 25% of smartphones in Canada run Android, Samsung top manufacturer

comScore has released their latest report and it’s based on September 2011 data, which states there are 20.1 million Canadians who use a mobile device. This represents both feature phones and smartphones of those aged 13 and older. However, a shift is continuing to happen in Canada when it comes to smartphone usage. A total of 8 million Canadians are using a smartphone – this is 40% of the market, an increase of 7% in the last 6 months.

Samsung came out on top as the top manufacturer with 25.2% of the Canadian market share – probably due to the Samsung Galaxy family of devices (which are basically available in some fashion at every carrier). LG followed with 20% market share, then RIM with 14.3%, Apple clocks in at 4th place 12%, finally rounding out the top 5 manufacturers was Nokia with 10.1%.

How about OS. Last time comScore released their findings it was RIM who was on top with 42% of smartphone subscribers. Now, 6 months later, they’re still are king of the Canadian smartphone OS with 35.8 – but as you can see they dropped by a huge 6.2%. So where did Canadians migrate? Not Apple. In March Apple had 31%, and September numbers show a drop of 0.9% to 30.1%. Not Symbian, nor Windows Phone. How about Google’s Android OS. Big increase in market share in the last 6 months. March 2011 comScore stats showed 12.2%, but a significant gain of 12.8% to capture 25% of the Canadian market. Guess we can now confidently say the Android Revolution is in full effect.

We’re not sure how many wireless customers below the age of 13 have a wireless device, but all the numbers could be a bit higher/lower. This comScore report only shows stats of 20.1 million Canadians, the CWTA recently announced that there was over 24.5 million wireless subscriber in Canada.

Regardless, there are a couple solid trends happening in Canada: Smartphone adoption is increasing and Android is gaining in popularity.

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