comScore: 25% of smartphones in Canada run Android, Samsung top manufacturer


  • John


  • andy c

    numbers are comparing March to September.

    the Iphone 4S was release in October

    might want to make a note of that in your post

    • bob

      You comment could be valid if comscore released numbers for sales in the past 6 months.
      But they released numbers of user base so iPhone fans holding off for the iPhone 4S had no impact on the numbers. With their old iPhone 3G they still count in Apple’s 30%.

    • Ron Mexico

      So sales of the 4S would’ve been enough to push Apple over the top? Lol, not likely.

  • Labrat

    Would be interesting to correlate those stats for the past year or two with the different handset release, marketing push and one big unknown how sales representative from Bell/TELUS and Rogers were trained ie.: which device to push.

    I suspect that Sales Rep are still pushing quiet hard for RIM device as they have special bundle for data and BB’s are known for their network efficiency. Probably a good source of revenu for carriers.

    • bob

      Again, we would need sales number in the past 6 months to do this kind of correlation.

      Many people still have Blackberries bought 2-3 years ago. They still count in the 35% of RIM even if they will ditch it in the next few months.

    • Adam

      Do you honestly think csr’s or sales reps care enough to push BB’s so Bell can save 50 cents a customer?

      i don’t.

      Sales reps are the most biased, often uninformed people you will ever meet. If that particular rep has an iphone, they’ll push iPhones. If they’re an Android guy, they’ll push Androids. They SHOULD (and occasionally do) actually try to pick a device that would fit the customer best.

    • Vishnu

      Well, history will alawys repeat itself, simply because we have the intuition to perfect everything. How to information is very useful but should alawys be backed up with proof of the necessary steps. That is usually why it is considered rehashed information.

  • Carlos

    At my school everybody has a blackberry cause of bbm, or they get an iPhone because they are fanboys.. I’m pretty sure I’m the only one at school with an optimus 2x

    • Adam

      because it makes the isheep butthurt

  • Jimmy

    This site is so biased towards android it’s hilarious.
    MobileSyrup? might as well call it FandroidSyrup.

    • Richard

      How is reporting statistics a bias?

  • JL

    Samsung 25% and LG 20%.

    Damn that is ALOT of Gio’s and Optimus One’s that were sold when they went on sale for 70 and 50 bucks.

    There is no other explanation for LG to be that high.

    • bob

      LG sells a lot of dumb phones too.

    • Adam

      Rogers sells the LG Xenon, probably their best selling phone simply because when it comes to buying a non-smartphone, every other device is pure and utter s**t (that says alot, considering how bad the Xenon is)

      Samsung makes a bunch of dumbphones as well, but HTC doesn’t, Motorola doesn’t have many, if any right now, Nokia doesn’t.

      And yeah, people only buy the LG phones because they’re cheap. LG Optimus one, LG Optimus 3D ($29 on a 3-year now), but they sell alot of them.

  • JL

    I would like to see a survey of High-End smartphone market share. Which is what people on this website care about.

    Android will win almost all these polls because they have so many prepaid smartphones (and they are GREAT).

    I want to see some research of the iPhone 4S vs. Galaxy S2 vs. Sensation/Evo/Amaze/Vivid vs. Razr/ Droid 3 vs. Bold/Torch etc.

    iPhone’s low end model is still $500+ and the Curve is $350.

    You can get pretty good Android Smart Phones for under $150 like the Optimus One and the Gio. These all encompassing surveys don’t tell the people that read this website what they want to see.

    • Adam

      Depends. Do you consider the BB 9900, 9860 or 9810 a high-end smartphone?

      If so, then Android is still probably second in Canada.

      if not, then yeah, Android is easily #1 (only other real competitor is Apple). Nokia doesn’t sell, WP7 doesn’t sell.

  • Kapoue

    The numbers putting Samsung #1 and Lg #2 are for Smartphones and dumbphones together. Samsung has 25% of all cellulars in canada, not 25% of all smartphones.

  • mattprime86

    Proud Canadian should learn how to F*****ng type

  • muffineater

    @labrat, I can speak from experience that TELUS sales reps are not trained to push any specific device. It makes no difference to TELUS what phones their reps sell, and they pay their reps the same amount for any smart phone sale they make. Sales reps use their own discretion as to which phones they choose to sell over others. If a sales rep is pushing a specific phone over others, it is likely because of their personal opinion, which usually tends to be biased towards the type of phone they use.

  • bernie

    strange how all the statistics point to android but when you walk around the mall or ride the train or bus everybody seems to be holding an iphone. i’m not biased to either but this is just my observation.

    • Antinerd

      Perhaps iPhone users just wave their phones around more than most, as they consider them to be status symbols? Kind or like tacky, gaudy, bling….

  • firzen_net

    Of course, in Canada, iOS and BBM rule. There are so many of them at my school. Specially BBMs. A lot of people use them. I’m seeing a bit more HTC and Samsung devices in transit, but no LG or Motorola. It feels like I own the only Motorola Android device in Vancouver.

    2 years ago I saw a guy with a DroidX. And that was it for Motorola spotting. Samsung/HTC are more common.