WIND Mobile has 425,000 subscribers


  • Sean

    Glad to see them going strong. Kepp up the good work, keep getting good devices and keep up the network buildout

    • SAM



  • Non

    That’s the power of Wind

  • Armoured Tank

    Thank you, Wind, for coming to Canada! It’s like a breath of fresh air!

    • Sandy McDuggal

      Throw in Mobilicity and Public in there for a good measure, and we have ourselves a nice little group of players, who are changing the telecommunications industry in Canada in ways that it haven’t been changed for decades.

      Much appreciated!

  • Betty Koyle

    Wish all of southern Ontario was covered. Not worth it if you make significant amount of trips from London to Waterloo to toronto to sarnia.

    • SAM


    • hoo dat

      I guess them offering the HMP a dozen times just wasn’t enough for you, eh, Sam.

    • Justin Credible

      Hey Sam, are you attempting to claim that $50 for unlimited talk/text/data is somehow “expensive”??? Get real. You’re lucky to get just talk alone, without even call display on the big three for a measly $50.

  • 0defaced

    “No reason was given as to the surge in subsÈ

    *ahem* smells like inflation…

  • Rich

    Always good to hear news about WIND.
    I’m sure there are a lot of people, just like myself, that would love to be a part of WIND, but can’t quite make that switch until service is a bit more reliable.

    Long-term, they are in a great position.

  • MXM4K

    It might not be 1.5 million by the end of three years, but those are still impressive numbers nonetheless. The more they expand, the more they become viable for people like me who commute to different places often.

    If they can cover the majority of the 401 corridor in Ontario, I’d be a fool to not sign up with them.

  • Bobby

    Maybe its because companies like Rogers thinks we’re all i****s, making up plans like the “ultimate unlimited” family plan

  • Beso

    fix the damn dead spots! those numbers will start to roll back eventually if those spots are not patched up!!!!!

    What good is the $40 HMP plan when you cant get a reliable signal!!!

    I have good signal but north of my city the signal is pretty much dead !!!! I feel like I have one of those jail braclets !!!!

    • Yeria

      At least you can drive south and enjoy your unlimited service. If you were with Robellus, driving south won’t give you better rates nor will your contract terms get shortened.

      If you have problems with Wind service, go ahead and switch so that you can get a lot less while paying 200% of what you’d pay with Wind.

  • benji

    MAJOR error in article

    Wind had 358K subs at end of Q3

    Today (Feb 6) Lacavera says it has 425K subs

    this does NOT mean they added 67K subs in Q4 – Q4 goes until Dec 31 – there are extra additions from Jan 1 to Feb 6 within the 67K number…

    bottom line, the number of additions in Q4 was lower than 67K… unless you assume they have added 0 customers this year

    • TJ

      I don’t see a major error. It says they had 358K at the end of Q3’11, now they have 425K. Nowhere does it say “WIND added 67K in Q4’11” it just states they had a “stellar last few months”. You assume too much…

  • AFryingPan

    lol wind

  • XER

    Love competition! Thanks Wind for bring us just that!

    Hey, Rogers… Let’s talk about your limited unlimited plan!

  • CADDMan

    And if they maintain that pace through each of the next 4 quarters in 2012, they’ll only be short of their 1.5Million customer projection by 800,000. Congratulations Wind.

    Let the thumbs down begin.

    • hoo dat

      First 😀

  • expensivetroll

    I wish we had wind in Québec.
    Vidéotron is everything but competitive and different.

  • smith

    so Wind at 425K you can think that Public is at 200K and Mobilicity at 175K all together that is 800K not with Robelus …. Nice. Now when can these guys work together and get 1M subs and become a long term viable option. I have yet to sign up with any of them as i am yet convince they can be around without going bankrupt

    • Colin

      Who cares if they go bankrupt, well I do, because I like the service. Saying that you’ll advoid Wind because of that, it’s just a poor excuse. If you decide to go with them and they do go bankrupt, the only disadvantage is that you would just have to sign up with Robelus. It’s not like they require you to make an investment with them.

  • aviking

    Cant wait to save 65 bucks a month on two lines for more stuff on Wind versus Robbers.

    If I need to have better coverage I can get one pay as you go phone for 10 bucks a month for emergencies and that would still be a insane amount to save.

  • MaxPower

    This gets a big thumbs up! Whenever I’m around my friends, I like to pull out my phone and strike up a convo about cell phones plans, etc. I love their faces when I tell them how much I’m NOT paying by going with Wind: $32.77 vs. $75+.
    I’ll convert them one at a time…

    • whocares

      And what about when the find out you tricked them into a company with limited service, where they can’t even get calls half the time?

      Some friend!

    • JJ

      Really , the few friends you have must be lucky to have you as a friend. Geez, they will remember you every-time they try to make a call and they find NO signals with the WIND lines. what a joke. People need to take the heads out of the *sses believing wind is some big deal. All Lacverra is doing is trying to make the company attractive to one of the big 3 to buy so he could save his shirt and get out of this business . It is the uneducated customer who is the victim in this. Let the thumbs down begin.

    • hoo dat

      More than happy to oblige, JJ 😀

  • gmail

    big 3 are still adding twice as many subscribes…. not that big of a deal that wind got 67k.. loved to know how much profit there making of 29$ plans

    • cheenachatze

      It is a big deal that Wind added 67K subscribers. The big three have stores and resellers in every corner of Canada, and huge marketing budget. So with the much smaller presence that Wind has in comparison, this is a HGUE acheivement.

  • Petter

    Perhaps Wind ate 425,000 subway sandwiches, but there’s no way they have 425,000 subcribers active today, this number is probably how many have signed up since they first launched, but the actual subs active right now, is probably only 25,000. everyone is excited to try Wind after their contracts are done, but after trying Wind 99% of their customers run back to Big 3 for the reliability and Quality network.

    • Raymond81

      Which one of the Big 3 do YOU work for, Petter?

      I bet you’re the “genius” behind the Ultimate Unlimited plan with they was you exhagerrate and bend truth.

    • Raymond81

      Which one of the Big 3 do YOU work for, Petter?

      I bet you’re the “genius” behind the Ultimate Unlimited plan with the way you exhagerrate and bend truth.

      My bad – typos.

    • jstiwana

      He said total subs, so that would mean active subscriptions


    PERFECT ARTICLE BIG 3 need to know thatt their wways arent gonna cut it anymore !!! Lol did u guys see rogers ‘new plan ? lol they need to gtfo

  • T1MB1T

    WWRONG!!! 650k subs! get it right losers!

  • Nathan

    Hiring 100 more reps in Windsor….For the 100 reps who were laid off in Mississauga last year this is a slap in the face.

  • CDL

    Wind has pros and cons. Like pay half the price but get half the coverage. Much lower roaming rates but only if you skip past the Away zone and start using it in the US. Get a great plan but if you want to change and there’s a made up $30 fee to change it. Good with the bad I guess. Just wish Rogers would quit lying and using the term “unlimited” to describe something with restrictions. Guess we’ll just get screwed in the middle between them. Yeah consumers!! Thank you PC party you have openned up Canada to competition now if you could do something about truth in advertising.

  • Studystand

    Once i’m back in the Toronto/GTA there will be absolutely no reason not to sign with them.

  • wind breaker

    if wind was not air we still be chocking from those son of beaches. long live wind. puck robbers and hell

    • A Noise Annoys

      choking? T1MB1T and I will teach you how to breath from your ears!

  • Jon Campbell

    I think it was my ads on tv and print that brought them all in. 🙂

  • clue-in

    67k subs is not a big deal… do u guys understand that 67k subs at $29 a month if not less is under $2,000,000 the cost of 1 cellular tower is about 300k… this company is failing… they wont reach there intended target of 1.5million… and then they want to invest more money into the next spectrum… can they afford more debt? they wont break a in forever.. and yet we havent seen the big 3 loses any customers … the 425k subs wind does have include the prepaid custy that were on the big 3… most of them costing money not gaining any..

  • Nic

    Why is everyone assuming everyone is signing up at $29.00.

  • JustMeAndMe

    way to go!

  • Pablo Moses

    Bravo Wind.

  • A Noise Annoys

    T1MB1T us right! wind has so many subs we do not have enough knee pads to go around! But that is not the issue here. We are loud and proud, g*y and going to stay.

    go wind!!!

  • kyle

    will the white galaxy nexus be heading to WindMobile?

  • E

    for all the lovelies complaining about the coverage, two words = calm down. WIND is a new company that has to put up new towers which allows them to provide YOU with lower plans. Their coverage may not be as huge as ROBELLUS but eventually the service will grow and be stronger just as new companies start. Yes, the coverage is not as big. BUT if you are in within the GTA, specifically the core, I myself find the connection amazing. P.S = if you pay for a shitty phone, you will get shittier service. Suck it up.

  • Arianna

    why is everybody in the pictures is Asian? is wind an Asian company or something?

  • dave778

    Who the hell says they have lousy coverage? I’ve had 2 phones w them (LG Optimus G2X & Samsung Galaxy Nexus w hacked radio firmware for better signal) & I have never had a dropped call or bad data in Vancouver. I’m covered from Vancouver to Abbotsford. I can talk on level 1 parking underground downtown, I can talk in my basement etc.

    What are you people basing the so called crappy coerage on?

    How many of you work for Robellus?

    How many of you are basing this on the brainwashing Robellus has been doing through the media?

    How many of you just have lower end crappy phones that couldn’t hold onto a signal if you were standing beside the damn tower?

    G O W I N D !

  • Dan

    Nothing is shittier than tek savvy. BTW i know where you can get $30 wind cell phones and $10 sim cards

  • phoneman

    Let’s see… Wind ARPU is under $30 and with $1.5 BILLION in debt. Yes the more customers the quicker they go bankrupt because none of the money is going to profits and adding to more operating expenses to their lousy service. Like RIM selling their Playbook for $100 less than their cost, the more business the more they lose – What a brilliant business strategy!! Ha, h,a bunch of i****s running their finance which I’m glad to hear. Sounds like they hired the Nortel Finance team that ran it to the ground. They could balance their personal checkbooks if their life depended on it.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    It’s nice to hear WIND MOBILE growing in CANADA. We badly needed a economical carrier to deal with the big 3. I wish and hope that they continue to grow and keep on adding more devices and increasing coverage and it will dominate soon. Just try to buy 700 mhz spectrum and add iphones on 3g if 4g is not possible yet, this will put wind right at the top with the big 3 and wind will be in a better position to succeed because of their low cost plans

  • Andrewww

    honestly the indoor covrage is really bad and the data is kinda slow compaired to rogers, i dont know how any of you guys can deny that

  • HNL

    I had no connection for 2 days in a row and then yesterday and today it’s been in and out the whole time. I called WIND customer service and talked to a tech support team person: she said, I quote, “mobiles are not meant for indoor usage.” Well, maybe. but if you think that is what I got from a so-called “tech support team member”, i think it’s outrageous. There was neither “tech” nor “support” in her words..