Update: Swype Beta gets huge update with Dragon dictation, gets unofficial Galaxy Nexus support


  • Alex

    Go on google+ and search for swype beta galaxy nexus…. Someone from xda fixed it do that it works on nexus.

  • Peebos

    I’ve been using SlideIT on my GN since it was part of the $0.10 deals a couple weeks ago. It’s not terrible but definitely not nearly as good at what Swype was offering…

  • Yodee-Yadee

    Be wary of SlideIT, it has a permission req that allows it full access to the internet + it can also capture your keystrokes. Either use Droidwall to block it, switch to the standard keyboard for inputting bank PINs and passwords or uninstall it.

    Some will say that the internet access is for licensing but Google has their own API for that which makes me wonder why it needs it.

    Being aware like this is one of the requirements of using the Android but I would rather be an informed consumer that has options rather than being told how I should hold my phone or being forced to use a single keyboard style because someone else told me it was the best. Then again, some people don’t care about being independent so again, we have a choice and that is what is important.

    • Tim

      Swype has the same permissions “Require full internet access”.

  • boojay

    What makes dragon dictation better than my current google voice (actions) which is integrated with Swype already and so amazingly accurate it makes siri look like garbage, which it is?

  • Jimbo

    I just installed this on my rooted Desire HD running ICS and swype works flawlessly? It should be noted that is the updated on with the Dragon Dictation, way to go XDA!!!