Rogers to release the Nokia Lumia 900


  • Stefan Rees

    As much as I love my GNex, the Lumia 900 is a beautiful handset. Do want.

    • Sean

      Too true i saw the Lumia 900 and was like “If telus announces this i will get it. Then they announce the 800 *sigh*

    • SAM


    • Me Ted

      ‘Tis indeed a gorgeous device.

  • me

    No! Anyone but rogers:(

  • Sean

    If they had announced this just over two weeks ago and for telus i wouldn’t have my Nexus right now…

    • Dono

      But this is a solid 3 months away still. When the time comes sell your nexus and buy the 900.

  • Hugo

    Patience is a virtue!! 🙂

  • PhoneScience

    Please, no branding and a decent off contract price, then I can just snatch one up and unlock it!

  • ger

    Great news for the platform. Hopefully Windows Phone will get the exposure it deserves up here.

  • TheCyberKnight

    Now, this does explain the apparent weird decision to carry the Lumia 710 and let Telus with the Lumia 800.

  • Some Guy

    MAY!? Damn…

  • Jeeverz

    Plus one Rogers.. Plus One. Now I hope you follow suite and price it like you priced the Nokia Lumia 710, which is very reasonable. So if you price this at $499 I will love you and if you price this any lower than that, I will love you long time

  • 613

    may is soooooo soooo so late

  • Stu

    in the spirit of competition, expect Telus to confirm release dates for the 800 soon… you can guess that they’ll make it available before Rogers tentative May release.

  • Andy

    This is one of the most beautiful phones i have ever seen
    wished they had it in green 😛
    if the price is right… the price is right

  • Question

    Simply amazing the support Windows Phone are getting in Canada because before you can barely find a Windows phone at most of the carriers here, and now we have flagship phones coming. I hope we can get some support from future windows phone from;Samsung, htc, and LG they also have some good window phones.

  • George K

    I’d rather get the rumored 910 with the improved Camera. I doubt it though. I’m assuming the improved camera is a tradeoff for the removal of LTE. I’d imagine if Rogers had the choice, they’d rather take the LTE version.

    • andy c


      if the euro version has N.A 3g bands i’d rather have the 910

      910: better camera (rumour) longer battery life because no LTE

      900: LTE

      i’ll take the battery life and better camera. they had better enable wifi hotspot on this

  • WP74Life

    BELL ?

    • Me Ted

      Well no, they aren’t actually. My Nexus is incredible. No need to bash the competition. Just enjoy this beautiful device once it’s released.

    • Bearz

      Hey my Samsung GSII it was voted the BEST PHONE of 2011 so suck it. My phone can kill devices on open wifi’s, I can network spoof, I can download torrents from piratebay directly to my phone. I can do a million more things that a crappy Lumia 900!!! Android for Life!!!

    • SoulReaper

      OMG! It does all that?!?
      One thing is clear though, it does not increase the IQ of its owner.

    • m1ndtr1p

      Yea, that’s why Android has close to 45% of the smartphone market share while WP7 has about 1.4%… Do you really want to pay a huge premium for a device that was already outdated in 2010 and still hasn’t changed almost 2 years later?

  • B

    May? I actually want to see WP7 do well, but they are making it awfully hard on themselves.

    This isn’t even a dual core phone and they are asking people to wait almost until the summer time?

    I know I know.. WP7 doesn’t need dual core, its smooth, efficient etc. Well it would also be nice if it could record and decode 1080p video, along with many other non-core OS tasks.

    The only way this will be a success is if it is Under $400 no contract and under $200 with a contract. Even then it is questionable. Any other phone with these specs would probably be even less come May.

    • deadonthefloor

      Bought my first windows phone outright from Rogers.
      Now I have to buy the new one outright from them too.

      That is of course unless bill C-11 passes, then unlocked phones will be illegal.

    • Keith

      Did you notice it picked up C-Net’s Best Smartphone at this year’s CES?

  • Yumcha

    THe only problem is that out of the carriers that I’ve been on, Rogers is one of the slowest carriers to push out updates…was not a happy camper with Rogers when it comes to support and updates.

    • KM

      This may be true if you count Android phones. But if you’re strictly talking Windows Phone, Rogers has not been slow pushing out updates. The Samsung Focus received NoDo, Mango, and every update in between in a pretty timely manner (within a couple of weeks or general availability, I would say). The latest OS update, build 8107, was rolled out at the same time as most carriers around the world.

      Contrast that with Telus, who skipped the 7720 update and is one of the slowest to roll out 8107 to their Optimus 7’s (I have a coworker who is still waiting).

    • DonSod

      That’s why for about $3 you get your phone unlocked online. I did it with my Focus and got Mango ASAP!

    • GreenApple

      Good luck getting it unlocked …

  • Talnoy


    Wind isn’t getting any of the new WP7 Lumias.

    This sucks.

    • vtr1000sp2

      Moot point. Nothing prevents you from purchasing from another carrier (provided the phone purchased meets the AWS requirement). Simply unlock it and enjoy.

  • confused

    Really really don’t understand this. It doesn’t even look nice.

    • bob

      Imagine what WP7 fans would give to get a Galaxy Nexus or an iPhone 4S running their OS!

  • Mesonto

    Will never buy on contract again through Rogers, but I would buy this phone outright.

  • TheTigerTek

    I have high hopes for this phone.. gonna get it unlocked use it Fido… since I’m 99% sure this anit coming to Fido anytime soon.

  • wtv

    F*** YEAH.

  • deadonthefloor

    Here’s hoping Bell gets the 910

  • Anirask

    Well looky here… And my contract with Bell expires in June..

    Now if it comes out at the rumored AT&T pricepoint of 99$ on a standard committment, that will be even better.

  • migo

    I’m more interested in the rumoured 910, if it has AWS support. Either way, picking up the 710 today or tomorrow, and I’ll just wait until they make the perfect phone for me (which would be something like the rumoured 910 but with a 3.9″ or 4″ screen for my small hands).

  • Mad B

    I look forward to trying this handset. and comparing it to my current android device (HTC Amaze) . not sure what it is about the 900.. but i find it appealing.. or the 910. with is lte i think it was.. of course if im wrong i will surely be corrected 🙂

  • MattyMattMatt

    By god, please let bell carry a version. Please.

  • frenchtoast

    Remember the days when Nokia was THE KING of smartphones? yes THAT Nokia.

    Remember hearing about a new high end Nokia flagship, and utterly salivating at its unheard of techical brilliance, mixed in with a bit of unique finnish charm?

    I Remember Getting my hands on the Nokia N90..the ‘transformer’ phone, it was awesome, completely dedicated to taking video/pictures. completley top grade and unique.

    What happened to that Nokia? this lumia 900 is an out of date average phone, the only thing that up to date about it is 4g, and the operating every other scenario it is ****.

    18months ago Nokia held on to its mantle of best camera with the n8..this has got a WORSE camera than that?

    The screen is the same resolution as the htc windows mobile device from 2008..WVGA. and although its AMOLED, it is crappy/cheap substanderd know the type from the original samsung varients 2 years ago…this is spread across 4.3 inches..which leaves a terrible bug screen/blocky look as the sub pixel density ppi is atrocious…maybe the worse of recent times??

    For all those i****s that keep banging the drum about ‘it doesn’t need good specs’ dont relialise thats excuse they use when they CANT provide them, and that not what nokia used to be like.

    Android with ice cream sandwich is now becoming as slick as wp7, and is much more powerfull.

    The only thing letting that platform down is the slow updates and fragmentation mess..but even with that, you can get much better apps and games on the android market for you older galaxy s2 than you can for the newer lumia 800.

    I used to be a loyal nokia afraid i will be buying a galaxy s3.

    • gwydionjhr

      The 800 has a pentile display, the 900 does not.

  • Dylan K

    After playing with a 710 I’m happy we are getting more WP7s. Keep it up Nokia.

  • Mickey

    BRING IT ON!!!

  • chris2

    So excited for this! But May 2012 ?… it’s going to be a painful wait.

  • swizzlerz

    so they get 700 and 900
    telus gets 800 then 1000

  • Jesso2k

    C’mon bell I’m ready to make the switch from my iPhone! Unfortunately it’ll be out as the iPhone 5 hype starts to build… I just can’t shake this app catalogue off of me.

  • Jesse

    I don’t understand why people would like for Nokia to go back to their “old” ways. What old ways? When they produce smartphones with great build quality but a TERRIBLE user experience on the inside? No thanks. WP7 is the saving grace for Nokia. If they used MeeGo, they’d barely get mainstream attention. With Android, they’d just be shoved into the same category with every other smartphone maker.

  • ???

    wish i could trade my samsung focus up for a 900

  • Mag

    There is a 1000 too