Microsoft claims nothing has changed in regards to Windows Phone update process


  • Paul Q

    Hey now.

  • Plazmic

    This is where Microsoft fails, they should go the Apple route. How the hell would let a carrier decide if customers get bug fix updates on their device? Stoopid.

  • Stacy

    *deletes MS from her favorites*

  • freestaterocker

    I’m just glad I’ll be getting the keyboard fix… I’m chained to this HD7 for the next 2½ years unless I come into a large sum of money. Kinda hoping I do cuz I wants me a 900…

  • Mike123

    Google and Microsoft should learn from Apple, Any Android and Windows Phone should act like a PC, since they are not phones any more, all updates must come from OS vendor, and Carriers should be prohibited to tell tamper with that process.

  • Andy c

    Like it or not currently only apple has the power to dictate terms to the carriers. Just look at the hack job Verizon did to the galaxy nexus (Verizon branding on the exterior, Verizon apps pre installed)

    • Sub-Joker

      That phone is different that the normal (international) Nexus that we see in Canada. The phone runs on CDMA and LTE networks while all the other GN are compatible with the HSPA+ networks only and GSM frequencies only. so either ways it’s the Verizon model.
      What i’m trying to say, that phone is released to verizon as a special version of the nexus. since Verizon is growing fast, they do have power at the moment to do such a thing. but I don’t think carriers like AT&T or T-mobile will do much to the stock phone when it’s released there (that’s of course if it is released there).

  • shaggyskunk

    So if you get internet from a Carrier, THEY should decide when you get a security update on YOUR computer too??? The Carriers should realize that they are nothing more than service providers, and WE are the Customers! We can change the carrier that serves OUR needs…. Carriers a getting too big for their Britches!!

  • Andy c


    There was a “Verizon” version of the iPhone 4. It runs cdma frequencies that are unique to verizon.

    It does not ship with Verizon branding or have verizon apps pre installed.

    Trust me, I think it sucks as much as the next person, but only apple has the cout to avoid such crap

  • EvanK

    Why does every Photo of Steve Ballmer come out looking so terrible?