Your Windows Phone may not receive Microsoft’s next update if your carrier doesn’t request it


  • Keith

    I believe that Microsoft stipulates that carriers can be no more than 1 update behind though.

    • Hub

      And what can MSFT do about that? If you let the carrier chose to do it, then it is already a lost cause.

    • InfinitiGuy

      Keith that is pure speculation unless you have some contractual knowledge of how MS and carriers set up their agreements.

    • somuchmaterial

      Ha! There is so much material!:
      No update….
      Because your phone is VISTA edition!
      Unless you get the Ultimate Version!
      Unless you verify that your phone is legit..every hour!
      Unless you download MS Explorer!
      Unless you get a Hotmail account!
      etc etc

  • Sean

    Im glad to see that Microsoft wants the devices to be updated. I can see smal maintainence releases being up to t carriers but big update not so much since they all have the same hardware

  • astudent

    as a wp7 owner…microsoft, fine turn your back on us and let robellus prosper in their stupid ways…xda developers will prevail

  • I forgot my meds

    It’s called being OPEN and having FREEDOM and being allowed to CHOOSE.
    Why discriminate against the carriers? Shouldn’t they be allowed to CHOOSE and be OPEN and have FREEDOM instead of having Apple shove their updates down everyones throats without their say so? We all should have the FREEDOM to CHOOSE.

  • Kenny

    This is wishful thinking, but MS and Nokia oughta sell devices directly, free of carriers and unlocked.

    The same way Google did with the Nexus One.

    Now before you say “Look how well that went” remember that MS and Nokia have way more experience with consumers and retail business than Google ever will.

  • ready

    As a purchaser of a high end phone – I wouldn’t be investing in Microsoft produces if my device going to be essentially left behind.

    Regardless of the politics…its not a market friendly incentive – customers like myself will likely move on to other offerings.

  • Matthew

    I’m sure Microsoft knows that WP7 hasn’t been doing too well with respect to other competing smartphone platforms. Yet despite this, they still do this now? I love so many things about WP7 (especially Metro and live tiles), but this is very, very disappointing.

    And so I sit here and watch as one of my reasons for choosing WP7 instead of Android goes out the window. (iOS would have been my choice, but the iPhone is too expensive for me.)

  • coyote748

    this just means that I will not be buying a windows phone that’s all …they can keep them

  • Trololol

    This is really disappointing, I thought updates will come directly from Microsoft, not through carriers. For fcks sake its windows phone, they all work the same, they don’t need carrier shizz. How does apple get away with this, I mean sure they only have 1 os update a year for all their devices, but doesn’t all windows phones have basically the same specs too? Sure windows phone is available from different oems, updates must go through oems for device enhancements and tweaks, but I don’t get why it has to go through carriers just for testing, when really if
    windows phone os supports 3g/hspa+, and 4g/lte, then there’s no problem. And for carrier apps? Just leave them to the marketplace, not everyone needs them. Basically they’re just crapware.

  • hotcar

    i got it on my hd7 and i am with bell

    • Mathieu Gagnon

      I have an HD7 with Bell as the carrier and didn’t get the 8107 update.

      When did you receive this update and did it show up on your phone or you had to force the update a little bit like the mango update at the time?

  • Dillion

    I cannot complain yet, my carrier, Rogers, doesn’t even have a decent WP handset yet.

    Cannot wait, hope the 900 comes true in the fairly immediate future 🙂

  • Jesse

    People say they won’t buy from MS if they give the chance for devices to be left behind….huh, hope you don’t invest in Android devices.

  • ghurley

    I know absolutely nothing about phone software updates, so could someone patiently explain to me why Windows Phone users cannot update their OS over wi-fi internet?

  • Scazzz

    Just like other mobile OSes, carriers/mfds load on their own custom software and approve all OS updates before it is rolled out to consumers phones. MS makes an update for the phone (or google, or whoeever), and then its up to carriers to custom bake or approve a version for their phones.

    With windows phone, MS tried to do the whole “even” update thing with windows phone 7.5, and even had a good website that had a chart on when to expect your version of the phone to be updated (based on carrier), and it was working fine, except a handful of carriers (ATT in US etc) were taking either too long to update their phones or approve the update, and it became a big ordeal that most people had 7.5 MONTHS before others… all because the carriers took too long.

  • gilhern04

    Microsoft needs to make sure a consumer can upgrade their windows phone for at least three years or more. Not all of us have money to buy one every year and people like me will keep phones for about three to maybe tour years before upgrading to a new one, I take good care of my stuff. Love my HTC titan, just wish you could print pics via wi/fi or Bluetooth.