Motorola RAZR gets tossed out of a cannon again, gets sticky with whipped cream and Jell-O


  • Sean

    Seriously another one…

  • Andy

    Anyone else see the fruitfly beside the jello?

    • Mark

      yes Andy I did, and dang it ROGERS you aren’t suppose to harm wildlife in the filming of any commercial, movie, etc.. I smell lawsuit!! 🙂

  • Dimitri K.

    I see that Rogers has nothing better to do with their time. They make pointless videos on this phones getting shot into a cake / eggs / popcorn / pop / paint & now this. I guess Rogers can not sell the Motorola RAZR so they need to make videos to promote it. I rather see then shot the phone into a brick wall or into a car to see if it breaks since they claim that KEVLAR backing protects the phone from getting damage so lets put it to a test by shooting it to a wall or throwing it down a 10 story building.

    • JigSaw

      Chill man. Why so seriously 😀

  • TheDeysion

    Yay! Now i can stash a razr into someones jello as a prank and it will still work afterwards /s