Rogers extends free Galaxy Tab 10.1 promo until February 6th


  • Ron

    Hmmm, not too many people signing their lives away in exchange for “shiny stuff”, or is Rogers doing incredibly well with these offers?

    You decide.

  • Dimitri K.

    Well The phones they have had on that Promo for $0.01 sent has been on that promo for at least 2-3 months now. I see no point to this promo seeing as already people are seeing Rogers is not changing it up a bit. Only 2 phones in that hole free list are good. They need to add a few better phones for that price i suggest.

    To the Tablet offer i see no point because why would anyone want to sign 2 new contracts to get a free Tablet? The only way i can understand if its a family plan where both parties are going to sign up for it. If you sign up for 1 line you get it for $!79.99. To be honest i would never get a tablet from Rogers because they make you put a data plan with it.

    You made also a mistake Ian on the Free incoming OR the free month. Rogers gives you BOTH if you sign up for a 1-2-3 year term. Already called & asked to confirm this. My Buddy signed up for this plan about a few weeks ago at Future shop when he got the raider & Rogers gave him both.

  • SAM


  • Alex Perrier

    Or get their cable Internet and TV home services.

    The problem is, the Galaxy Tab was sold for $150 on a one-year to employees, as Syrup confirmed earlier. For Rogers to claim that the Tab is worth “$650” is quite exaggerated. i’d rather buy the Tab at a a discounted price, without any contract of any sort.

    i can only see slow to moderate sales as the reason for extending promotions. WIND’s been doing that for the $29/month plan. Mobilicity too, for their “how are they making money!?” $12.50/month plans. Ditto for Koodo and Virgin. Of course, expect some crazy stuff around Valentine’s, from 100 “free” minutes to $69/month plans.

  • XER

    A tablet is getting outdated quicker than any smartphone. With the Asus Transformer and the not too distance iPad 3, Samsung’s tablet looks dated already.

    2 people with 3 year contract??? Rogers, you got to be out of your mind!

  • Leo

    Looks like Rogers still have lots of these Galaxy pad left.

  • Jason

    It’s doubtful that this tablet is going to get Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) anyway… I just bought the Motorola Xoom at Staples for $388 which is confirmed to receive ICS.

    It also wasn’t clear to me that you only got the Galaxy tab if you chose from the 5 phones in the carousel.

    • Dylan K

      It’s the plan that makes the difference. As long as it’s on the Family V+D plan, you can pick whatever phone you want.

    • beer baron

      Your are incorrect – the tab 10.1 is getting ICS – its only the original tab and original nexus..all out in Q1 sometime.

    • DOUG

      the galaxy tab 10.1 is confirmed ics more than a month ago.. same with sgs2.. do your research.

  • Dylan K

    I’m happy they’re extending the promo. As a rep, It’s not too often I get to give stuff like this away to people. And the customer gets a neat toy to play with.

  • Dave

    Looks like this was not such a hot promo for Roger’s after all…not only have they extended it, they were also doing a fire sale of the Tab to their employees for $150 each…someone in Roger’s was a little too “optimistic” when they ordered the inventory from Samsung – they must be sitting on a ton of stock!

    • Dimitri K.

      Well Dave Rogers thought that we would be stupid to Sign up 2 new lines to get the tablet for free. I can understand if you have a family that wants to sign up for a family plan in which gets you it for free but if you are just going to do it to get it for free then its pretty lame / dumb. Yes i know some of US do not have the money to get it but i rather have no tablet then paying for 2 extra lines i will not use.

      Yes i know you can sell the lines on Kijiji but i rather not put my own money to sell the lines seeing as i paid for the phones & all as well.

    • DOUG

      they have actually been on backorder.. i think it was just getting them a lot of 3rs so they extended it.

  • Adriel

    This promo has totally driven down the price. Kijiji Edmonton is chock full of people reselling their 10.1 tabs.

  • dealerrep

    Rogers has tons of these tabs left. They are not selling well at all. I picked mine up for 200$ upfront then will receive 100$ credit on my account with a 21.93$/mth 1 year contract. In total I expect to pay after 1 year about $363. After 1 year, i will switch the tab to my data share SP plan and share the data with my phone.

    The tablet is a great device, my gf was playing around with the 10.1, the htc version and she won an ipad2 from work, i asked her which tablet she likes the most and she said she enjoyes the samsung tablet the most, go figure.

    • Eric Brusse

      How did you get THAT deal? Here in Winnipeg Rogers is asking $350 for the tablet with a $45 activation fee and 3 year minimum $21.83/month data plan. Their Galaxy tab is also locked to Rogers.

  • Jesse

    That desperate eh?

  • Kushracer

    Actually it’s not a bad deal for me as I had to add a line for my son. Got 1extra line, 17.50/month and a Samsung Galaxy S2LTE for 50$. The tab only cost 149.00 and no contract at all on the tab 10.1. Wifi only! Two devices is better than 1 on a 3 year that’s for sure.

    • DOUG

      the tabs from rogers should all be 3g, you just have to get a sim for it..

  • G

    I’ve been waiting 30 days now for my GalTab. Considering I live in the GTA, and Rogers is sitting on a pile of them, the wait is getting a bit long and I’m starting to get the run-around. Pretty dissapointed.

  • robert

    I’ve been waiting since the beginning of December for mine.
    I suggest you escalate your case to a Rogers customer service manager. Get a case number in case you need to escalate higher.

    Ps You will never get to speak with a supervisor at The Rogers Promotions Centre.