LTE-powered Nokia Lumia 900 leaked in virtual holiday card


  • Stu

    i cannot like this news enough! bring it, nokia!

  • Sean

    If this does com out here in Canada I may seriously consider my Nexus purchase…

  • chall2k5

    National LTE coverage? we dont even have national HSPA coverage

    • sunny

      Shh don’t tell nokia that.

  • Dan

    Too late for me. After 3 months of waiting for any of the new windows phones to be released in Canada I have given up.

    Called Bell today and placed my order for the Galaxy Nexus.

    Waiting for Windows phone is driving me nuts 🙂

  • Zoverion

    Anything under a gig of ram is just a waste

    • TheCyberKnight

      Your post makes me wonder if you really understand how this OS works. Clearly not.

  • arkeetek

    OMG It doesn’t have dual core … This is bullshit!

    • StanLee

      Doesn’t need it.

  • Francis

    Windows Phone does not need dual core for great performance, even in gameplay.

    • bob

      Windows Phone doesn’t need dual core. Doesn’t need high quality high resolution displays. Doesn’t need 1GB RAM. Doesn’t need front facing camera. And doesn’t need faster than 14 Mbps networking.
      That’s why Windows Phone is doing so well and is killing Android and iOS.

  • EAK47

    The high quality resolution display has nothing to do with the OS.

    It’s a nice to have on any phone.

    • bob

      Just like other features such as a fast processor and fast GPU.

  • montrealer

    We’ll hopefully see this phone before 2054