WIND Mobile Q3 2011 results show a total of 358,000 subscribers

Wind Mobile has plans to expand their coverage area in all their current markets, plus roll out to London by the end of this year, and enter Halifax and Winnipeg in 2012. In addition, Wind is going hard this quarter by releasing a number of new handsets and making their $29/month all-in talk, text and data plan available.

Orascom Telecom, the company who provided debt-financing to Wind Mobile Canada (Globalive), announced their Q3 2011 results today and as a company they now have 109 million customers, an increase of 12% when compared to last year. Where does Wind Mobile Canada fall into the mix? Well, the report states that “WIND Mobile subscribers increased 156% compared to 3Q 2010, showing a wide acceptance rate of customers across various segments”. At the end of Q3 2011 (September 30th) the total number of subscribers reached 358,000 – up 41,000 from Q2, and up 218,319 from 2010.

Other carrier Q3 results in Canada were as follows:
Rogers increased by 161,000 to total 9,288,000 subscribers
Bell also increased by 85,749 to reach 7,369,596
TELUS increased by 114,000 subs to now total 7.2 million

Source: Orascom
Via: WSJ