Rogers, Bell, TELUS and Videotron partner to bring wireless into the Montreal subway, report says

Last November the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) said they were in the midst of finalizing a deal with Extenet to bring wireless service to 68 subway stations, this is expected to go live by the end of 2013. Today La Presse Affaires is reporting the same timeline, but that the big 4 wireless carriers – Rogers, Bell, TELUS and Videotron – have miraculously set aside their differences to join forces and built out the underground cell service. The article notes that “the talks are still preliminary and it is too early to say whether a deal will materialize”.

STM spokesperson Isabelle A. Tremblay stated that “Right now, what I know is that discussions are continuing and that involves the installation of the first phase in 2013”. So Montrealers will definitely have active wireless service in the subway by the end of 2013… perhaps other Canadian cities might want to take note of this.

Source: La Presse Affaires
(Thanks NJ!)