Bell launching Samsung Galaxy S II in White on October 7th


  • Justin

    such a sexy device…makes we wanna switch from rogers to bell

  • Jack

    me too! let’s go!

  • Bila

    why is it so hard to produce the white devices? why are they always so late ?

  • Brayden

    Hopefully to Virgin mobile 🙂

  • iTurds

    LOL Bell Bell Bell.. Bell shouldn’t have released it on their network because they will give this amazing phone a bad reputation.. anything related to Bell is bad.. Rogers is bad too but not as bad as Bell, probably they have a line in the agreement that if you break your contract then you have to pay 10000$ lol

    • Jerrik

      @iTurds: I don’t know what Bell has done to you, but they have great to me during the 4 years that I have been with them. They have allowed me to upgrade my device 3 times within the past year and waived the $35 upgrade fees.

  • boogabooga

    got the black one…sick phone…amazing actually

    • FadedSpark

      I’ve owned two, but I would still sell my left nut for a white one.

      It just looks cleaner.

      Like the ipho…. WAIT I KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING.


      But seriously, white is the new black, and this phone makes me want.

  • zar

    Unfortunately, the OTTER cases don’t come in white to protect this baby without ruining the looks 🙁

    • FadedSpark

      Casemate POP white/grey is just as good as the commuter. Girl I’m seeing dumped her iphone 4 from waist height to concrete, no damage.

      And looks good too 😉

  • EmperumanV

    Hmm, this is the day after my birthday. Maybe to treat myself I could sell the black one I have with Bell and buy this one. Would go well with my white Casemate POP case too 😛

  • cellcon

    Bell charged me $49 for less than 1 megabyte worth of data. I had to remove my data plan for personal reasons and was never told that their pay per use data rate was $51.20/Mb. Just a heads up that this is the kind of company Bell is.

  • Bell Rocks

    Actually, Bell is launching this on the 13th, it’ll ship on the 7th.

  • Woot

    Will Virgin get this in white…. Or is it Bell exclusive?

    • Insider

      Virgin will be getting it too. 100% guarantee.

  • Karli

    Been watching seen I have seen this on a tv show.Excited to finally be able to own it.Got so jealous when people in the UK got it in September.WOOT!

  • Patrick

    Common Bell! Where is S II LTE, it’s time to release it.