Image: Here’s the Rogers LTE coverage map for Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver


  • sead

    Being from Ottawa, it’s kinda sad to see that they are not planing any expansion to the LTE Network here yet… but Lots in MTL, Toronto, and Van.

    I often go just outside the planned LTE Limits (i.e. Embrun, Rockland)

    *crosses fingers*

    • phoneguy

      lmao this is hilarious and yet I dont see anyone bitching about how small the zone is yet you all b***h about PMs zone when PMs zone is double rogers LTE!!!! you guys are pathetic and will always pay out the A$$ and for what? faster speeds and an IPhone big effin deal…enjoy your tiny calling zone lol

    • aka


      the difference is Rogers subscribers can fall back on GSM/HSPA+ connection without roaming charges outside the LTE coverage, can you say the same for PM’s zones? Didn’t think so..

  • KidCanada

    Hmm, coverage isn’t bad for a newly launched network

  • anon

    Coverage will remain as is unless Rogers gets a boat load of customers using the LTE network, if no one uses it, what is the point of expansion? The only sector where LTE will make a difference, is for gaming enthusiasts on their mobile devices. The current HSPA network is more than adequate in speed/data allowance.
    I am curious to find out wht the maximum data reciever/transmitter speed ,in the LTE phones, will be.

  • clone7

    Does rogers have any LTE phones for sale as of today? I know they are planning on releasing the Galaxy S2 somtime in the fall.

    • Rahul

      They have the Samsung Infuse 4g

    • Andy

      @Rahul: Infuse is not LTE.

    • Andy

      @Rahul: Infuse is not LTE.

      Also, as per there is an introductory LTE data plan, $50/10GB. Is that high enough for you?

  • Rahul

    I’m getting 4 mbps down and 1 mbps up.. and I’m in the middle of the downtown core!
    Perhaps its not switched on yet :/
    Or the speedtest app is not the best way to test LTE speeds

  • benry

    wow! great service and news from Canada’s leading telecom provider – Rogers.

  • rob

    @Rahul you wont get LTE if you do not have a LTE device and you need a LTE SIM CARD also… Lol

    • Adi

      err.. how sure are you of needing a specific LTE sim card ?


    • wtv

      You will be needing an LTE Sim card to access the LTE network.

      And i am working for rogers if you ask where i get my infos.

  • Zirian

    I wonder how Bell will be. Need for them to get an LTE phone.

  • darylscool

    looks like wind’s coverage map.. lol

  • EmperumanV

    Hmm, needless to say, where I live there is no LTE coverage either by Rogers/Bell, so its not worth getting it, because a)Live in Richmond Hill and b) work in Newmarket. Rarely go to Toronto

  • Alex

    3G getting a speed boost/ping as well because of the bigger pipes/less strain? Could be.

  • Al

    Just tested LTE card. Download speed 38 mbps down and 18 up

  • Brad MacKay

    The only devices available right now for this LTE network are Aircard USB Modems on the Rogers Website by Sierra Wireless

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