Amazon announces Kindle Fire Android tablet for $199 (not yet available to Canadians)


  • Adam

    I can live wthout a camera for the price.

    • JMan

      It is cheaper than the playbook and has native email…”It’s not fair”

    • Paco


      PlayThing is still better even though it doesn’t have native email, calendar, contacts lists, task lists, android player, or BBM…

    • Tom

      Agreed, but I’m scared about some of the less obvious sacrifices that the user must make to get a tablet for $200.

      This thing is likely to be more locked down then an iPhone – it is for buying and consuming stuff from Amazon and not much else.

      Will we be able to load the Android Marketplace?

  • Hilman

    From what I’ve read, it runs Android 2.1 and not Honeycomb as written here. Pretty weak Amazon, thumbs down!

    • Hilroy

      It’s Android 2.3. And go look at the US Amazon site to see what the Kindle Fire really offers. It’s a killer.

    • Dan J

      That’s what I thought too. (2.1 as opposed to 3.1)

  • Potter

    Does it bother anyone else that this site is suppose to cater to “Canadians” and this article is about an item that isn’t availble to us?

    • Geoff

      It doesn’t bother me, no, because it mentions that it isn’t available here while US sites wouldn’t say anything and I would be left wondering. There’s nothing wrong with hearing about an upcoming device. It let’s us know what’s out there that is worth waiting for (or not waiting for, depending).

      Do you think they should boycott the iPhone announcement if Canada isn’t going to be one of the first countries to get it?


    How does it cost $200 less than the iPad? iPad costs $499 in the US, and the Fire is $199. Fire is $300 cheaper, not $200.

  • Canada

    Even if you buy it from the US, you can’t use it in Canada because the Amazon Appstore doesn’t work here!

    • BT

      Yes – In Canada (at least currently), this thing turns into a big-screen media player and colour e-reader.

    • Anthony Grillo

      big media player that is going to be useless (in a very near future) … Sounds like an HP Touchpad to me.

  • JMan

    The difference is that this has native email, contacts, calendar, android apps, task list.

    Playbook has none of these.

    Oh, also this has a lower price than the playbook. I am surprised the playbook does not have a physical keyboard.

  • Thed

    It has a store which is the one thing that keeps Apple on top so it’s not impossible that could be an iPad killer. But without the cameras most likely not.

  • metaxy

    do you mean “Cloud-Based broswer”

  • Sean

    I see this tablet taking off because it’s cheap enough for people to buy it and the specs are pretty good on it that when it gets rooted it will be a beast. I myself will pick one of these up to go with my transformer when it gets rooted like the Nook Color

    • Zomby

      Once a custom ROM can be put on it, it might become interesting. Right-now it’s mostly US-bound as most Amazon services are only available there.

  • Bob

    “Even if you buy it from the US, you can’t use it in Canada because the Amazon Appstore doesn’t work here!”

    I used the Amazon Appstore in Canada. I just can’t buy anything but I can download all the free stuff.

    • crimsona

      Bob I’d like to ask what your address and credit card settings are – I can’t download free apps off the Amazon Appstore even when it’s free, and I’m using a Nexus S with stock rom

    • Steve M

      Bob – have tried many different ways to get the free apps – I even have an american account as I purchase from the U.S. store all the time and have shipped to the border but can’t get the app to run or even download onto the computer then sideload onto my samsung galaxy tab – what is your secret?

  • pasuljko

    This thing will probably be a success, basically service and device to consume that service. A first serious threat to Apple ecosystem.

    Unfortunately, we are getting one step closer to a closed (and censored) web with no privacy.

  • Lesley Walton’s Arse


  • Justin

    Who cares even if they do launch here unless they launch all the services they have in the US they’re using to push this thing. Amazon MP3 store# unbox, cloud etc. They can keep their halfbaked crap out if it doesnt have the service.

  • Paul Q

    This thing will be even cheaper than the HP one was in a few months. $50 tablet?

  • Hilroy

    It has Android 2.3, not 2.1 as in the article.

  • The Boze

    this is not an Android tablet per se. It’s a stripped and tied-down version that Amazon modified to suit their purposes.

    You will be very limited as to what you can and cannot do with it.


      So? Early reviews suggest that Amazon’s version of Android 2.3 is a MUCH more polished and clean experience than the other Android tablets on the market.

  • Dan Maskell

    The reason they can sell it so cheaply is that they will make their money from the Amazon app, mp3, ebook, and movie stores. Most of those services aren’t available in Canada (all except ebooks?), so there is no point in them making the device available here. We couldn’t use it for their intended use, and they couldn’t make money off of it.

  • kelliez

    who cares what android is on it……. dual core + $200, cyanogenmod is gonna be on that thing quicker then flies on s@#$

  • Terry

    Pointless as most of the amazing features Amazon has (cloud storage, video rental, music) isn’t available to Canada.

    So it’s not pointless cause it sucks it’s pointless cause our country sucks.

  • Rob

    This is just another grab for the tablet market…. first off…. Their ebook is only good to get content from there own website…. So I expect this to be the same with their tablet. Only can download from Amazon….

    I rather have a Sony Ebook that is Open source and pull from many different formats… or even the NEW Sony S Tablet… which is a Tablet, Remote, WiFi/dlna device that is Playstation certified! How Cool is that to play games like Crash Bandicoot on a Tablet… Huge Libray of games that can be rework for Android Sony Tablet.

  • Sunny

    The Chapters e-reader started at $139 so this isn’t that much more expensive for something that is colour and Android run. Although, if it ever gets sold in Canada, they will probably up the price like everything else.

    Most people I know that have a tablet already have a smart phone with a camera so unless you want one for video conferencing it’s not a big deal.

  • TeknoBug

    I expect this to hit XDA and ways to root and flash custom roms.