Is this a Droid RAZR? Motorola looks to combine iconic brands

The RAZR. It evokes memories of a simpler time. When phones were mostly dumb, mostly fat and mostly, well, ugly, the RAZR came along and convinced us it was the hit of the party. And for Motorola, it meant a comeback, both financial and cultural, that has only since been surpassed by the iPhone.

So what does Moto do now that its RAZR brand is dated enough to be considered nostalgic? Well, in this impatient age, it brings it back, of course, to rule again! According to the above screenshot the device used to take it is referred to as a Droid RAZR. Yes, EXIF data from a smartphone can easily be faked, but let’s pretend for a second that it isn’t. What would a RAZR need to look like for Moto? It would need to be the thinnest, lightest Android phone imaginable, with a view to design and functionality.

So, then, cast your mind back to the Motorola Slimline, a device that was leaked from a website redesign a few months ago that was subsequently yanked and pretended didn’t exist. While only a computer-generated render, it showed off a pretty unique clamshell smartphone design with a, ahem, droid-like backing and a curved front. We’d expect nothing less from Motorola if you chose to bring back the RAZR brand, but one thing is for certain: it couldn’t fail. Their entire legacy depends on it.

What do you think about the Droid RAZR? Would you buy one?

Source: Phandroid via Pocketnow (2)