Is this a Droid RAZR? Motorola looks to combine iconic brands


  • Reggie Noble

    I’d buy a Droid RAZR if the battery life lasted more then an hour, not like my original RAZR phone.

  • jim

    I keep hearing people talk about andriods and they rooting them and modifying them one thing I don’t get is ya you can do all these things but what can you actually do on the phone that I can’t?

  • Trevor

    That would depend on what phone you have and what it can do 🙂 my phone has been rooted since week one…I had been running Gingerbread long before the stock release since developer’s can create ports from the latest and greatest phones to work on older phones which are not so lucky to get a speedy update. Rooting isn’t the only reason to go Android and it isn’t for everyone.

    As much as everyone wants to say they have the “best” phone on the market there is no such thing, they all have different value for different users.

    Back on topic …didn’t think I’d every hear the day of a possible Razr return!

  • jim

    I still don’t get what you can actually do with the phone that I can’t. What is the benefit of all of this. What are you actually doing with the phone?

    • Jason

      from the tone of your comment, it sounds like you’ve got an iphone….
      like trevor said, it all depends on ur phone..
      i’ve got a motorola milestone so i’ll tell you what it can do that your phone can’t:
      1. it’s got a full keyboard
      2. it can run custom roms like cyanogenmod 7 (which is amazing btw)
      3. widgets
      4. superior notification bar from day 1
      5. led notification light
      6. removable battery
      7. everything is pretty much customizeable (launcher, homescreen, msg app, phone app, etc etc)
      8. live wallpapers

      there’s lots more where that came from.
      but like trevor said, dif phones have dif values for dif users so no phone is better than another.
      stop hatin on android…

  • Greg

    Jim, what on earth are you talking about? … So would you or would you not buy a Droid Razr? I’m all about the next Nexus, but if Moto could comeback with the same hype it had back in the day, I would consider.

  • Jason

    i gotta admit, moto does make some pretty slick phones. but being an owner of the moto milestone….i don’t think i really trust moto too much anymore. slow and buggy updates. cm7 was the only thing that saved me from trashing my ‘stone.
    if they improve their update frequency/quality or if they unlock the bootloader, i’d def consider a droid razr tho. didn’t have the original razr but had a rizr and absolutely loved it

  • Akbar

    I use my RAZR to freshly cut my pubes

  • Mpenton

    lets hope they dont come out with a droid krzr

  • 2plus2

    They would be smart to label it the Nexus Razr. I would buy it on name only.

  • jim

    Not sold on Andriod. The moment I start to think about cyanogenmod 7 I will go for a walk or run or something get some fresh air. I saw a guy messing around with his phone at work “customizing it” going on about how he rooted or roms and I could tell just by looking at him that he really should find something better to do with his time. So far based on what I have seen I will wait for the iPhone 5. Till then prepaid flip phone works when I need it. It’s nice out. I am going to go enjoy it. Thanks for the info.

    • Dimitri

      Just curious since you think iphone 5 will be the best.. Iphones are made the same from day 1. The fifth one wont be a change jsut the same old. You can not do anything UNLESS you jailbreak it & if u f**k up its done for. Second just like Jason said you can do more on Android then on IOS. Itools like you are the reason why Apple does all this… I suggest while you are outside you go talk to a few people & get more opinions & ask around at local cellphone stores & see what they say.

  • Sunny

    I would buy it if it is a clam shell like the original. I really don’t see why I have to buy a case. It’s kind of like buying a car without a bumper.

  • A. Carmine

    I’m sorry… what are we looking at here?? That first image is so pointless…

  • tabasco

    motorola? buying a phone from them? no, sorry. there are much better (Android) phones around for the same price.