Samsung announces the Galaxy Note, 5.3-inch HD Super AMOLED display that comes with the “S Pen”


  • kymira

    5.3″ WTF!!!

    • bob

      5.3″ is perfect.
      What a device! 1280×800, 1.4 GHz, LTE!!!

    • Brendon

      This gives even more proof of the nexus prime being a samoled hd, I really want a 4.5-5″ prime 🙂

    • Paul

      nexus prime officially leaked by samsung

  • gjac0m

    5,3″? Really? How the hell are we supposed to use that as a phone? 4,3″ is a perfect size.

  • mda


  • KidCanada

    Who the f*ck will buy a phone with a 5.3″ screen? What is samsung thinking? You know how ridiculous it would look when someone is holding a giant phone to their ear?? :O

  • skullan

    I would love one.

    It should however, have been clasified as something other than a smartphone. Perhaps, a mini-tablet.

    • Brendon

      Its classified as a note, samsung even said it was a new type of product

    • Crackhead

      They probably didn’t want to typecast it in a “tablet” role though, which would affect sales of the crossover device as a phone.

      Personally, this would be great for measuring out my crack on!

  • XER

    I think 4.5″ is the max size that a phone can be.

  • Ron

    how do you old this. 4.3″ is big enough, 4.5″ would be okay but anything bigger :$

  • kymira

    They should’ve dubbed this the Samsung “Moses”

  • FrankP

    How many calls do you guys make anymore? I think a mini tab size would be great. Bigger than a phone but not so outrageous that you couldn’t make a call if needed.

  • xenec

    1280×800 res sounds awesome, but no way am I going to lug around something that big. Though, I’m guessing this isn’t geared towards the average consumer anyways.

  • alex

    Its about device size not screen diagonal…
    ever use an Infuse? I have and love it!
    My EVO 3D feels small and narrow now…
    5.3 here we go!

  • rufusy

    Samsung is pulling an apple on this one. Find a failed product (dell streak) than improve on it and advertise it hard. Worked for apple for the iPod, iphone and ipad.

  • Skrutor

    Curious. The screen size would be nice for a lot of uses, andif you want to make a call, just pair it with an earpiece so you don’t look like a dweeb with a psp stuck to your face. I wonder what the price will be.

  • patrick m

    I’m thinking of getting this phone for my wife her purse can anything under 20″ and it would be perfect for her to surf the net

  • pasuljko

    Finally, The Shaq Phone … for those 7′ or taller!

  • Girl

    It is called Bluetooth people. Who needs to hold a phone up to their ear anymore?!?!?

  • Connor

    I think the size would be really handy. I barely ever make calls anymore and I am sure it is still pocketable.

  • cody

    okay and people think 4.3 is pushing it……

  • Fury


  • Dr J

    (lifts my Apple Newton 2000 to my ear, trying to make a phone call – no, wait – puts it down and reaches for my Galaxy Note…)

  • Phil

    I’m glad I didn’t get the gs2, I’m saving myself for her…. My new love, what a thing of beauty

  • Andy

    People are missing the milestones. 1280×800 resolution on a AMOLED+ 5.3 inch screen just puts it one step closer to a 720p screen on a smaller form factor.

  • Jay

    Samsung is really starting to bore me. The GS2 was a beast and quite the desirable handset when it came out, but how many variations of the same screen, processor and features can a company pump out before its all just washed together? How about increasing the Pixel density at LEAST. I don’t know how much milk you can get from the same cow, but I’m really hoping the Nexus Prime isn’t just another GS2.

    • Dern

      Doesn’t the “HD Super Amoled Display” imply an increased pixel density?

  • nick

    it’s like someone at Samsung said “you want specs? I’ll show you specs!” and then laughed maniacally before running back to the lab.

    definitely intriguing. I don’t think I’d get one but I certainly see how this might succeed where the Streak failed.

  • Dern

    Sooo nice. I really could care less if people think it’s too big. People need to stop caring so much what other people think. The only reason people think it’s too big is because compared to what’s on the market, it is too big. Just wait until phones this size are the norm and it will be no big deal. I remember when anything over 4 inches was “too big” and now look at the market, 4 inches is all you see for a high end device and people love it. That’s just my two cents though. I’d like to see Apple take Samsung to court over this…stupid Apple….

  • Jaymmer

    my first reaction was WTF!
    now that I’m thinking about it though… just use a BT headset.
    This is a great cross between an tablet and a phone… now you don’t have to carry both and you have a smaller format. It’ll be interesting to see the battery life.

  • Ryan Bidan

    I highly recommend this product over the PlayBook

  • Lance W

    5.3″ = retarded

  • Koni

    We will have to wait and see. The size of this device might not be for everyone, but it looks like Samsung will have many variables to choose from. They do say that this device is a hybrid between a tablet and a smartphone. It might look ackward to see someone holding it close to their ear, but some earpiece device could take care of that. I’m glad that we will have more choice, unlike iphone where everybody gets the same size…

  • Downhill Dude


  • Souken

    But it also says this beside the image:
    “Samsung Galaxy S II LTE Actual model may not be exactly as shown”

    Rogers probably doesn’t have an official stock image of the Galaxy S II LTE yet, so they used that as a temp.

  • mysticdragon

    Please find your way to TELUS. I loved the screensize on the dell streak but found it was alittle too “fat”. I like how thin this is, and the stylus seemed more accurate than on the HTC Flyer. I prefer Sense UI (was going to get Flyer and a wildfireS) but I might just wait and see how this device does. I would prefer to only have to carry one device in my bag.

  • J

    Just as much resolution as my 13″ laptop! AWESOME!!!

  • Tyler

    If you would actually get this device to use primarily for talking to people on the phone you’re going about life the wrong way. Broaden your horizons or go back to using that Motorola Razr you used to rave about.

  • Koni

    Well, lets wait until its out and see how it performs and fits in our pockets…

  • matt

    did anyone else get an eerie Nintedo DS/Wii vibe from that?

    Also, I’m probably going to get one. I feel dirty.