TELUS to launch the Curve 9360 in White and Pink


  • Fact Finder

    FACT: The keyboard on this phone is bigger than the screen.

    Gotta love RIM marketing, no one is buying the phone, better release it in another colour!

    • JKL

      FACT: Not every phone needs a +4″ screen.

    • LKJ

      Right. Every phone needs a postage stamp size screen like the Pearl?

    • Fact Finder


      No they don’t, the really cheap boring ones have no need for a large screen. BBs have no need either because their OS is so bad.

    • Fact Finder

      FACT1: Rim stock price dropped from $140 to $29

      FACT2: Rim had to fire 2000 employees

      FACT3: Playbook has no native email (still)

  • Alex Perrier

    FACT: These phones look cute, but besides a faster modem, “newer” OS and a better camera, i don’t see why this model is so different than the 8530. The outside is basically the same, and the inside has only improved by a little bit.

    • Fact Finder

      Alex, good points, I agree

    • Lacey P

      Doesn’t matter what you jokers think – everyone is giving thumbs DOWN so your FACTS are FICTION.

    • Alex Perrier

      Please enlighten me and tell me why and how the 9360 is different from the 9300, or even the 8530. For i have a friend who owns the 8530, and it is a decent phone, perhaps more so in 2010, but still useful today. So why should he upgrade to any 9300 series phone?

    • Lacey P

      Quite simple. The 9360 is leaps and bounds better because it is thinner, refreshed design, OS7, faster experience with a 800Mhz processor, and a better keyboard.

  • Julie Bj

    I like this phone. It is really appealing. Looks really sharp!!!Does it have fart apps?

  • Alex Perrier

    “Also, we’re guessing the pink version will contribute to their ongoing – and very respectable – support of raising money for breast cancer research.” (Mobile Syrup)

    Hopefully it is a respectable amount of the phone’s outright price. It sure looks cute, i must emphasize. And hopefully using the phone is healthy and doesn’t cause any types of cancers. Who knows.

    • Ponder

      Don’t lie, you are going to buy the pink version you f****r

    • Alex Perrier

      Now where did i see a shirt that says “Tough guys wear pink”?

      Please stop already with your insulting comments. They’re not welcome here. i’ve tried the 9360 dummy, and while it looks nice, looks aren’t everything.

  • Jess

    Dang. Well, Blackberries are easily unlocked and taken to another carrier. Will it work if I take it to Virgin (my carrier)? Or d’you think I should wait to see if V gets it?

    • LKJ

      you don’t like Rogers? why not?

  • Simpleton

    Is this phone touch screen? Does it have a 1ghz processor? What’s the difference between this phone and the last 15 other curve models?

  • Lacey P

    buy the pink phone to support boob cancer!

  • Fiction Finder

    Fiction1: RIM is worth more than Apple
    Fiction2: Everyone loves the Curve and the amazing screen and fast processors
    Fiction3:Mikey and Jimmy are brilliant co-CEO’s who are pwning Apple

  • Mr.Logic

    Hello folks!

    Mr. Logic here.

    Logic this – why Would Telus carry two SKUs of an already boring and bland phone when they are initially taking the black version? So they now have 3 skus they have to managed of a dead phone. Where is the logic behind that?

    Have a good day!!!

  • jigsaw

    “thumbs up” to those who will be buying this phone

    seriously, these BB devices don’t look professional any more lol

  • Arse

    If 25 people dislike this I will quit my day job.

  • JSmith

    I Heart Boobies!

  • Ken

    The grey accents really help set this phone apart from others………….not in a good way either. These phones are good for teens or minimal users however they can’t compete for the heavy users.

  • Lools

    Kk to all the people who complain about every phone everyday: nobody cares.

    Newsflash: Walk into a high school, BlackBerry (including Curve) is all over and everybody loves their phones.

  • Timothy709

    wow.. thats an ugly pink.

  • kmaclellan

    Is there a chance that koodo well come out with the pink or white phone

  • Adam


    the 9900 came out, and it actually looks and feels different. Not on par with the high end Androids, but it’s a big step up from the 9780 and 9800. Now they go backwards again with this one?

    the 9900, 9810 and 9860 should be their lineup and THAT’S IT.

  • SImon

    Any idea when these will be showing up on Telus website?