TELUS & Koodo officially release the BlackBerry Curve 9360


  • Eric V.

    Wondering if they’re built any better than the last 2-3 versions. They’d want to be. The screens assemblies fall apart on the recent Curves.

  • Bobby B

    Wow, what exciting news.

  • KidCanada

    “…$300 outright and $150 on the Tan.” Lol

  • Rio

    They are only subsidizing 300$ for a 3 year plan? >.>
    It should be 0$ on 3 years.

  • Jon

    Now you just need to review it so we can see what this new Curve is all about!

  • Obama


    for the last time. No one cares to read 500 articles a day about outdated blackberries

  • Nasir

    Some people do care and this should not be 350. It should be closer to 249-300 for no contract. Watch Rogers charge 400 for this. LOL

    In regards to build quality, have played with it and it is pretty decent. Very snappy, and keyboard is better than the 9300 curves in my opinion.

  • Gerhardt

    both phones are turds

  • Julie Bj

    I like the phones but they lack fart apps

    • trolol

      There are plenty of fart apps on Blackberry Crap World

    • Augustine

      I have had similar discsusions regarding cell phones. I walked into a cell phone store to find the cheapest and simplest phone that I could, and the salesman thought I was insane. He basically asked me why I’d want to do that. Cell phones, like many gadgets, cars, houses, and clothing have somehow translated from useful things to extensions of self worth. While I’m not someone who’s living in a tent, eating boiled roots that I gather myself, I still realize that all of those things say very little about who I am as a person.Nevertheless, there are millions of people out there that would rather have a Beyonce ringtone at $6.00 a week, than a reliable phone.

  • 2xpensive

    It should be $250 outright and $0 on 2yr contract.
    When will the operators realize that they can’t charge a premium for BB ANYMORE?

    LG Optimus One at $150 with Android has simmilar specs without the keyboard.

    $50 PLUS a minimum of $50/month for THREE years, for a phone with an OS that will be obsolete in 6 months? Is this a joke??

    What’s up with the $50 less outright price in Koodo Vs Telus on most phones. Just get it for $300 in Koodo. Telus: align your prices and diferenciate by plans, please!

    If you really WANT a BB WITH Telus AND on a 3 YR plan: why would you get a curve for $50, when you can get the 9780 for the same price!!

    Two year contracts in Canada are looming around the corner, maybe for the Holidays?

    • barry

      Because the 9360 is better than the 9780 in pretty much every way?

      Also, operators are charging this much because the Curve sells like hotcakes to the teen demographic.

  • Mobilicity FTW

    I think $300 is a good price for the curve. I think it should be only $0 on 3 year though.

  • GEO

    ive been waiting since march for this phone. it just keeps geinttg pushed back, and it took all of my might not to jump to bell when they got the gs2 in july. im still on a 1st gen blackberry pearl (fml) and now i have to wait 2 more god forsaken weeks? the gs2 was announced 1.5 years before release, thats a cruel joke. if apple does one thing right, its marketing. they unveil their new stuff 2 weeks before you can get your hands on it, which keeps you interested. instead, im just pissed off that for the past 6 months i held myself back from buying a much needed new phone due to the hope that any day now the gs2 would come to telus.