Review: HP TouchPad


  • Alex Perrier

    i liked it when they donated $2 for every time you touch the TouchPad. 😀

    • Alex Perrier

      What, donations are bad!?

  • Sean

    Reading the revier i saw a lot of comparisons to the iPad (most obvious competitor, (9.7 inc 4:3)) and android tablets.

    After using one of these quite a bit i agree with you and i personally don’t see the app community growing because it’s only one device that’s not selling well where as the ipad is well the ipad and honeycomb is getting there selling more and more each day and android in itself is huge

    They should have held back and put the 1.5ghz (same processor but different clock speed) in this version their making fragmentation within the same tablet

    • Bill

      There is already a very stable overclocked kernel running at 1.5 GHz…as well as a couple of others running at 1.7 GHz. Touchpad WiFi (16 & 32 GB) use the same CPU as the Touchpad 4G (64 GB) which will run 1.5 GHz, so there is probably very little risk in installing the overclocked version available in Prepare (

  • Michael Cera

    Great Review. My unit is easy to use and lasts long as well with girls

  • Patrick

    Why would I want to win this then. lol

    • Sean

      You never complain about free..

    • Al

      ’cause it’s the best tab on the market?

  • Rick Morayniss

    After having both an Android tablet, and the Ipad2, I wrote HP to ask for a developers version. That way I can test, and write some apps for it at the same time. Before I decide to buy one or not.

  • disgruntledPREowner

    Thank you Daniel for your review post the update to 3.0.2 In a rush to post reviews many articles are about the TouchPad that shouldn’t have been released. Now with increasing price-drops and the update available your review is very helpful.

    Sadly I will still stay away from this generation of hardware but thanks nonetheless.

  • jbarns

    no video?

    Interested to see how the OS works.

    • Sean

      Think a playbook… but ipad sized or go to a best buy and try out

  • JMason

    The review sounds very reasonable and fair.

    I’ve had the TouchPad since launch day and am quite happy with it, no problems with Synergy for me (2 Google Apps accounts + 1 IMAP account synced). There definitely is room for improvement in fixing more bugs and more consistent performance.

    The TouchPad is the first device I’ve used properly and I don’t really have too many complaints about the weight. It definitely is heavier than my Kobo eReader but I was expecting that. On paper or side-by-side comparison I would agree weight is definitely a con although is it really an issue in general use?

  • Captain67

    “HP has taken a beating in recent years.”
    Yes, that’s because their once-good quality has depreciated and they now push out cheaply made, defective products. It has nothing to do with an increase in competition.
    The software they design to go with these products is generally poor as well.. I have fixed a lot of computers for friends, and done lots of tech work, and in my experience almost every HP computer that had a problem was because of a manufacturer’s defect. Most Dell, Toshiba, and IBM models that needed fixing were caused by user error, or bad maintenance. And to top it off, some of the laptops I had to fix were recalled models.. HP never had Best Buy stop selling them. They were purchased one year AFTER the recall was supposed to be announced.

  • Troy Pavlek

    You failed to mention I this here Canadian blog that you can’t, in fact , get the kindle app in Canada. Its geo locked to the us. That was super annoying to me when I bought mine and you really ought to mention it to your vastly Canadian audience. Anything less is just bad journalism.

    • Guest

      the kindle app should now be available in Canada.

    • 0defaced

      can’t get an app….


      i’m sorry, just clarifying….was that what you were intending to write? it sure came off that way….

    • jellmoo

      Do you really expect them to try each and every potential application available in a review of the base unit?

      The article was fair and well written. Not including something outside the scope of the review is not “bad journalism”, it’s unrealistic expectations from the reader.

    • howi

      @Troy Pavlek : Amazon Kindle for HP TouchPad 0.10.494660 is available to Canadian accounts and I have been using it for 2 days now.

    • Al

      Give it time, the Kindle app is here and considering the Touchpad is sold out everywhere…..
      it is only a matter of time before it is in some serious a*s kicking territory. The fact that you don’t need apps to access the full web gives you so much more than the competitors!

  • David Cooper

    Very fair review – BUT is it worth saving couple hundred bucks over what you are comparing it too? For me yes.

    Using a capable cut/paste function, I’ll address your cons:

    -… with crumbling bricks that don’t always cohere***not sure what you mean so we”ll leave that one untouched
    – Heavy, belligerent design ***seriously, heavy??? Its much lighter than my laptop and netbook . . . For a child or the elderly I can see where ounces may be a concern
    – Plastic is a magnet for fingerprints **** concur, but I don’t find myself looking at the back of the tablet often . . . I use the front side exclusively. For the couple hundred bucks savings you can get protection in whatever color and still have a lot of coin leftover
    – Lack of third-party apps or developer interest*** concur, there are not thousands of apps available at the moment,but that is changing everyday. How many weather and chart apps do you really need? With flash and other nice built-in capabilities, some apps aren’t necessary to enjoy the webOS experience
    -At times slow ****concur, and I suspect this is being addressed . . . Tech experts have already worked on kernels for speed and in fact seem to be really get some incredible numbers from specialized kernels

    For the most part, I agree with your review. For your readers, I encourage them to TRY webOS for a few days, a couple weeks and it will be obvious the MANY benefits that webOS brings to the user . . . it seems another tech writer is leaving out a Value Based assessment. . . and comparing apple(s) to oranges.

    There is NO capability I miss from iOS or android that is worth the couple hundred dollar savings! I look forward to seeing HP continue to enter the mobile OS and impress their users . . . I hope they can find the spirit that Palm brought to market and use the might they already have as the worlds largest electronics manufacturer.

  • Kyle

    My familys still got 2 HP laptops that are compelty defective. Never going to buy anything from this company again.

  • aka

    I got HP products, and never had problems with them or their warranty service.

    Btw, check out the new permanent $100 instant rebate pricing at BestBuy/FutureShop/LondonDrugs :

    TouchPad 16GB WiFi $399.99
    TouchPad 32GB WiFi $499.99

  • Milky

    Still on the fence. I can get a brand new 32GB version for $250CDN…..

  • aka

    just checked at FutureShop/BestBuy, they’re sold out based on new pricing…

  • Al

    My Touchpad with a real OS is outstanding. No complaints. There is the document editing issue, however once that is solved I am selling my Macbook on Ebay. The review is a tepid attempt at Journalism, and not particularly less than partisan. This has to be the best compact computing option available. IOS is a happy little phone OS, no surprise its limited app running capabilities run a little faster. When running a full almost desktop OS with all of it’s ability, that it won’t be quite as fast is no surprise. Buy a Touchpad if you a want true mobile computing. If you like the limited experience that is the iPhone go ahead and buy an ipad. Buy an android tab if you like a 486 like computing experience. give it a real try, you’ll like it.

  • Jamil wahirul

    My only problem now bout blackberry playbook is when I open my fb account my chat always disconnected.. Help Plz..:(