Toshiba Thrive 10.1-inch Android tablet now estimated to be released August 19th


  • Sean

    Only good thing about this tablet is that it has (full) expansion ports.

    Weird camera placement, heavy, not latest OS, and 8Gb for 429 !!

  • choy

    Just wait a month longer. When the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 comes out, everyone else will be lowering their prices to get sales. This will be like $300 in no time.

    • Sean

      I like the Galaxy tab (hopefully it doesn’t get banned here) but it has no expansion ports sure it’s thin and light but still the ports are a deal breaker

    • Shawn

      If you want ports go get a Laptop.

      Having ports on a Tablet makes it Thicker, heavier etc..
      The point of a tablet is something light, portable and lets you do your simple tasks.

      What do you need ports for?

  • Sap

    This whole market of tablets has just taken off on one premise: Entertainment. It provides no real value to productivity. I’d like to think of tablets as either just oversized smartphones or simplified laptops. Consumers want something new and amusing, and there they got it.

  • choy

    Can you just connect a USB card reader and use that?

  • Ken

    A little over-priced for only being 8GB!!!! What else should we expect from Toshiba.