Bell and Virgin Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant upgrade to OS 2.3 now available


  • Paul Q

    WTF! No Ice Cream Sandwich? GOD I HATE SAMSUNG!

    Ha. People are like that nowadays.

    • bob

      I understand what you mean but they could at least have released 2.3.4 which is what is already released in Europe. They seem to be missing minor versions here, we never had 2.2.1 (and we got 2.2 after everybody else got 2.2.1).

  • cybik

    Someone test this and tell me if there’s some TW4 goodness in this one.

    • Sean

      Highly doubtful like htc devices aren’t getting sense 3.0 if they had 2.1 before

    • Max

      It should have the same TW as the Infuse 4G. Its pretty much TW4 without the newer widgets.

  • strikerx

    im upgrading rii now omg soo excited!!!!

  • chambo622

    Can anyone tell me what build is the official one?

  • arr0ww

    Firmware: 2.3.3
    Baseband: I9000UGkG3
    Kernal Version: sj0829.kwon@SEP-08#2

    One user on XDA has now lost 3 Button Recovery Mode since flashing this new firmware. Use with caution!

    • nik

      Ugh that would be horrible if they did that. Honestly, if you’re going to make us wait so long between global release and Canadian release atleast make sure the build is correct. Great job Samsung, you are reaffirming my once waning resolve not to buy another samsung product. No matter how good the SGS II looks, i’m not falling for it again! No more shoddy post purchase support, its just not worth it!

    • rye&ginger

      For i9000 SGS, it changed to 2 button (vol up + power) with GB, so perhaps same happened for the Vibrant.

    • arr0ww

      So now 2 users at XDA Forums have lost the 3 Button Recovery using this rom….

  • michael

    🙁 if only my vibrant from T-Mobile had 2.3 🙁

  • Weasel

    Oh, how I HATE Kies!!!! Imagine my surprise when finally prompted that the update is here, only to have Kies drop the connection every time it tries to update my phone!!!! ARRGHHHH!!!!!

    • daveloft

      then download the firmware manually and use Odin

  • Bob

    And for the Atrix ?????????????????????

  • Jon

    Ok Telus, now it’s your turn!

  • Jon

    Oh hey, anyone know for sure if you have to unroot your phone before flashing this update?

  • Cass_m

    You don’t have to unroot but you do have to un-lagfix. I asked when I was thinking about applying bk1

  • Wayne

    The version of Kies in the link provided does not work with this phone… Where can you get an older version?

    • Jerrik

      Go to

  • tremSr

    This update isn’t causing the data corruption I hope like the previous update!

  • tremSr

    Or should I say the internal memory

  • Wayne

    The version of Kies on is the same as the other link. Does not work… wtf

    • Rob

      I had issues connecting with kies so I searched and what worked for me was doing the 16 character extension fix and then rebooting the phone. 10-15 mins later I was updated.

    • Sean

      I just got kies direct from samsung’s website and it worked fine to upgrade my Bell SGS to 2.3.

  • Chris

    i kinda hope this update does mess my phone up so i can get a new sgs again! Just kidding of course…

  • Mike

    this is why im probably going to get a nexus s so i won’t have to stress getting updates

  • RPS

    Just upgraded my Bell SGS Vibrant, was so easy and only took approx 20 minutes in total.

    My Bell SGS Vibrant is a Oct 2010 model and I have had it from new and it has been an incredible phone.
    I have added a 16 gb external SD card and I have a ton of work stuff and 120+ apps as well as am lot of music.

    For this upgrade, I opened KIES and received a notification that a new version of KIES was available, hit the upgrade now button, waited for the KIES update to finish, then connected my phone and once it was recognized I got the pop-up that said a firmware UG was available, hit the Upgrade Firmware now button, checked the “back-up all file first” box and away it went and yes there were times over the next 15 minutes when it appeared the connection (computer to phone) was lost but I waited and everything went OK.

    I am now running FIRMWARE VERSION 2.3.3, “GINGERBREAD.GKG3”!!!!

  • David

    SaskTel users can also get the upgrade…

  • bestjsg

    after 3 reboots for the phone and restart Kies, finally it seems like it is going , then it went to download the firmware upgrade, then it has been in ‘preparing firmware upgrade components’ for the past 45 mins…any suggestions ? should I just unplug and forget it?

  • Arr0ww

    More users reporting that the 3 button recovery is now gone with this update…i would recommend to stay away!

  • Nitin

    Captivate and Fascinate Kies got an update yesterday so I would think it would make sense that they both will be receiving the update soon enough. The vibrant Kies was updated on July 29th and shortly after the update was launched. Also I remember a roadmap that was featured a while back for telus on mobilesyrup (showing iphone release date) showed the upgrade for galaxy s as aug 15th so maybe thats when these 2 phones will be receiving the update.

  • M

    Looks like 2.3 is available for the HTC Desire Z, too, if my phone is any indication.

  • Jason

    Everyone can calm the hell down. Recovery is not gone, it is changed. It is now Vol up and dn and power.

    Tested it on 2 updated stock phones and it works every time.

  • Arr0ww

    Thanks Jason,

    3BR is now changed to vol up/dow + power. Confirmed working by XDA users.

  • Kevin

    Update was absolutely painless and took all of 7 minutes on my stock unmodded I9000M. It didn’t fix an issue I had with contacts not joining so I had to factory reset the phone to get it working again. No touchwiz 4 unfortunately but lag is gone and the phone works better than it ever has! Swype is updated to 2.7something. I believe this is the phone we should have had a year ago as it finally works and works quite well. Thank you! Finally 😉

  • Charles

    Kies is proof that hardware companies should make hardware only!!! Defective garbage

  • Sheldon

    I updated my stock I9000M (Froyo 2.2) this morning. The update was perfect, flawless, amazing!! I had everything backed up in case things went wrong but after the update everything was retained except for the home screen widgets, which took all of 10 minutes to set up again. Even my recent Handcent text threads were there. I definitely notice the increase in speed and responsiveness of Gingerbread. Screen transitions are very smooth and opening apps is noticeably faster. I have to say that despite the pain expressed by many Bell and Samsung customers in recent months, my specific experience with the Vibrant has been phenomenal!! This phone ROCKS in comparison to my wife’s IPHONE 4, IMHO. I am a software developer and can appreciate all the pieces that have to fall in place to get a release like this ready. I would prefer they take a bit longer and get things right. I would have no problem buying another Samsung phone based on my experience. Great job Samsung, Thanks Bell!

  • cass_m

    Updated yesterday. Unlagfixed at work then switched from LauncherPro to Touch wiz when I got home and connected to computer. Kies update then ROM update. Took longer to remove lagfix than to update. Only bad thing – Tango is zoomed in during video calling. That happened with my Tab so it wasn’t unexpected.

  • cass_m

    I wish I could edit my comment like you can in googleplus. The 3 button is now a 2 button like arr0ww said. Just hold in the middle of the rocker while you press the power button.

  • Steve

    Just tried the update and it didn’t work. 1st got a “data backup cannot proceed because of an unexpected error” error.

    Then it says to connect the device and try the backup again.

    Then lastly, I get the “Device not responding. To resolve the issue, reboot the device”.

    I’ve already tried this once and nothing is working. Anyone have any ideas?


    • j23net

      I have the same problem, Kies is just s**t software!! even Samsung Tech Support say the same thing, don’t run and don’t even try to run it!! get your phone to bell store and let them update it for you !!

  • Kem

    Bell Galaxy S Vibrant: Updated yesterday and everything is great since then except GPS. My GPS was fine in FROYO but now its messed up after gingerbread. Battery life has improved and so is performance. Anybody having issues with GPS?

  • Ed

    Anybody been able to find the settings to set up Native VOIP which is supposed to be part of Gingerbread? Has Samsing disabled this for the Galaxy S?

  • Steve

    So, I’m at work and I downloaded Kies. Hookup the phone and get the same error message as Steve above. Uninstall Kies, reinstall Kies hookup the phone again and now the option to download 2.3 is gone. No popup window or anything and it says my firmware is Froyo.

    Has Samsung removed the upgrade from Kies? I hate Kies.

  • tilallr1

    Did this upgrade fix certain apps not closing in Froyo? Such as when you open up the Internet or Contacts … when you close them, they remain running. Not sure if this is a bug, in the version of Froyo for the Galaxy S. But whenever I force closed the contacts, the gui sort of reset itself. I took a while for the icons to return on the home page. Hope this is fixed with this update.

  • flatlanderSK

    Updated mine on the Sasktel network and everything went smooth.
    Thanks Samsung.

  • RS

    I can confirm my Bell Galaxy S has also lost three button recovery since updating to 2.3.3. Can still enter three button download mode with volume down button.

  • Gigi

    And I can confirm you have not lost the 3 button combo as it has been replaced by hitting the middle of the volume button + power button and voila….recovery mode….no more 3 button mode.

  • Gigi

    Also this build has the crappy scrolling bug in the browser. Can’t believe it took bell all this time to release gingerbread and still has bugs (although minor)

  • denise

    This is the smoothest KIES upgade yet. I love the new features like cut and paste and the new way to message from your contacts.

  • Stev


    If you have an issue with the upgrade because of Kies being such a crappy program, do the following.

    1) Backup all data/apps/messages etc.
    2) Factory reset your phone.
    3) Connect to Kies and watch the upgrade happen with NO ISSUES.

    That’s what I had to do after getting the same error over and over again. It’s a pain in the a*s to have to do this, but it works.

  • Jamie

    Upgraded, had to do a factory reset to try and fix the dreaded battery drain issue that has been well documented for other firmwares. Hopefully the factory reset will work, also notice the voice input button on the swype keyboard isn’t working…

    Like they didn’t even test teh damn firmware.