Rogers officially releasing Bold 9900 August 10th, Torch 9810 August 12th


  • MXM4K

    I’d bet almost anything that Rogers will match the lower prices already leaked from other carriers (ie Virgin has the Bold for $170 I think?).

    If they don’t, then that’s a first.

    Though it does beg the question. Why are people still with Rogers when they are the self proclaimed “premium” wireless brand, and have admitted to being the most expensive in order to retain such an image? At very least Bell and Telus no longer charge the re-branded System Access Fee.

    • whocares

      $250 on a 3-year term is WAAAY too expensive. The phone should only be worth $250 outright.

  • Sean

    Way to expensive… for $50 more you can get a SGS2


    Yet still no news when they will be releasing the evo 3d

  • T-rek

    HTC EVO 3d is out I bought it


      Yea but i still haven’t found it anywhere 🙁

    • T-rek

      I got it from Best buy mobile only place that I found it

  • Jen

    Rogers is $80 more on a 3-year contract than best buys – after 14 years with Rogers, I will now make the switch to where my pocket book decides to go 🙂 Sorry Rogers, but you out priced yourself in this market and made too much money from your loyal customers over the years

  • KidCanada

    Btw they won’t sell you the bold 9900 outright for the first month so basically its a must to sign a 3 year. F*ckin bullshit…

    • Matt

      I know this is the general consensus among stores, but I called three separate Rogers locations in my city just now and after speaking with the reps for a period of time (to get personable with them, you know) they all confessed that while they feel they SHOULD do that, it’s immoral and to my surprise two of the three flat out said they will give it out first come first served – early bird gets the worm! i.e. if you actually still want to be with Rogers

    • Stephen81BB

      I purchased the 9900 outright with NO contract today.

      Rogers Store in Winnipeg Manitoba.

      FutureShop could not release the device even though they had stock till Friday

  • James

    Why so expensive? Samsung Galaxy 2 is $159.00 on 3 year contract and blows all of these out of the water

    • J

      production costs, RIM trying to too hard. rim sells to rogers(specifically) at a higher cost and Rogers chooses to flip that back onto the customers. A big reason why higher end smartphones(i.e. android/iphone) are bigger sellers because people find them slightly more affordable than blackberries at launch. just wait to see their qnx device in early 2012…

    • Stephen81BB

      DAMN! I didn’t know the samsung had a keyboard!
      learn something new every day.

      With the Quite launch by Rogers today and the number of people posting on twitter and boards they got it, I’m thinking this phone actually has a bigger following in Canada than the Samsung did, so Rogers CAN gouge those who need contracts

  • Merry

    The prices are higher probably because Rogers are the first to release the phones. Hopefully they’ll match the price with other competitors when they release theirs.

    • Stephen81BB

      BINGO! I bet Rogers Drops it’s price,

      Notice they are Cheapest for Full purchase price,
      But people who are willing to Jump Carriers for the new device and want it NOW will pay more, if you are an existing customer they want you to buy off contract I guess

      give it 2 weeks All the major players in Canada will be 169-189 for 3 year terms,

  • Kenypowa

    Nexus S is $350 WITHOUT contract at Best Buy. Even for a 9 month old phone, that thing is still better than these BB in every way save for hardware keyboard. RIM priced itself out of competition. What year do they think this is? 2006?

    • LC

      Tell your idiotic comment to the hordes of people vacating stock at the rogers stores yesterday.

      Official release date is today and a lot of stores are already out of stock.

      People…. Just because the BB is not right for YOU. doesn’t mean it’s not right for EVERYONE ELSE. learn to think past your nose. Like the rest of North America, you only see yourselves because you think you are the centre of the universe.

  • TJ

    I still can’t understand how “smartphones” are more expensive than laptops, netbooks, tablets, etc. What’s worst is how people are so willing to pay those prices for them.

  • LC

    Smartphones are expensive because of the things that they can do, for example HD video playback. and the fact that the technology required to perform those tasks are scaled down to 1/50th that of a netbook, laptop or tablet.

    And really, @$500 for the smartphone, I don’t see how that you can say equal to laptops/PC’s since they can be up to $2000 if you really wanted to have a super powerful one.

    Ever notice how the thing and powerful laptops are more expensive than the bulkier counterparts? Because the technology must be shrunk and that costs $$$