TELUS BlackBerry Bold 9900 and Torch 9810 launching this Friday


  • Bains

    single core…. weak…. just release the galaxy sii already telus

  • Thomas

    The silver bezel on the 9810 looks pretty sweet! Surprisingly better than the 9800. Won’t buy the phone only based on that, but a phone needs to look good too.

  • TomatoGuy

    Telus is still figuring out “right” prices so it wouldn’t look as bad as Robbers and still get maximum possible profit out of first wave of buyers.

  • Steve Dion

    Just went to FutureShop in Boucherville, Qc. and rep told me all where launching this Friday. Asked if it was specific to Bell and he said no, all brands…

  • kardi

    The only phone I’m remotely interested in (9860) — has no confirmed release date. What’s that about? I’m really eager to test out the virtual keyboard of the 9860 — you know, to see how well it stacks up against iphone & android keyboards.

  • Grant

    No thanks, I’ll be sticking with my brand new Samsung Nexus s which blows blackberry out of the water. 9810 not much different than the original 9800, not really worth it for people to upgrade.

  • kardi

    9900 should sell pretty well this Friday. Any word on how many units Telus stores will be getting this friday? (I know it varies from store to store)

  • Hugh

    each store is only getting around 4-5 devices, cause they won’t be selling that many, people will rather wait till QNX devices come out. These new devices are that new in specs, these specs are for 2009-2010. but RIM decided to release them to late in the game. And QNX devices will be specs for 2011. RIM is always a year or two late to release devices. 9810 is pretty much the 9800 but just releasing it as torch 2. and 9860 is pretty much a revised storm, but changed the name cause Storm was a garbage device. RIM needs to step up and release devics with dual core processors, and more ram. and full HD video recorder, and higher mega pixel camera. and a bigger battery.

  • Alex Perrier

    The only way that i would consider the BlackBerry is if there were substantial savings of at least 25% or more when buying both a smartphone and a PlayBook. And no three-year contracts, please. i don’t know if i can last a year, let alone two or three, using devices that lack important features like video calling.

    • aka

      @Alex Perrier – “The only way that i would consider the BlackBerry is if there were substantial savings of at least 25% or more when buying both a smartphone and a PlayBook.”

      Guess you should have paid attention when the PlayBook was launched, but I’m pretty sure if you didn’t get it back then, you probably won’t get the combo now anyway, even if the promos are still running :

      Bell $100 mail-in Rebate if you purchase BB Torch (or $50 with Bold 9780/9700) (ended May 5th)
      Source $100 off PlayBook if you purchase BB Torch (or $50 with Bold 9780/9700) (ended May 5th)
      Mobilicity $100 mail-in rebate when you buy a BB device & Playbook (ended May 15th)
      Staples $200 in savings in accessories with purchase (ended May 30th)
      Sears 3-months instalment plan with Sears Card, 15 days no questions asked return (random draw to win your purchase promo ended)
      Telus $75 mail-in rebate if you purchase a PlayBook & $100 worth of accessories (until Sept 30th)

  • Mike Rue

    I’m confused as to why so many people think these devices are a year or so late hardware-wise. If you look at the specs of recently announced devices like the HTC Desire HD (which AT&T JUST released as the Inspire 4G) or even an iPhone 4 (Yes, I know it was released 1 year ago), you would see that the new BlackBerry’s hold their own. The only thing it doesn’t have is the front facing camera, which is more of a ‘neat’ feature since I’ve never actually seen anyone doing video calling with theirs.

  • Steve

    To the trolls who say the 9900 has 2009 specs, how many phones do you know of that were released in 2009 and have a 1.2GHz processor, NFC, WiFi Hot Spot and a 267dpi resolution display? Think before you speak.

  • EAK47

    Who cares about a dual CPU if your phone responds to your needs.

  • danion

    well, that’s great. actually this is meant to be a business device not a gaming console or multimedia power station. my concern is that I couldn’t see anything related to OS7 in the “blackberry’s appworld”…so we’re stuck with the preloaded apps ?…

  • Kardi

    Blackberry = reliable, business performance and decent battery life. That’s what we as BB consumers want & need. BB users don’t require all those useless bells & whistles that just eat up battery life.

    Trolls need to recognize that and quit bashing Blackberries. Just saying..

    • TP

      Then you must have a Curve.
      Not trying to bash, just wondering.
      If you as BB consumers want just reliable, business performance and decent battery life, what’s the point of a higher spec model, like Bold or Torch? Curve does it all.

  • Aleksander Ulanicki

    actually the bolds battery life is better…