Upcoming Fido BlackBerry Curve 9300 priced at $29.99 on 3-year


  • john

    Here comes the wind/mobilicity fanboys oh $30 on a 3 year is a rip off,it should be free outright.

  • Dimitri

    @ John. I agree with you. Honestly Fido should get more newer phones just like they did with the Iphone 4 & maybe some new Managers. I am leaving Fido actually because i got in a car accident a week ago & my iphone 4 broke in pieces & the manager at the cancellation department told me i have to pay $ 260 + 100 for a new phone + 75 my plan = $430.00 just to get a replacement phone. Now that’s a ripoff. I told them i would move my number to Rogers & they seem not too care. Now that shows what type of a company they are. They never give a hit about costumers just about the money. I can say the same about Rogers but i have another line with them & when my phone brakes or get damaged they sent me another new device ( not the same one) for less then what Fido would have charged me. Sorry for the long msg lol.

    • asdlgjaskldj

      hope you’re okay from the accident..

    • RealDeal

      You do realize Rogers owns Fido right? Hense why they wouldn’t really care that much.

    • Mp

      Fido csr is probably laughing at you right now! Go to rogers cuz they’re the same company!!! hahahaha they aint losing you, you’re gonna end up spending more $$$ with rogers…

  • Big 3

    of course fido wouldnt care, they are still rogers anyways

  • Dimitri

    @ big 3. Yea i agree. The told me in order to get that phone i need to cancel my voice plan which is 260 & then pay 100 to get another phone + my plan. That is the most rip off i have gotten. I even told rogers since i have been with them for 6 years & only twice had a problem & they said ” wow that’s a ripoff.” Oh well one day Fido will notice that no one wants them with all the old phones they are getting & rip off deals.

  • john

    Rogers/fido dont care if your happy or not,all they care is if you send them monthly payments. Same goes with any provider,all they want is their monthly payments. And if you have a contract and your phone breaks your s**t outta luck.

  • Dimitri

    @ john that’s true. I have heard story’s from people that are from bell that they never give a replacement device if you got in a car accident or even if it got stolen. Thankfully i have never had a problem like that with Rogers. Yes they are high end & pay a lot of monthly bills but what provider you don’t? Even find in order to get a Blackberry or another smart phone u need to add data. So tech you are paying the same at Fido or any other provider. I just wish Fido seemed to care about others instead of their pockets. They told me that they buy the iphone from apple & sell it to us for 159.99 & they they get the 759.99 back after 14 months. Which in my eye are lies. That is some bull s**t they give you.

    • asdlgjaskldj

      you dont need a data plan with koodo! 🙂
      so if you wanted, you could get a nexus s for $275 or an optimus one for free and pay $15 monthly, no saf’s, 911 etc etc. and per second billing! + great coverage.

  • Dimitri

    @ asdlgjaskldj. I would lol but the fact that i need to pay 450 to leave Fido to go to Koodo & then another 275 That is about $725 + tax. Its hard as it is with me right now not being able to work since my leg is in a cast since the accident & thank you i am doing well :). I might just go to rogers & do a deal since i have House phone / Internet & cellp phone they give me 15 % off each. I Do not know yet what i will do but for sure i am leaving Fido. Sucks tho i liked them a lot in the start but now it changed my mind after speaking to 3 managers.

  • john

    Do you work for koodo, and that $15 buck plan would take you 100 months to pay off,oh yea score with koodo.

  • Dimitri

    @ mp. Not really. I have been with Rogers since 2005 and my plan is 60 + taxes. Like I said I have had only twice problems with Rogers and first time in 2008 they offered to give me a the 8900 curve and not too long ago they offered to take off my bill 10 bucks per month. I am not saying Rogers is a better choice but u have to talk to the right person in order to get what u need. I know Rogers owns fido but fido is managed with another person. Anyways I’m just saying how it is being with fido. They never get any new phones that all the other company’s have. You talk to them and they never listen and claim they are not owned buy Rogers which I told them they r and denied it. I am guessing it’s a new person that didn’t know s**t all. All company’s are the same ONLY want money but if you call and complain at Rogers to the cancelations department they offer you better deals and better phones. I just called Fido and they told me if I want to leave them leave and they don’t care. I recorded it and called back and played it to a manager and all he did wa say sorry. That shows how company’s are. Fido is late on phones and accessories and also on plans. They don’t have any family plans.

  • ax2

    i was with Fido for last 8 years, 2 weeks ago someone stole my phone at Dentist Clinic. I called Fido and asked them can i get any used Phone or something like that as my Contract is about to expire on May 13, 2011 (next Month) but i got the same routine Bad CSR.
    All i did i went right away to wind and ported my number with much much better Promo $35 all included (even though i have to pay fido for Cancellation Fee).
    Fido called me last week and they want me to comeback……..lol

  • Matt

    This won’t even be on BB OS6 on Fido will it =/…
    Thank goodness they have the Nexus S, or I’d definitely be gone. In terms of plans, Fido’s been great with me (retentions are fun to negotiate with), but in terms of hardware, Fido’s years behind the game

  • Dave

    BlackBerry Curve 9300 priced at $29.99 on 3-year?
    This is must be the worst jokes of the year.
    Nobody even going to sign up for BB 9780 for 3 years left
    alone this crap. We’re getting rip off big time here.
    3 years contract? The rest of the world only have 1-2
    years contract even for an iphone, Nesus 1, ete.

  • Jimmy

    I knw u guys are d best so keep givein us d best.

  • sheena baxter

    hey i will like to purchase a black berry fone 9300 o i need a contact number please