Sony Ericsson LiveView accessory for Android to cost $99.99 (CDN)


  • Munir

    hmm… what’s next? a fancy ring to control live view? 😛

  • Simon Sage

    That’s weird, the Sony Ericsson guy I talked to at Mobile World Congress said it would be going for $79.99. He also said it would be out April 15. :/

    • Corey Herscu

      Funny you mention that Simon, I was told the dates above by my SonyEricsson rep. I love how internal reports always conflict with themselves; regardless, it’s a cool gadget.

    • Gab

      it’s like $90 on ebay

  • Mike

    Wow, I think this is a great idea. I really want to use my droid as an iPod of sorts for my car, so if I just have this thing in there all the time I should be good to go! Wonder what the battery is like…

  • asdgfasdfasd

    wouldn’t it be more of a hassle to look @ the watch and scroll throught its mini touch screen…?

    i cant see this thing becoming successful

  • Someone

    seriously if you’re too lazy to reach for a phone in your pocket…

  • Gab

    wtf… this has oled and the arc and play don’t ?!

    next question… work with x10?

    third question… apple sue for design?

  • A

    It will work with phones other than Sony , as explained at CTIA. uses standard protocols. I would assume there is a requirement for a certain version of Android for full functionality. But honestly it looks Fugly…

    • Gab

      yah… just needs android 2.0 or above and you can get the apps from the market. it seems like its been out in other countries for a while. but its cool for controlling music , seeing when you get a text or call… not a big fan of rss feeds, twitter, weather, w/e

  • zorxd

    I don’t think it’s worth the extra battery that the bluetooth link will requiere on your phone.

  • eguia

    Apple will copy this gadget again from Sony Ericsson like facetime from P900 🙂

  • JSmith

    Why the f**k would anyone pay $99 to look at that instead of pulling their phone out of their pocket, not to mention the drain on battery it will have on your phone, and having to charge that as well..its basically a pager for your phone! I’ll wait till watchphones become a main instead.

    • A

      Those were already out, and died a painful death.

  • bummy

    wtf.. its $75 in UK. Why are they selling it for $99 in Canada after the release date has been delayed for so long?

    I’ll just wait for v2.0 of Liveview. Needs a camera and a better strap.

    • SEXperiaProGuy

      it’s $75 in the UK and $100 in canada because Ottawa needs a cut of anything imported from Europe and elsewhere.

      the 33.333% market up is so Sony Canada can profit.

      it’d be cheaper to order online via eBay.

      tho US online might be cheaper.

  • bummy

    Wow the Canadian SE site is so horribly updated.
    They still have a promotion that expires in January of 2010…

    “Until January 31, 2010 all orders will be entitled to free ground shipping. No coupons needed simply choose ground shipping and the discount will already be applied”