Koodo drops BlackBerry Curve 3G to $200 no-contract



    if you buy it outright and unlock it, you could ressell it on ebay and make a litle profit. Clearly they are losing money in the process. Same with Nexus S.

    • kpet

      Koodo isn’t selling the Nexus outright, because of its competitive pricing for it. Unless you’re looking to open an account, or upgrade an existing phone, they won’t sell you the Nexus.

  • Andy

    Honestly, these guy’s have been putting in the most effort out of the budget companies this year. I cannot wait to switch to them once my jailtime with fido is over. Great job Koodo!

    • Jim R

      I’ve already switched 2 lines from Fido to Koodo, and the 3rd and final line is switching this week (and picking up a Nexus S).

  • teee

    wow koodo is amaaazing

  • Beavertail2

    This is probably a precursor to the new BB phones to be announced in May…clean out the inventory.

    Playbook is a great device to go with a BB phone. One cell plan and you can use the tablet anywhere without extra charge!!!

  • hunkyleepickle

    uhhh, koodo is a sub of telus, so how is this ‘getting out of jailtime’??

    • Jim R

      More than likely a reference to the contract sentence he’s probably currently serving with Fido. No contracts at Koodo – thus no “jailtime”.

    • asdgasdg

      yes, they’re a sub-brand of telus, YOUR POINT? they offer great customer service, no contract, great pricing on both phones and plans, bonus of reliable telus network, offering high end devices for low end costs, what more can you want?

  • jimmyjohnssausagelinks

    i assume hunkyleepickle simply cannot read great deal for koodo time to upgreade

  • rebel gardener

    Koodo wouldn’t sell it to me outright without going on the tab. Wanted to gift it to someone without tying them into a contract. Has anyone else had success purchasing contract free without any conditions? This was at Koodo kiosk at Toronto Eaton Centre. Maybe it was just at this location.

    • Bill

      I just went to the website and selected that phone, typed in $0 on the tab and was able to go to the checkout where they were going charge me $200 flat out. So yeah, it looks like you can buy it outright instead of the tab.

  • urbanelitist

    That sucks! Can anyone else confirm if there truly are any other strings attached if purchasing directly at their kiosk? This would make a great gift, I agree. Mothers Day is just a few weeks away.

    • asdgasdg

      koodo has no activation fee or ridiculous saf’s, and has per second billing, pretty much doubling your minutes. best carrier ever!

  • mdazz

    This price was on there website for the past week and a half.

  • ninjaballer

    If anyone is thinking of signing up with Koodo and staying with them, you can get $25 tab credit by being referred.

    Please email me at ninja.baller.11 AT gmail DOT com, and I will refer you.

    Why am I doing this?

    I get $25 tab credit too! They give the $25 credit to you and me after 4-6 weeks of your activation date.

    Please email me if your interested. Thanks.

  • urbanelitist

    Please be careful regarding the curve versions. Futile shop tried to sell me the curve 8530 rather than the 9300. So which version is it? Did not purchase cause I did not appreciate feeling duped. Both they argued are the same. I think its only price help that is the same. Help.

    • sparky

      ..I’m not sure if you’re asking for help telling the 8530/9300 apart?

      Form-factor, camera specs, keyboard – yes, they’re identical.

      The 9300 however, is an HSPA device (SIM card-based) while the 8530 is CDMA. HSPA obviously gives you much stronger, faster data connections as long as you’re within range of the HSPA network.

      As well, the 9300 is running OS6, while the 8530 is on OS5. Play with them side by side, and it’s quickly apparent the differences between the two.

      Cosmetically? You want the shiny, chrome, pimped-out 9300. 🙂 The 8530 is the flat-grey/purple one.

  • Timtechs

    I really like this kind of Blackberry phone! Nice features and original phone quality, I hope I can have this kind of Blackberry phone. 🙂