StatsCan: 78% of Canadian households have a cellphone


  • Jim H.

    With Canada’s high wireless prices this means a lot of money went into the Big 3’s profits instead of more meaningful purchases. An opportunity lost to support Canada’s economy.

    • Preacher

      wait… THATS what you got from these numbers? that we should have spent our money on things that don’t include communications? What then should we have spent our money on?

    • Owler

      Are the Big 3 actually evil, or just greedy?
      Also if you look at mobile penetration rates of developed nations, 78 is low.

    • jellmoo

      @Jim H.

      Given how many people that Big 3 employ on a permanent basis, coupled with the sheer amount of contract work required to roll out new lines, update networks and repair infrastructure, I simply cannot see the point you are trying to make.

  • Vik

    78% of Canadian households != 78% of all Canadians

    In many countries around the globe cell penetration is way over 100% = many individuals have more than one cell phone provider

  • Geoff

    So by staggering, you mean staggeringly low, right? I can count the number of people I know that don’t have at least one cell phone in their household by using the fingers of my closed fist.

  • Big 3

    well it depends on where they surveryed in each province since not every place has access to a cell site(such as Northern Parts of Manitoba, Ontario, BC and Quebec). Alberta has the most people using cellphones because it’s the only large province that is entirely covered by the Big 3.

  • B-Side

    78% of Canadian households have a 3 years CONTRACT……..:(

  • Ian

    78% of canadian households are trapped in debt

  • A

    “In the 18-to-34 age group”, if they included the, like, 10-17 age group, that have Blackberry’s and other high end smartphones, that really have no idea as to their ACTUAL purpose, other that “it’s pretty” and “BBM”.

  • sookster54

    78% is pretty low compared to most other countries, you can probably blame that on 3 year contracts and pricing. Not to mention limited coverage outside of Alberta & Ontario.

  • Hallie

    Your website has to be the elecortinc Swiss army knife for this topic.