Mobilicity sets up shop in 10 Toronto Zellers locations


  • markthis

    Isn’t this somewhat a bad time… with a Target taking over Zellers?

  • Mr biology

    Walmart would of been a better option

  • RoccoStiffReddi

    it does show they are expanding. Wind is where? Why are they not in a Zellers, cosco, BB FS anywhere?

  • Abe


  • GoWindGo

    Rocco, why would you want to be in Zellers when they will be gone in a year? Target bought all the location leases. Mobilicity is NOT in costco, bb, fs so why don’t you mention that? Oh ya, you are just anti-WIND.

    Abe, the agreement with Zellers does not mean an agreement with Target. Two different companies.

    • AbeZ

      I understand the agreement with Zellers isnt an agreement with Target so i guess these will be set up for the next two years max then since by that time Target will be the new Zellers. So what happens after that?


    People still shop at that place?

  • iberry

    Target bought only selected locations from Zellers and it will take 2 years to replace them all. My friend works for one of these Zellers locations and they are doing very well. Lots of customers and they are very well trained since they are corporate. It was actually a good idea 🙂

  • iberry

    Can someone provide us all of 10 locations? i know these three locations: lawrence square, square one, centr point mall

  • Rich

    Overall, I want WIND to win the race in terms of the new entrants, but I really like Mobilicity’s marketing strategy and their price plans. I just think WIND has the greatest overall scale based on their backers.

    • Anonymous

      These kiosks have been around for a while now, whenever I go to Square One I enter through Zellers and saw it at least a month ago.
      You said well trained but I see a girl who just stands behind the thing talking or texting on her phone. Maybe a stand alone booth inside Square One would have been a better option, even Public Mobile has one there!

  • Big 3

    extra shops are still not helping till you expand outside city of toronto

  • GoWindGo

    iberry, my sister works in the head office for HBC. Zellers will be gone in 2 years. They have no intention of keeping any Zellers stores around. Target did only buy select locations but Zellers is looking to sell the other locations to other companies.

  • ChatRownsMOBI

    Well MOBI is well behind the times and as well cannot come up with their own strategy.

    CHATR resources is ran through Zellers stores so what does that tell you?

  • Big Ang

    Hee hee hee…… I like how the Mobilicity Kiosk is blocking people from the Chatr display! 🙂

    As for everyone saying that Mobi should have tried Wal-Mart, Costco, etc etc, do you not think they tried?!?! Do you really think that YOU came up with the idea first?

    The fact is Zellers agreed to it first. If it’s successful at Zellers, Mobilicity can show other stores that it worked at Zellers which may encourage other stores to follow suit.

    Plus, if it’s working at Zellers, chances are Target might be interested in putting it in their stores.

    Geez….. some people are just looking to complain about stuff. Personally, anything that blocks a Chatr display is well worth it to me.

  • Buyer

    It’s soon to be called target!

  • Clockwork

    i’ve already seen one at my local Zellers the other week. They have a dedicated salesperson. She looked bored as F**k!

  • biggiezee

    Very stupid distribution point. Who goes to Zellers?? I suppose this matches their strategy of selling out of convenience stores and sandwich shops. I doubt this company will be around for very much longer.

  • Radar

    Nice, but they should more focus their network coverage – look at Wind and Public Mobile – their coverage area is way bigger.

  • iberry

    @Radar: Wind is bigger but public is way smaller!

  • Mark007

    Who cares if Zellers is gone in a year – and who knows what kind of deal HBC has with Target in terms of stiff like the Mobi kiosk. It’s an extra place people can go and buy Mobi, even if it’s for a year. So I say good on them for doing this.

  • tbr

    Is it not amazing that GWG has intimate knowledge of the business dealings that goes on in the Zellers board room. What does your sister do at HBC, service the heads.

    Just another reason to disregard buffoons like GWG, they just make things up because his sister told him who probably heard it at the water cooler, who heard it from the janitor, who heard it from the mail clerk, who heard it from the security guard, who heard it from Google.

    Just like his magic phone.

  • just me

    wonder if the csr reps are sexy too??