Image: Ottawa bus driver caught using device while driving

There is a growing trend happening in Ontario… bus drivers are being caught on camera email/texting while driving. Last week a few TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) bus drivers were witnessed and subsequently were fired. This week two images of Ottawa OC Transpo drivers have been filmed using their device while driving…. which is of course a public safety issue and an investigation is currently underway.

The use of hand-held devices while driving has been banned in Ontario since October of 2009, but the OC Transpo has actually enforced this since 2004. The OC Transpo yesterday stated they don’t “tolerate texting while driving. Individuals who do not follow OC Transpo policies and provincial law will face disciplinary measures, up to and including dismissal. OC Transpo operators are permitted to use mobile devices while stopped at rest stops and when the vehicle is parked at a safe location and not in operation. Texting while driving is not tolerated.”

Source: OC Transpo & Ottawa Citizen