Watch Super Bowl XLV live on you Bell/Virgin device

Bell launched 3 MobileTV themed packages back in October – one of them was an exclusive content deal with the NFL. Bell sent a reminder notice on Twitter and over e-mail that they are “Canada’s first and only wireless carrier to offer live mobile coverage of the Super Bowl”. So if you’re a Bell subscriber and want to check out Pittsburgh beat Green Bay then you can watch it vai your mobile. Coverage kicks off on Sunday (February 6th) at 1:00 pm EST with “Road to the Playoffs”, followed by the pre-game show at 2:00 pm then Super Bowl XLV at 6:30 pm.

If this is something you’re thinking about doing it’ll cost you $5/month for 10 hours of viewing (including data), or you can sign up for a Bundle 20, Bundle 40 or Bundle 50 and get Mobile TV Sports free for 3 months.

Update: You can also watch the Super Bowl on your Virgin Mobile device too.

Go Steelers!
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