Watch Super Bowl XLV live on you Bell/Virgin device


  • Justin Credible

    I wish wind has this all I have on wind is dropped calls and horrible data. Going to port over to bell. And support a Canadian company.

    • BV

      WIND is a Canadian company…!

  • jarr

    why aren’t you putting up a post for the Federal Court of appeals decision regarding Globalive?

  • Albert

    “So if you’re a Bell subscriber and want to check out the Pittsburgh beat Green Bay then you can watch it vai you’re mobile.”

    Do you guys proofread at all?

    • BV

      seems not…:)

  • droid

    But wont I rack up a ton of bandwidth streaming the game? Bell what about the network congestion issues??? The same congestion that has spawned #ubb.

    Oh wait, this is Bells own content, just like IPTV.

    Bell, enjoy the monopoly, for now.

  • Everyone Hates Me

    I love the Wind Trolls jumping ship and heading for shore…as expected.

    Yabba Dabba Doo Doo!

  • Sub-Joker

    Yeah, I would so much enjoy watching a football game on a 3.2 to 4 inch screen…..

  • crunch204

    The mobile TV does NOT take away from your data! $5 gives u 10 hours a month, $1 a hour afterwards