“New members of the Xperia family” to be introduced next month


  • Zeake

    I had signed SE off for good, but if the new mini-pro will support 1700/2100 then I’m on board!!!

  • Sub-Joker

    If the new member of Xperia is that girl on the poster, then I’ll get myself one. That is one hot xperia!!!

  • Nick M

    I like my Xperia X10 but I’m not happy they seem to be abandoning us at Android 2.1. I think the only way to go is with an actual Google Nexus phone to make sure we get all the updates.

  • Brian

    Thanks but no thanks Sony, not until you start making phones half the quality of HTC.

  • Andrew

    Come on out everyone and see the new phones that won’t get upgraded to the next OS version even though the hardware is totally capable of running it…

  • Zeake

    She looks like buffy the vampire slayer! lol